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(When the Love is gone )

Episode 1 & 2


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Jasmine's pov 👙

               May 3rd, 2021 (Las Vegas)

*... has yet again, broken another girl's heart...*

I tuned off whatever the reporter is saying... and focused on the dough I'm making. 

"These reporters have no life!" Adele grumbled.

She huffed angrily, slammed her bowl of popcorn on the table and I can picture her rolling her eyeballs.

"As if those girls ever complained about it!" She said.

I ignored her and continue with my work, I'm making breakfast for my son and I.. today's school resumption day.

Davis (my son) would be resuming school, he's in grade one and a very smart kid.

"He's a heart-throb, what do you expect from him.. like, I would do any to get my heart broken by him" she said.

This statement made me turned to face her, she's giggling and staring at the TV dreamily.

"Adele, I have told you to stop watching news about that bast..." 

I stopped myself from finishing that word, when I saw Davis sitting next to her.. innocently staring at the TV too.

Adele raised an eyebrow, daring me to speak any foul words.

"... I have told you to stop watching news about that man in my house!" I said.

My eyes moved to the TV, I glared at the man's picture boldly showing with so much hate.

"Come on, you can not deny the fact that the guy is super hot.. like, he's a demi god of our time!" She fawned.

"Demi god?" I growled under my breath.

My hatred increasing every second as I stared at the TV, I quickly looked away from it and focused on my dough.

Transferring all my aggression onto the dough.

"Eish! You don't have to be so mean to that poor dough" she said.

I guess she turned off the TV or changed it to a cartoon channel for Davis.

Hearing PJ masks’ theme song play, confirmed that she changed the channel for Davis.

"I have changed the channel, my lady. You should spare the dough now" she said.

She pulled out a stool and sat next to me, leaning on the counter.

"You seem to hate my idol so much.." she paused and sighed.

Who wouldn't hate him?! He's a liar.. a cheater.. a coward! 

If only she knows how wicked he is, she wouldn't continue idolizing him so much. 

".. every time I ask you why you hate him, you don't say anything. I wonder if I'm even your best friend!" She said.

"I don't hate him, seeing his arrogant face just makes me sick!" I gave her the same reply I always give her.

"That's what you've been telling me for three years now"

She got up and walked to my small fridge, she opened it and came back to her stool with two pears.

"I have known you for three years now, three good years.. I'm your first and only friend here..."

Ok! I know where this is going.

".. in fact, I'm your best friend, but you still treat me like a stranger"

"I don't treat you like a stranger"

She scoffed.

"Then answer me truthfully, where are you from?" 

Adele is trying to get me to open up to her but I can't, at least not now.. I'm not ready to face my past.

"From a small village in San Francisco" I answered.

"What happened to you? Why did you come to Las Vegas? What about Davis father? You still haven't told me who he is? Or why you left him?"

I laughed mentally. If only she knew she was fawning over his father a few minutes ago.

Why I left him?! He left me! He abandoned me! He left without a warning! 

"If you don't treat me like stranger, I'd know these things" she said.

My mind flashed back to the reason I left San Francisco, the reason I came all the way here to Las Vegas.


#_december_20th_2018 (San Francisco)

Davis just managed to fall asleep, I reached out and felt his temperature with my palm.. his fever has died down.

I sighed deeply and threw my head back onto the chair.

"Jas, quite being stubborn and let me assist you" Arthur said.

My eyes landed on his credit card resting on my small table, even the cheque he wrote me..a cheque of $2,000,000.

"For how long are you gonna assist me? Forever?" I asked. 

"I don't mind assisting you forever" his eyes moved to Davis. "He already calls me dad, I can take the responsibility.. I can be his father if you let me"

It's true that Arthur has being a father figure in Davis life, he's the father Davis knows.. but the fact remains that, he's not Davis father.

"Don't reject my help, I... "

"Arthur" I called his name quietly.

He stared at me pleadingly, I can clearly see his love for me in his eyes.. but I don't need it.

Arthur is like a brother to me and that's all he'll ever be to me... A brother.

"Thank you for all you've done for Davis and I, but I think, I should go down the rest of this road alone"

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"I'll forever be grateful to you for your help, but I can't let you be Davis father... "

I cut myself off when I saw his expression changed, he looked as though he's gonna burst into tears.. his eyes are red.

"Why? Are you still waiting for Thanatos?"

I didn't speak because I don't know how to answer him. Am I still waiting for him? I don't even know anymore.

"Isn't it obvious that he's not coming back? It's being two years now.. why haven't he find you and Davis yet?"

At his question, I felt my eyes becoming glassy as tears threatened to fall.. but I blinked them away.

"You know what happened to you after you gave birth to Davis, it was a miracle you..."

"Don't say it" I interrupted him. 

He kept quiet, I got up and walked towards the window.. I wrapped my arms around myself.

I heard his footsteps coming to me, he stood next to me.

"I wanna move from here" I said.

"You wanna move from here?" I nod. "Move from this apartment or move from San Francisco?" 

"Move from San Francisco" I replied.

"Why? Don't you like it here? Isn't peaceful here?"

I simply stared out of the window in silence.

"Your dad don't know you're here" he said.

"I'm not moving because of him, I just want a change of scenario"

"Why then?" He asked.

"San Francisco.. it holds too much of my sad memories"


"I suffered so much for my baby, I experienced what pain really is here, I experienced life and death here... I want to move away from all that"

"I don't get what you mean"

I smiled at him, a smile that doesn't reach my eyes.

"I can't start afresh, when everything I and do here reminds me of my sad and lonely days.. everything here just seems to remind me of my past.. I wanna move away from all of it.. I wanna start a new life for me and my son!"

He nodded thoughtfully at my words, I held his hand.

"Just help me again, please"

"I'd help you without your pleading" he sighed. "Just tell me where you wanna go" 

I smiled, Arthur is such a nice guy and if I want he'd be a great dad to Davis.. but I will never make the same mistake twice.

