By Author Jenny
🌺 Episode one🌺
min hu 🌺
Grrin !! Grin!!
Arrh what is that noise ,i looked up and saw an alarm close to my window ,am sure this is my dad handwork he knows i hate alarms ,i stood up from the bed and wore my black slippers and walked to the window picked the alarm and threw it out
stupid alarm i cursed
I cant believe am starting school today and trust me i am not exicted about it but dad insisted ,,i walked into the bathroom pulled my black night wears ,brushed my teeth then showered ,,,i came out of the bathroom picked my neat black towel and tied it arround my chest ,i know you must be wondering why everything is black ,yes i love black colour very much even my room is painted with black ,,,soon i was done dressing and yes i still wore black ,i looked at my self in the mirror and i was satisfied with my looks ,i took my backpack and head down stairs
Morning dad i greeted
morning sweetie i made your favourite Bulgogi and babimbap(marinted beef barbecue and mixed rice )
Wow what the occassion i said as i sat down and began eating my favourite dish
soon i was done eating i took the plates to the sink and dropped it
Dad am leaving i said and pecked him on his cheeks
Ok sweetie you know this is your first...
First day at school be nice ,dont hurt anyone and make sure you study hard and make me proud, i said cutting him off and walked out of the house
My dad can be very funny at times he cooked my favourite dish just to bribe me in to being nice i know him i chuckled and entered the car the driver didnt say a word he just kept quiet and drove me to school
🏩Hiliton high school🏩
I was dropped at the gate and i entered into the school all eyes were on me as if i have poo on my face ,well am use to the stares i just ignored them and walked into the hall way trying to find my locker
Hey how dare you match me are you blind ?can your poor parent afford this type of shoe? how did a pupper like you afford to enter this school ,,a girl said
Am so sorry the other gril said crying
I just ignored the scence and continue searching for my locker how can a girl be this wicked embrassing an innocent girl because she stepped on her shoe i thought i have bullies ,i could have given the girl a taste of her own medicine but i promised dad to be a good girl on my first day at school ahh finally i saw my locker i dropped the necessary things and head straight to class ,the class wad noisy but immediately i entered it was dead silence you could hear a pin dropped ,,all eyes were fixed at me i just ignored their stares and sat down brought my phone out and began playing game ,,they kept mummring till a teacher came into the class ,,soon the rude girl i saw earlier and her goons enterend the class with a cute guy am sure his her boyfriend because they were holding hands so gross i muttered under my breath ,,wow the rude girl and boy were sitting close to me i cant believe it ,,
A thought came through my mind i grined how about i show them a suprise ,,i picked a bunch of fake snakes dropped some close to the rude girls leg some under her seat and some in her backpack and put the on ,,i use cotton bord to close my ears and relaxed on my seat
Snake !! Snake!!! 🐍🐍
The whole clasd began shouting and jumping on their seat as the ran out if the cut guy hahahah i will pay a million dollar to see the looks on his face again ,,they all ran out of the class including the teacher damn they are so scared ,,i picked up my fake snakes and dropped them in my backpack and walked out of the class ,,i was heading to my locker when someone bumped into me
Are you that clumsy that you cant see the the guy yelled at me
i looked up and saw it was that rude girl boyfriend ,,people brought out their phone and began to video
And you are so ugly he said ,where do you know who i am ,,i am seo jun now apologise before i slap you he said
I just hissed and walked out on him the whole crowd gasphed and beging talking to their ears .
i cant believe a guy called me clumsy and ugly well let me show him how clumsy people behave ,i picked up a pack of flour in my bag and some rope,,trust me am always ready they dont call me crazy korean for nothing and that soe jun just bite more than he can chew ,,i took the map of the school and located the cafetria easily ,i went to the door of the cafetaria and planted the floor at the top since the place was empty nobody asked me anything ,,i sat up everything and the bell for lunch break was rang student began trooping in some were suprised at first but later brought out their phone realising what i was about to do,there were all eger ,immediately seo jun entered first and i released the rope causing the flour to pour on him ,,everyone in the cafetaria was shocked and suprised too even the so called seo jun who thinks he is a god
Now who is clumsy i said am walked of the cafetaria feeling satisfied

😡 Seo jun pov😡
I cant believe what just happen ,how can a girl get so much nerves ,does she truly know who i am ,nobody messes with me and go scot free never ,i left the cafetaria to go clean up my self ,,nobody have ever stood up to me talk more of embarassing me in front of the whole school and this girl is just new because i called her clumsy and ugly by the way shes not ugly she damn pretty and i was planning on having her on my bed when she bumped into me ,,i am going to make sure i deal with her ,have her on my bed ,humiliate her and send her out of the school then in her next world she wont mess with anybody called seo jun but first i need to call my fake girlfriend min hu that girl is so obsessed with me ,i can use her to get that girl i dont even know her name but am going to find out.