Chapter 12
I woke up with a fright. I looked over at the clock
and realized it was
eleven in the morning. Nobody had come to wake
me up. 'Oh shit!
I'm gonna be in so much trouble!' I thought to
myself. Casper hadn't
even come in to yell at me to get up or anything,
maybe he wasn't
back yet. As I slowly got out of bed, I was
wondering what was
going on in Casper's head (not that I was
complaining). I got
dressed in a fresh pair of jeans and a red t-shirt,
brushed my hair,
then I went into the bathroom to wash my face and
brush my teeth.
Once I was done I slipped on a pair of shoes and
made my way
down to the kitchen. The aroma of fresh pancakes
floated towards
me, I smiled knowing I would find April there.
“Good morning April," I sang as I entered the room.
I stopped dead in my tracks and panic overcame
me, as I looked up.
I shrank back in fear.
“I'm sorry Master. I thought you were April," I said
quickly as I
realized the mistake I made.
“April has the day off," Casper replied looking up at
me from the
“Oh, fair enough Master," I quickly agreed.
“I thought it was time she had a day's rest," Casper
said with a small
“That was nice of you Master. What would you like
for me to do?”
“You don't need to do anything, everything seems
fine," Casper
replied. With that, I turned to leave the kitchen.
“Would you care to join me? There's plenty to
share," I heard Casper
say from behind me. I stopped to comprehend
what he just said to me.
“Are you sure?” I asked turning around, trying not to
sound as
surprised as I really was.
He nodded yes and I followed him from the kitchen
into the dinning
room. Sitting on the opposite side of the table from
him, I watched
as he carried everything over.
He had two plates and a large stack of chocolate
chip pancakes,
along with a bottle of golden syrup.
He asked me if I would like any coffee and I told
him that I didn't
want any. However, if it was okay, I would love
some orange juice
and he went into the kitchen and came back out
with a whole
pitcher and told me to help myself.
Casper sat down across from
me and I was barely able to contain my sense of
surprise, as I
watched him place a few pancakes on his plate. I
couldn't help but
wonder how he could eat human food with him
being a Vampire and
“The older we are the more was can stomach. I
love pancakes," he
replied to my unspoken question.
Shit,I forgot about the mind reading. Damn it! There
I go doing it
again, and he is probably listening to every single
one of my
thoughts. I was suddenly brought out of my own
thoughts to the
sound of Casper laughing at me! In these weeks I'd
been with him, I
had never seen this side if him.
He had always been mean and
abusive towards me. I wonder what could've
happened yesterday to
change him like this. In order to stop staring at him,
I placed two
pancakes on my plate and smothered them in
golden syrup.
I was incapable of eating pancakes without golden
syrup. If I could,
I'd drink it straight from the bottle. In fact, that is
just what I did
once when I was younger and I had made myself
sick for two days! I
couldn't help but smile at the memory of drinking
the golden syrup.
“Something funny?” Casper asked looking at me,
smiling like a fool.
“Not really Master, I was just thinking back to when
I drank a bottle
of golden syrup," I replied, trying not to look at him.
Chapter 13
“Please, call me Casper, and that would have been
disgusting," he
replied, with a chuckle.
“I was sick for two days after wards but if I had to
I'd do it again,
though not as a dare.”, I replied. I hid my original
shock that I no
longer had to call him master. Before, he would
beat me if I didn't
say the simple yet domineering word. With that, we
finished eating
our pancakes in silence. I got up to start taking
dishes over to the
sink to wash up, but was turned around by a strong
hand on my
“I cooked so I'll clean." Casper said as he gestured
for me to leave
the dishes.
“Okay," was all I could manage to say. So far the
start of the day
wasn't what I imagined it to be, I thought I'd have to
clean the
house from top to bottom like I usually did.
I couldn't help but wonder why he had given April
the day off? And
where was Sapphire? She hadn't been around in
over a week.
“Can I ask you something?” I whispered, afraid he'd
go back to his
usual self.
“Of course you can."
“Where is Sapphire and why did you give April the
day off?”
“Sapphire is in England visiting family, she won't be
back until the
end of the week. April needed a break, she hasn't
had a day off in
over fifteen years."