Don't ever trust a guy! That's what I've learnt from Thanatos leaving me behind.

"Las Vegas" I said.

"Las Vegas?"

I nodded.

"Yes, I wanna go to Las Vegas!"

"Ok. I'll search for a good apartment for you" he replied.

#_3rd_may_2021 (back to present day)

And that's how I moved to Las Vegas three years ago.. but I can't tell Adele that.

I ran away because I couldn't face, I don't think I'm ready to face it now! 

"Hey! Jasmine!" Adele snapped her fingers across my eyes.

"I'm sorry, Adele, I will tell you another time.. I'm just not ready"

She smiled and nodded, she rubbed my shoulder in a comforting manner.

"I know, I was just teasing you" she said.

"You wanna kiss?"

I narrowed my eyes, we both snapped our heads and frowned at the small figure that asked that question.

I quickly washed my hands and carried him on a stool, I caressed his cheek.

"Davis, where did you learn about people kissing?" I asked him calmly. 

"Uncle Arthur told me" he replied.

My eyes closed as I inhaled deeply to control my anger in front of Davis..

Arthur, how dare he teach my five years old son about kissing?!

"Arthur is really a very good impact on this boy, I guess you'll be a mother-in-law soon" Adele said and burst into laughter.

I passed her a stern look and she sobers up quickly, she coughed slightly.

"Davis, kissing is bad, ok?"

"But uncle Arthur said it's good" he argued.

Arthur!! You're so dead! Just pray I don't see you today!

From the corner of my eye, I can see Adele trying so hard to control herself.

"Uncle Arthur said I can kiss girls" Davis said innocently.

Adele couldn't hold it in any more, she burst into laughter.. holding her stomach as she laughed hard.

"Sure, with this handsome face of yours.. you'll kiss a lot of girls" she said amidst laughter.

I smacked her head and glared at her, she shuts up immediately. I turned back to Davis with a gentle smile.

"No, baby, you can't kiss girls" 


"Because you'll get cooties from kissing girls" I said.

He frowned and stared at me doubtfully, as if I'm lying to him.. which I'm actually doing for his own good.

"What is cooties?" He asked. 

"Cooties is a disease that you get from kissing girls, it'll make your tummy swell..."

His hands moved to his stomach and he stared at me in horror, I smirked mentally.. I guess this would work.

".. it'll make you have bleeding nose.."

His hands flew to his nose, as if covering it would stop the disease.. I almost laugh.

".. it'll make you lose your teeth and go bald"

"I promise, momma, I didn't kiss any girls, I didn't kiss any girls, I didn't kiss any girls" he cried in panic.

"Good boy, you're a good boy right?" He nodded. "Good boys don't kiss girls, ok?"

He nodded again, I smiled.

"Now promise me you won't kiss girls"

He raised his tiny hand up and pulled out three fingers.

"I promise I won't kiss girls" 

I nodded and ruffles his hair, I leaned forward and kissed his forehead.. but he pushed me away and wiped his forehead.

He glared at me.

"Momma, cooties!" He said.

I exchange looks with Adele and she burst into another fits of laughter.. is my lie turning against me?

"No, no, baby, momma's kiss don't give cooties"

He frowned. "Sure?"


He stayed silent and stared at me a few more minutes.

"Pinky swear?"

"Pinky swear" I said.

He nodded, then leaned forward and kissed my cheek this time.

"Now go back and watch TV, breakfast will be ready soon and we'll be ready for school in no time" I told him.

"Ok, momma" he said and ran back to the living room.

I sighed deeply and narrowed my eyes.

"I swear, I'm not leaving my son under Arthur's care ever again!" I said.

"But he's teaching him the ways of men... "

She shut up when she saw my malicious glare, I grabbed a spatula and get onto business.

Right at that moment, I heard the doorbell ring.

"Continue, I'll go get it" Adele said.

She rushed to the living room, to go get the door. Soon, I heard Arthur's voice.. I bite my lower lip.



That bast*rd! He dared to show up after trying to corrupt my son!

"Who's ready for school?"

"Meee!" Davis yelled.

With my spatula in my hand, I turned to face them.

"Arthur!! What did you teach my son?!" I asked storming towards him.

Arthur slowly dropped Davis, he released a nervous laugh and waved me.

"Hi, g-good morning, Miss Reinle"

"This morning is so not good, you want to corrupt my son.. that's your intention, right?!" I growled.

He leaned down and kissed Davis forehead, he grabbed the door handle.

"I just remembered, I'm very late for the office.. see you later!" He said in a hurry and rushed out.

I know he's getting away from my wrath, I laughed evilly.. I'll still see him in the evening.

"Right, Arthur just reminded me.. hurry up we'll be late for work too" Adele said.

My eyes locate the wall clock and I gasped loudly.

"Darn! We're so freaking late!" I exclaims.

Using words like *darn* in place of *damn* and *freaking* in place of *f**king* because of Davis.


Writer's pov 👙

            O'Briens groups LTD. (Chicago)

"Good morning, Mr O'Briens!" 

Workers greeted Thanatos as he walked into his company, he nodded in acknowledgement and headed straight for the elevator.

"Good morning, Mr O'Briens" his assistant greeted him.

"Hmm" he simply hummed. 

"What's my schedule for today?" Thanatos asked.

He reached the elevator and pushed the open button, the doors opened and he stepped in.

His assistant followed and pushed the 54th button, leading to his floor. 

"You have meeting with this board this morning by 9am.. you have lunch with Mr Joy from hot springs hotel by 1pm..."

The elevator stopped and the doors opened, they both stepped out.

Thanatos took long strides towards his office, while his assistant rushed after him.. even though she's wearing heels.

"...and at 2:30pm you have interview with daily mirrors" 

"Cancel the lunch with Mr Joy, I have another appointment then"

"Yes, sir" she replied and quickly scribbled something on her note.

Thanatos stopped in front of his office, he grabbed the handle and turned to his assistant.

"Make an appointment with Mike's kitchen to negotiate the acquisition tomorrow.. tell them their restaurant is only worth $5,000,000.. not a dime more!"

"Yes, sir"

Thanatos nodded. "Tell Patrick to see me when he arrives!" 

"Yes, sir"

"That's it, you can leave" Thanatos said and stepped into his office.

He walked straight to his chair, he sat down and tossed his briefcase on the table.

"Where's Patrick?" He heard a very familiar voice asked.

He opened his briefcase and pulled out his laptop, he placed it on the table and turned it on.. totally ignoring the question.

"He didn't drive you to? You drove yourself?"

"Clark, you should be working in your department.. what are you doing here?" Thanatos asked.

Clark is his best friend, since diapers. Clark pulled a chair and sat down, he leaned on the table.

"I would have been in my department if your mom didn't call me.. no, if she wasn't disturbing my phone" 

Thanatos hummed and nodded.

"Why did she called you this time?"

"Well, nothing much"

Thanatos lifted his head and arched an eyebrow at Clark, telling him to continue.

"She said you should come home, your wife misses you..."

Thanatos interrupted him with a bang on the table, he frowned.

"She's not my wife!" He stated firmly.

His eyes drift to the photo frame on his table, he reached for it and caressed it briefly..then turned it to Clark.

"This is the woman I recognize as my wife.. she'll the Mrs O'Briens I'll recognize as my wife!"

Clark sighed.

"Thana, I know you still love her, but it's already five years and still no news about her.. I think you should move on"

"No! I'll find her!"

"When? When you're old?"

Thanatos held onto the photo frame tightly, his eyes turned red as he thinks of something.

"She's hiding from me, she's mad at me for leaving so suddenly and without letting her know"

"Yes, if I were I would be mad too" Clark said.

He remembered Jasmine's broken look when he told her Thanatos was gone..

He remembered how she held herself... and tried to convince herself that Thanatos wasn't gone.. he remembered it very clearly.

"But I left for a good reason"

"Good reason?! You still couldn't stopped the wedding.. she still ended up being your wife!"

Thanatos nodded.

"My wife?" He scoffed. "She's not my wife, I didn't attend the wedding, I didn't go to the altar with her.. my brother did and that makes her my brother's wife!"

"No, it doesn't. Your brother went to the altar with her in your name, she's legally your wife"

Thanatos mind drifted back to the big argument he had with his father.

"Her name now is Jade Miguel O'Briens.. that's what makes her your wife!"

"No! She's not, I have never acknowledge her as one and I will never acknowledge her!"

Clark shook his head, his eyes landed on the lady in the photo frame.

"If she's hiding from you, then it'll be very hard to find her"

At that moment, the door opened and someone walked in.

"Mr O'Briens, Mr Evans!" He greeted them with a small bow.

Clark smiled. "Yo! Patrick is here" he said.

Patrick simply nodded and turned his attention to Thanatos.

"Sir, there's been sightings of her"

Thanatos dropped the photo frame and sat upright at once, he gave Patrick an eager look.

"Where?" He asked.

"Las Vegas, sir!"

Thanatos smiled.

"There's one more thing, sir"

"What is it?"

"She was seen with a little boy, he looks exactly like you. I don't know...."

Clark and Thanatos exchange looks, Thanatos wondered if Clark knew anything about her being pregnant then.

As if he knew what Thanatos is thinking, Clark shook his head.

"How old is the boy?" Thanatos asked Patrick.

"About five or six years, sir.. we're not so sure"

Thanatos banged on the table and broke into a smile.

"He's my son!" He said.

A sense of great joy suddenly overwhelmed him, he adjusted his suit.

"Get the jet ready"


"We're going to Las Vegas today!" Thanatos said.

"Yes, sir!" Patrick said and left.

When Patrick is gone, Clark tapped the table to get Thanatos attention. 

"Are you not gonna attend the dinner your mom invited you?"

"No! I'm going to get my family!" Thanatos replied with a smile.

"Then what about your family here, you already have a wife here"

The smile wiped off Thanatos face, he glared at the empty chair beside Clark.

"I told you, I don't acknowledge her!"

Clark laughed. 

"I can't believe a girl has been married for five years... but still don't know who or what her husband looks like?"

"It's her fault for not refusing the marriage!"

"But you should at least go home and let her see you once.. she misses you, according to your mom"

Thanatos scoffed.

"You can't miss someone you haven't seen once"

"Oh? But she's seen your pictures"

"Save the crap!"

Clark laughed, he just finds Thanatos situation quite funny..

Thanatos pressed the intercom button and his assistant's voice came up.

"Yes, Mr O'Briens?"

"Make the appointment with Mike's kitchen today, we're going to Las Vegas to negotiate the acquisition!"

"Ok, sir" 

Thanatos leaned on his chair and stared at the photo frame with a satisfied smile..

*Finally, I'll see you after five years!* He thought to himself.



(When the Love is gone )

Episode 2


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Jasmine's pov 👙

"Momma will come pick you up after school, ok?" 

Davis nodded, he leaned forward and kissed my cheeks. I handed his lunchbox to his teacher and walked him to his desk.

You might be wondering why I gave his lunch to his teacher, that's because she's Adele's younger older cousin... I won't give his lunch to any random person.

"Be a good boy and don't give your teacher a headache, ok?"

He nodded again. I kissed his forehead and smiled at him.

"Momma loves you"

"Love you too, momma!" He replied.

I turned back to his teacher.

"Please take care of him, give me a reminder call after school.. I don't know if I'll be very busy today"

"No, problem, Jas!" 

Adele groaned tiredly, she's being resting against the doorframe all these while.

"Why don't you just stay to keep him company?" She said.

"Well, I would if I could" I replied.