Wow! Fifteen years, that is a very long time. Why
was he so horrible
to her, she was so nice. What I should really be
asking him, is why
he is so mean to women? I sat at the kitchen table
watching Casper
finish up the dishes. He looked so natural, like he
washed dishes all
the time.
Out of the blue, Casper said, “You can ask me
anything you like, I
promise I'll answer.”
I already knew what I wanted to ask, but had no
idea how to ask it.
So instead, I continued to watch Casper finish the
dishes. Fifteen
minutes later he sat down on the opposite side of
the table again
facing me. I couldn't help but notice, that he had
the most beautiful
green eyes I had ever seen.. When he is angry they
turn gray, and
that's when I know he's going to get abusive.
“Is there anything you'd like to do today?”, he
asked, looking at me
with a smile on his face.
“I'd really like to go outside, I miss the sun," I
whispered, so low I
could hardly hear myself.
No sooner had I finished speaking, he stood up and
held his hand
out to me. I sat frozen not knowing if I should
accept his offer.
Deciding that it would be okay, I slowly placed my
hand in his, as he
gently pulled me up from my seat.
“Where are you taking me?” I asked as I started to
become anxious.
“You wanted to go outside didn't you?”
“Yes.” I replied less nervously.
He led me through the house and out the back door
in silence. I
froze as the sun hit my skin and my face lit up
instantly. I stood
there enjoying the sensation for about five minutes,
before I felt
Casper softly tugging on my hand.
“Do you like it?” he asked gently.
“It's beautiful.” I whispered.
We were in a garden - it was beautiful. In the
middle was a gray
fountain with a statue of a beautiful woman in the
middle of it. She
had a pretty crown of flowers around her head, and
water flowed
from it and came down like a veil. The water in the
fountain was
crystal clear, and beautiful bright fish swam all
around the bottom.
Around the base of the fountain there were lots of
lovely white,
yellow, and red roses. This place was absolutely
breathtaking! The
grass was beautiful and vibrant, and enormous,
magnificent tree's
surrounded the edges of the garden.
I walked forward and leaning down, I dipped my
hand down in the
nice cool water. I sat down on the edge of the
fountain and stared at
the amazing view in front of me. 'How could I have
not seen this
before?' I asked myself.
“You didn't clean any rooms that overlooked the
garden," Casper
replied with a smirk. Damn, I hate that mind reading
“It's so beautiful,” I told him.
“This was my mother's pride and joy." He seemed
“Does your mother still come here? I have only ever
met April and
“Sapphire will be back in a day or two, and my
mother died many
years ago. I've made sure to look after the one
thing she loved the
most, I knew she'd haunt me if I didn't," he said
with a slight
I decided not to ask anymore questions, despite
wanting to know
how his mother died. I was afraid to open up old
wounds, as he had
sounded sad when he mentioned it was his
mother's pride and joy.
Taking a seat on the grass, I lay back and began to
soak up the rays
from the sun. I could never get sick of the sun. We
stayed outside
without talking for another hour before Casper said,
“We should get
inside before you fry yourself.”
“Just five more minutes please?” I begged him.
“No longer,” he replied with a smile on his face.
Twenty minutes later we finally went inside. 'I guess
I won,' I
thought smugly.
It had been such a good day and the time was
practically flying by. I
had no idea what I supposed to do, as Casper
wasn't going to let
me clean anything.
“Just relax would you," said Casper.
“I'm sorry, I just don't know what to do,"I replied
“Why don't you explore the rest of the house? Or we
could watch a
couple of movies, or maybe even go swimming,"
Casper suggested.
“I'd like to watch some movies," I said with a slight
Following Casper into the movie room, he told me
to choose what
movies I wanted to watch and said he would be
right back. I
couldn't help myself when I saw 'The Notebook', I
knew what I
wanted to watch instantly. Why would a big scary
Vampire have
'The Notebook', I thought to myself with a small
When Casper came back, he was carrying some
drinks and popcorn.
“Have you decided?” he asked, handing me a drink
and some
“Sure have. Can we watch The Notebook?" I asked,
hoping that he
would agree.
“If that's what you'd like to watch," he said.
Smiling, I nodded my head as we took our seats in
front of the TV
and Casper pressed play.
Half way through the movie, I felt my eyes began to
get to heavy. I
was having trouble staying awake, and before I
knew it I was out like
a light.