She scoffed and lifted herself off the doorframe, she grabbed my hand and started pulling me out.

"Bye, baby!" I waved at Davis.

"Bye, momma!" He waved me back with a very wide and bright smile.

I snatched my hand from Adele's grip, when we made it to the school gate.

"Just say you're jealous of our mother-son relationship" 

"Me?! Jealous?!" She scoffed. "Never!" 

She saw an oncoming taxi and stopped it, she bend slightly to speak with the driver.

"Mike's kitchen, sir"

"Alright, get on in" the driver said.

I pulled the door open and slide in, Adele slide in after me and the driver drove off.

"Because of your mother-son relationship..."

She emphasized on the *mother-son*.

"... we'll be getting enough scolding from Elvis!" She flicked my ear.

I simply smiled and shook my head, it's in her nature to whine over every little thing.

"We're lucky isn't Monday, there won't be any rush at the restaurant today"

"Fine! Fine! I'm sorry, tomorrow I'll wake up early and I promise our mother-son relationship won't get in the way"

With a doubting huff, she looked out the window. 

I used my fingers as comb and smoothed my hair, because we were running late I didn't had any time to comb my hair.

"Your phone is ringing" Adele said.

I looked down at my phone on my laps, it's really ringing and it's Arthur calling.. I wonder why my phone is on silent mode again.

Then it clicked in my head, it must be my little devil at work again.. 

Davis never let any opportunity to play with my phone slip, I guess he put it on silent mode.

"Davis has started with my phone again" I grumbled as I reached for it.

"Hello, Arthur!" I said.

"Jas, I'm gonna be leaving work early today, just called to let you know I'll be picking Davis from school and take him to the park"

I smiled, I swear Arthur is angel, God sent him to lift some burdens off my shoulders... 

Not that I'm calling my son a burden, but I also get tired taking care of him and at the same time worrying about work.

"Jas, are you there?"

"Oh.. yeah, please pick him up, thank you!" I said.

"Ok! And don't worry about dinner, I'll cook.. you just have to worry about your work today"

"Awwn! I swear I can kiss you right now" I teased him.

He chuckled, from the corner of my eye, I can see Adele giving me the "what the heck?" look.. even she knows I'm just joking.

"I won't be surprised, do you wanna know how many times we've both kissed in my dreams?"

I rolled my eyeballs.

"Nah! Keep your naughty dreams to yourself, I'm good"

"She's shy!" He said.

Shy?! For who?! Him?! He's a joke for saying that.

"Right, please don't watch adult films when you're with Davis and don't teach him about kissing girls.. don't forget he's just five years old"

"I'm sorry about, he just asked a question and I answered" 

I can imagine his carefree smile, on his face.. he must be wagging his brows now.

"Please, mind your behavior around him. You know kids always copy the bad things easily, he.... "

"Take a breath, Jasmine, I promise I'll mind my behaviours now" he said.

I sighed quick nodded, forgetting he can't see me. 

The car jerked, Adele tapped my lap and showed me we've reached our destination. 

"Alright, Arthur, I have work now.. talk to you later!" I said and hanged up quickly.

Adele opened the door and stepped out, I also stepped out..I took out my purse and paid the driver.

Then we head inside the restaurant. 

"I don't understand you and Arthur" Adele said.

"What don't you understand?" I asked.

"You and Arthur flirt with each other everyday, but you keep saying it's impossible for two of you"

"We flirt?"

I don't see how we flirt with each other, we just have normal conversations.

"Yeah, you flirt with each other a lot...the chemistry between the two of you is very strong"

Chemistry?! Why don't I feel it?

"Just say yes to him and give Davis a daddy"

I scoffed.

"Davis already has a daddy" I said.

Even though I hate him, hearing his name makes me sick..but the fact remains that, he's my son's father.


"Gather around, everyone!"

We heard Elvis said, clapping his hands to get everyone's attention. 

Adele and I sneaked in, trying to escape Elvis's predatory eyes and blended with the others.. gathering around the counter.

"Phew! We're lucky Elvis didn't notice we're late" I said.


Elvis cleared his throat, his eyes narrowed at us and he eyed me..I guess I spoke too soon.

"Good to see you finally join us, Jasmine!" He said. 

I smiled. "Good morning, Elvis"

He simply huffed and turned away from me, I mimicked his expression.. Adele laughed briefly.

"I wonder how his wife and kids cope with him at home, he's always serious.. always keeps a straight face" Adele said.

I chuckled but it's true though, since I started working here I've only seen Elvis smile twice.

Although, I understand him, it's not easy being a manager in one of the biggest restaurants in Las Vegas...

"So.. I got a call from Mr Mike this morning!" He paused and studied everyone.

Everyone is whispering among themselves, asking why Mr Mike suddenly called.. Mr Mike is our CEO, owner of Mike's kitchen!

"Silence!" He said and the whispering stopped, then he continued.

"Mr Mike said, we should be on our best behaviours today... because we're gonna be having a very important guest! He said no mistakes are allowed..."

I leaned closer to Adele's ear and whispered. "If Mr Mike is coming over with an important guest, then I'm done for"

"Why?" She whispered back.

"My uniform is so outdated" I replied.

By outdated, I meant, my uniform is damaged beyond repair.. it feel into a blue paint, when I was trying to dry it the other day. 

I was thinking of wearing a mufti today and get another uniform after work.. now, I don't know...

"I feel you sister" Adele said in a mocking tone, I pinched her arm and she hissed quietly.

"... Mr Mike said, he's gonna increase the salary of the two waitress or waiters that are gonna serve him and his guest..."

Salary increments?! I want that favor! 

If my salary is increased, it's gonna go a long way for Davis and I.

"...I have already picked the two people that will serve them. Those two people are..."

His eyes scanned us. Please pick me, please pick me, I pray in my heart.

"... Robin and Skai" Elvis said.

The rest of us sighed in disappointment, I threw my arm around Adele's shoulder and glared at Elvis.

"Others should be on their best behaviours and server our customers well. Also..." He paused.

His eyes landed on Adele and I, what does he wanna say now.

"... thank you all so much for your hard work last week, you guys did a great job and we made quite a lot. So, thank you for your hard work!"

We clapped happily, it's very rare for Elvis to praise us.

"That's it for today, you can all go back to your respective duties!"

Everyone started finding their ways back to their post, Adele and I turned too.. but Elvis stopped me.

"Except you, Jasmine, you're coming with me to my office!" He walked towards his office.

I groaned and Adele gave me an apologetic look, Elvis is so gonna scold me for coming late again.

"Just pray I come out in one piece"

"Don't worry sister, he's not gonna hurt you"

I nodded and headed straight to Elvis's office. 


Writer's pov 👙

Thanatos stepped out of his private jet, his assistant, Clark and driver.. Peter, got out after him.

He checked his wrist watch and realized it's still quite early.

"June, call Mike's secretary and inform him we've arrived!" He said to his assistant.

"Yes, sir" she replied.

He turned to Clark, but Clark is making a phone call.

"Mr O'Briens, the car is ready" Peter said.

Thanatos nodded and followed Peter towards the car, Peter opened the door and Thanatos slide in.. Clark followed too.

"I just spoke with your mom, she said I should persuade you to attend the dinner.. she said it's important"

Thanatos simple hummed.

"Why are you humming? How should I reply her when she calls me again?"

"Tell her to call me directly!" Thanatos replied.

Clark sighed and muttered under his breath, then he started typing on his phone.

"Mr O'Briens, Mr Mike's secretary said we should head to Mike's kitchen.. Mr Mike would receive us there!" June said.

"Peter, you heard her!" 

"Yes, sir"

Thanatos threw his head back on the seat, he tossed his phone on Clark's laps.

"I'll take a short nap!"


Jasmine's pov 👙

"Elvis?" I called as I pushed the door open and stepped into his office.

"Come in" Elvis said.

He pushed his laptop aside and took off his glasses, he rest his hands on the table.

"You wanna see me?" I asked the most obvious question.

"Yes" there's a long pause. "Jasmine, what's going on? This is the third time this week"

"I'm sorry, Elvis, it's just I..."

"Is it because you've been working overtime lately?"

I shook my head quickly. "No, no"

He sighed.

"When you begged me to let you work overtime, I asked you if it's gonna affect your efficiency and you said no... so, what's going on now?"

I kept quiet. He's right, working overtime is taking a toll on me.. but it's the only way I can make more money.

"Where's your uniform?" he asked.

"Ruined" I replied.

He stared at me silently, not knowing what to do.

He opened his drawer and pulled out a new set of uniform, he threw one at me and I caught it with ease.

"Change into your uniform and get back to work"

"Thanks, Elvis"

He nodded. "I'm still keeping you here, because you attend to our customers well.. make sure you don't get a fourth strike, that will be.. goodbye to this job"

"I understand" I said.

He gestured me to leave, without wasting another minute there, I rushed out.

I breath in relief when I stepped out, my hand in my chest.. thankfully I wasn't fired.

"What did Elvis say?" Adele asked.. which made me jump slightly.

"When did you get here?" I asked her.

"I was here the whole time, I thought Elvis would yell at you.. so, I came to plead"

I nod, such a nice friend.

"Well, he only warned me not to be late again"

"Hmm, that's good" she saw the uniform in my hand. "I see you've gotten a new uniform"

"Yeah, Elvis just gave it to me"

"Alright, go change first, I'll cover for you" I nodded and headed for the locker room.


I heard whisperings and saw my fellow waitresses and waiters rushing back to the counter.. where Elvis just addressed us few minutes ago.

"Heyyy!" I grabbed Adele's arm and pulled her back.

"What's going on?" I asked her, gesturing to the others.

"Oh, Mr Mike is waiting outside to receive his very impressive guest.. Elvis said we should gather up to welcome the guest"

"Huh? Is this guest that important that we even have to welcome him?"

"Yeah, come on, let's go!" She said and pulled me along.

Immediately Elvis saw me, he pulled me aside to stand beside him.. I gave him a confused look.

"Of all these waitresses, your behavior is the best.. you'll greet him with me" he said.

I simply nodded and quickly put on my very sweet, warm smile.. I'm not trying to brag but my friends say I've got a smile that melts hearts.

"... you'd see our restaurant provides the best service after I show you around.." 

I heard Mr Mike saying, but I toned him off when I heard all the waitresses fawning over someone.

*He's so handsome!*

*Gosh, he even looks way more handsome in reality than on TV!*

*I'd do anything to kiss the ground he walks on!*

I frowned, only those few meters away from me has seen the guest.. is he so handsome that these girls are giggling about?

They don't know handsome face can be deceiving.. just like how I was deceived by that cock!

Hmph! I shouldn't think about him.. this is the time to do my job well, Maybe Mr Mike might change his mind and increase my salary too.

"Hey! Jasmine, it's my idol" Adele leaned closer to me and whispered.

"Your idol?"

She nodded and giggled like a teenage girl seeing her crush for the first time.

At first, I didn't calculate what she said.. until I saw him walking towards me.. then her words repeated in my head.

Her idol! Thanatos Miguel O'Briens!

What is he doing here?! Why did he have to show his disgusting face at my work place?!

My heart is aching at the sight of him...as if my heart is breaking all over again!

Five years! Five good years!

He haven't seen me yet, he's busy  shaking hands and waving at the girls fawning over him.. what a flirt! So unprofessional! 

My hands balled beside me as I felt anger building up inside me.

I felt like going over there to punch his face until he's disfigured! 

But I know I can't, I'm not ready to face him.. he's my past and I'm not ready to face my past.. maybe I should sneak away now that he hasn't seen me yet.


"Come on, Jasmine, let's go greet him!" Elvis said.

Without giving me time to speak, he grabbed my arm and pulled me along with him.

"Mr O'Briens, welcome, sir!" Elvis greeted him.

I bowed my head so he wouldn't see my face, I snatched my hand from Elvis and took slow steps backwards.. I don't wanna see his face.

"You're..." He trailed off as if waiting for someone to complete his sentence.

Even his voice is annoying, I better leave here quickly. 

I tried to leave but these girls wouldn't let me, they've blocked the way because they all want to get a glimpse of that devil.

"Oh.. I'm Elvis Presley and this is..."

"Excuse me" I tried to make way for myself, but these crazy girls have suddenly gone deaf.

"Jasmine? Where are you going?" Elvis asked and I froze.

I clenched my jaw and sucked in air.

"Mr O'Briens is here, where are you going?" He asked again.

I cleared my voice. 

"I'm going to the restroom" I changed my voice and used a weird french accent. 

Elvis released a nervous laugh.

"Your restroom can wait, come greet Mr O'Briens first!" Elvis said.

"I'm pressed, I really need the restroom now" I said, still in my fake accent.

I just wanna get away from here. But I heard Mr Mike cleared his throat.

"Everyone is saying hello, but you can go to the restroom and say goodbye to this job!" Mr Mike said.

Now that Mr Mike is involved, there's no way I can escape.. and beside, I have no cause to hide away from him.

If I run away, it'll only prove that I still love him and...

This is the only place I can make decent money, I can't lose this job because of some useless jerk!

I should show him that I'm living fine without him! I should show him that I survived even after he abandoned me!

"Jas, just say hello" Adele mouthed at me.

I nodded, I took a deep breath, put on my warm smile and turned around. 

"Hello, Mr O'Briens, I'm Jasmine Reinle!" I said and reached out my hand for a handshake.

Thanatos just stood frozen, his mouth hung open and his eyes widened in surprise.. like he can't believe what he's seeing.

I scoffed mentally, yeah, I'm still alive and breathing! I screamed in my head.

"Mr O'Briens?" Mr Mike and Elvis called him at once.

But Thanatos doesn't seem like he's even listening to them, he took slow steps towards me and I took slow steps back in return.

"B-baby... " He trailed off.

Before I could realize what's going, he's pulled me into a very tight hug.. he pressed me to himself as if he wants to confirm if this is real.

"Mr O'Briens?" Mr Mike and Elvis called at once again.

Murmuring erupted as I looked at everyone, they're all having curiosity in their eyes.

This is embarrassing and annoying, I tried to pulled away but couldn't.

"Baby, I have been searching all over for you" he said.

His words just seem to increased my anger, bringing out all the pains I've been trying to bury in me all these years.

Not knowing where I got the strength from, I pushed him off me and turned to leave.. but he caught my wrist.

"Baby, don't go"

"Baby?!" I scoffed and snatched my hand from his grip.

The anger in me was too much, that I couldn't control my anger.. I did what I wanted to do when I first saw him come in.

I raised my fist and landed a punch on his face randomly, but I hissed quietly when I felt my hurt.

Everyone gasped at my action. Thanatos stepped closer.

"Baby... "

My hand landed on his cheek, cutting him off. Elvis rushed to me and grabbed my hand.

"What are you doing, Jasmine?" He queried me. 

I ignored him and glared at Thanatos.

"Baby, I'm sorry... "

I don't know, but hearing him call me baby just kept increasing my anger.. I broke free from Elvis's hold and landed another slap on Thanatos face.

Just then, I saw his best friend, Clark rushed towards us.. he held Thanatos and checked his face.

"Holy sh*t! What's going on?" He asked and turned to me. "Crap!" He exclaimed in shock.

Yeah.. crap! Bloody liars!

"Baby, listen.... "

"Shut up! Stop calling me that shitty name!" I yelled at him.

Everyone is looking at us in confusion, Mr Mike cleared his throat and stepped forward.

"Jasmine, your behavior is out of our work conduct, I don't think you fit in here anymore.. you're fired!"

I snapped my head to face him, I can feel me gonna transfer my aggression now.

"There's no need to fire me, I quit!" I yelled and ran towards the exit door.

"Baby!" I heard Thanatos call me but I didn't turned back.

I just ran out!

(When the Love is gone )

Episode 3


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Writer's pov 👙

"Baby, wait!" Thanatos called.

He wanted to run after Jasmine immediately she ran out, but Clark stopped him. 

"What are you doing? Make way" he said.

Clark shook his head in disapproval.

"Thana, calm down. I believe she wouldn't want to see you now, she needs some alone time" Clark said.

Thanatos didn't speak, his gaze simply remained at the direction she just ran off to.

Everyone is just staring at him in shock, they're all wondering what just happened.. like why was he calling Jasmine baby? Why did Jasmine slapped him and ran off?

All these questions.. Adele already seem to have gotten the answer... but she's still a little shocked.

She didn't expect Jasmine and her idol...

She didn't even dream of it once, that's why she's shocked.

"Who's her friend here?" Thanatos asked.

Elvis cleared his throat, smiled and stepped forward.

"Mr O'Briens, I'm sorry for Jasmine's behavior. Trust me, she doesn't behave like this on normal days, I don't know what happened to her today..."

Thanatos removed his attention from him and sucked in some air. 

*Yeah, I happened to her today* he thought, blaming himself for Jasmine's action today.

"She doesn't behave like this on normal days? Then why did she behaved like this today?" Mr Mike questioned Elvis.

Thanatos signaled Mr Mike not to blame his workers, since he's the reason she behaved that way. 

Adele seemed to have gotten over her shock, she rushed towards the locker room.

"Jas, beat you pretty hard, look at your lips bleeding" Clark said as he studied Thanatos face.

Thanatos slapped Clark's hand away and turned back to Mr Mike.

"Let's go to your office and talk"

"Yes, Mr O'Briens, this way please" Mr Mike said and led the way to his office.

He signaled Elvis to dismiss the workers gathering, since they're (Thanatos, Clark and Mr Mike) is already heading to his office.

"Get back to work everyone, chop, chop" Thanatos heard Elvis dismissing the workers.

He reached for his phone and sent Peter a text, ordering him to find out where Jasmine lives.

"Mr O'Briens, Mr Evans, please come in" Mr Mike said.

He pushed his office door opened and invited them inside.

Thanatos and Clark walked in, Mr Mike led them to the sitting area in the office.. he showed them to sofas and they sat down.

"Mr O'Briens, I'm really sorry for what happened today, our employees don't usually..."

Thanatos stopped him with a raised of his hand.

"What's her job here?" Thanatos asked.

"She's a waitress, but don't worry I've fired her and you won't get to see her aga..."

"She's not fired" Thanatos cut him off.

Mr Mike seemed to be in a bit of confusion, he doesn't seem to understand what Thanatos meant.

"She can't be fired, she's my woman and this restaurant is a gift to her"

"What?" Mr Mike exclaimed.

"She'll soon be the CEO here, so name your price.. how much?" Thanatos asked.

Mr Mike did a brief thinking, he thought about it carefully and smiled.

"$15,000,000" he said.

Clark frowned and banged on the table, he pointed a finger at Mr Mike.

"You're taking advantage of the situation!" He gritted out.

"Am I?" Mr Mike asked.

Thanatos smirked.

This is thrice the actual amount he wanted to buy the restaurant, but he doesn't care..

He's ready to pay any amount, as long as he gets to see Jasmine.. he's ready to take any chances that will bring him closer to her.

"This is daylight robbery" Clark said.

Mr Mike simply folded his arms on his chest and leaned back on the sofa. 

"Mr Evans, I'm not holding a gun" Mr Mike said.


"Fine, $15,000,000 it is" Thanatos said. "Let's sign the necessary documents" 


Jasmine's pov 👙

I have ran a very good distance from Mike's kitchen, I saw a bench near a water fountain and sat down.

All the tears I've been fighting to hold back.. all the pains I've buried deep down surface and I broke down.

Why did he had to come back now? 

I have finally moved on from him.. from all the pains and sorrows he caused me.

I lost so much because of him, I went through so much because of him.. I almost lost my life because of him..

Why did he come back when I don't need him anymore?

"Jas?" Adele called me.

She sat next to me and pulled me into a hug, she must have followed me when I ran off.

"Are you ok?" She asked even though she can clearly see I'm not fine.

I shook my head and continued crying, she let me cry to my heart content on her shoulder.. rubbing my back comfortingly.

"Thanks, Adele" I said and pulled away from the hug.

She nodded, my eyes landed on her uniform that's been stained by my tears.

"Sorry, I've stained your shirt"

She looked at it and laughed lightly.

"Don't worry about it, it'll soon dry up" she said.

I wiped my tears and we both sat in silence, just watching people walking by. 

"Ok.. I don't wanna pressure you or something, but I guess you can tell me why you slapped my idol and ran off"

There's no need keeping her in the dark anymore, I should tell her.. after all, Thanatos is already here.

I sucked in some air and sighed.

"He's.. he's Davis's father"

"What?! Davis's father?!" She shouted loudly.

A few people walking by turned their heads towards us, with a frown on their faces.

"Quite yelling, people will think we're abnormal" I scolded her.

She looked at the people, they're already walking away..she rolled her eyes.

"I mean, I guessed it when you slapped him but I was trying to convince myself that it's not true"

Hmph! I wish it's not true too.

"Wow. My idol is actually my best friend's lover?!"

My head snapped to face her at once, I glared at her for saying that.

"He's not my lover"

She frowned. "But you both have a son together"

"Yeah, that was because I fell into his honey trap"

She arched an eyebrow at me, twisting her mouth doubtfully.

"Like you're trying to say, deep down in your heart there's no love for him?"

I kept quiet. I hate him.. I hate him so much and I always dreamed of every ways to kill him.

But now that he's in front of me, I couldn't deal with him as I had always wanted to..

I hate him and that's one thing I'm very sure of.

"You wanna tell me your heart didn't skip even for a second, when you saw him just now?"

"Yes. My heart did skip but that's to remind me of my hatred towards him... that's a reminder to let me know what he put me through" I said.

Now that I'm thinking about it, I kinda regret not cutting his balls and feed them to vultures like I always do in my dream.

"Well, I'll believe whatever you say. But I'm a little bit sad that my idol is taken.. and by my best friend"

"He's not taken, you can have him if you want"

"Nah, I'm good" 

There's another brief moment of silence, I'm just staring blankly at the empty space in front of me.

"Now that you've been fired... "

"I wasn't fired, I quit" I corrected her.

"Right, you quit. What are you gonna do now?" 

She paused. 

"You know it wasn't easy for us to get this job, where are you gonna get a new job?" She asked. 

"I don't know... " I trailed off.

I kinda acted rashly by quitting my job, but it's not my fault.

I wanted to leave quietly, so as to avoid creating a scene.. but Mr Mike and Elvis had to forcefully make me greet that bast*rd.

"... I guess I should head home and start searching for another job" 

"Good idea" she said.

I got up and stretch my limbs, Adele also got up and handed me my bag.

"Take care on the way home" 

I nodded and look out for any oncoming taxi, but unfortunately there's none in sight.. maybe I'll have to walk halfway before boarding a taxi.

"Alright, I should get going"

"Hmm" she hummed.

I turned to leave but I suddenly remembered something, I turned back to face her.

"One more thing, don't, I mean, DON'T tell that barbarian where I live!"

She laughed at my description of him and nodded anyway, she made a zipper sign on her mouth.

"Your secret is my secret" she said. 

"Thanks" I thanked her and left from there.

I sighed.

Searching for jobs online is very hard for highschool drop outs like me, all the job vacancies online are only for those graduated students.

Like.. personal assistant, manager, accountant..

Maybe I should just walk around a while, I might be lucky to get another job today.


Writer's pov 👙

"Thank you, Mr O'Briens, Mike's kitchen is now yours" Mr Mike said.

"I told you, it's not mine" Thanatos said.

Mr Mike nodded. "Right, it belongs to Jasmine" 

Thanatos got up and shook hands with Mr Mike.

"It's nice doing business with you" Mr Mike said.

Thanatos simply nod in reply, then he head out, Clark glared at Mr Mike briefly before rushing after Thanatos.


Thanatos slide into the backseat, Clark followed and Peter quickly rushed to the driver's seat and started the car.

"Mr O'Briens, I have her address now, she lives at old Levi's street" Peter reported. 

Thanatos nodded, he felt his phone vibrates in his pocket and he reached for it.. he saw threads of messages from his mother.

"Does she live alone?" He asked.

He deleted the messages and shoved his phone back in his pocket.

"Yes, sir"

"Let's go to her place"

"Yes, sir" Peter said and stepped on the gas.

Clark turned his phone to Thanatos, showing him the messages his (Thanatos) mother just sent him.

"I have told you to ignore her messages, if you show me something like this again.. I'll fire you and you'll have to go inherit your father's company"

Clark quickly put his phone away and shudder at the thought of taking over his father's company.

"Nah, I'm good being your employee" he said. 

Thanatos smirked and nodded, he knows exactly how to install fear in his friend.

Clark looked out the window and turned back to Thanatos with a frown.

"This is not the way to your penthouse, where are we going?"

"To Jasmine's place"

"Jasmine's place?! To do what?!"

Thanatos winced at his loud voice and glared at him.

"Stop glaring at me, she hates you now and doesn't wanna see you.. going to her place will only make things worse.. we should think of how to win her heart again and make her listen to your explanation! What you're going to do now will just worsen everything!"

"Quit screaming" Thanatos scolded him. "I'm just going to check out the place"

"Oh.. ok, then" Clark said in a calmer voice.

Thanatos phone began to ring, he reached for it and saw it's his dad.. he declined the call and switched off his phone.

"Now you've bought that restaurant, how are you gonna give it to her?" Clark asked.

"I'm not gonna give it to her yet, I'll be the boss for now and let her work as my employee.. I'll give it to her after she forgives me"

"Why not give it to her now?"

"She won't accept it now, giving it to her now will only anger her more"

"But... "

"Shh" Thanatos hushed him and leaned back on the seat, closing his eyes.


Jasmine's pov 👙

Today's a bad, Thanatos just made it a bad hair day for me.

I lost my job and I've been job hunting fruitlessly, there isn't any vacancies in any of the restaurants I checked today.

"D*mn you, Thanatos!" I cursed.

I'm really tired and hungry.. what I need right now, is food and a long rest. Just at that moment, I heard a car honking.

I turned to it and realized it's Arthur's car, a smile spread on my face and I rushed towards it.

"Arthur!" I called, I grabbed the handle and opened it.

I slide into the passenger seat, before I could fasten my seatbelt, tiny arms wrapped me from behind.

"Momma!" My sweet baby called in a very happy voice. 

"Baby, come to momma" I said.

Arthur helper him come to me, he sat on my laps and showered my face with his kisses.. I can feel he's very happy and I smiled at that.

Even though I'm going through a lot, one smile from my son just makes all my worries disappear.

"Why is baby Davis so happy?" I asked.

"Uncle took me to the park!" He exclaimed.

I turned to Arthur with a grateful smile, he returned it with a wink and blew me a kiss.. I caught it and stamped it on Davis cheek.

Arthur pout at that action, but doesn't say anything. I'm clearly drawing a line between us and he knows that.

"What were you doing here? And why didn't you tell me you're getting off work early today?" Arthur asked.

I sighed.

"It's that bast...."

Arthur stopped me from completing my words, his eyes flicked to Davis who's playing with a button on my shirt.

"Baby, don't pull off the button ok?"

"Yeah" he replied fully concentrated on the button.

I turned my attention back to Arthur.

"It's Thanatos.. he's here in Las Vegas"

Arthur frowned deeply and his grip on the steering wheel tightened.. his eyes darkened in hatred.

He had always hated Thanatos right from the start, he's never supported our relationship.. I sometimes wonder why he loved Davis so much, yet he hates Davis's father.

"You saw him?"

I nodded.


"He came to my work place, that's why I got off early.. or you can say I quit" 

He clenched his jaw and glared at the road.

"I know he'll be monitoring my movements, so you'll be the one taking Davis to school and bringing him back.. I don't want him to know about Davis"

"Yeah, exactly my thought" he said.

I smiled. "You're the only one that understand me so well, I'm lucky to have you in my life"

He grinned and leaned a little bit closer, he held my hand.

"So.. would you consider giving me a chance?"

I laughed and slapped his hand away.


"Awwwn" he pouted.

Davis turned to him and grabbed his lips, then burst into laughter and released his lips.

"Momma, uncle's crying" he told me.

"Yeah, uncle is a big cry baby" I joined in his laugh.

Arthur glared at us playfully and burst into pretentious cry, he opened his mouth very wide and pretended to wail.

"Mr cry baby, hit the road!" I said, smacking his head softly.

"You're both ganging up on me" he said and started the car.

Davis leaned towards him and wiped off Arthur's imaginary tears, then kissed Arthur's eyes.. he's imitating me there.

That's what I normally do to him (Davis) when he's crying.

"Baby, don't cry, momma is here" he said.

Arthur and I burst into uncontrollable laughter, Davis just look between us in confusion.

"Arthur, momma is here for you" I said to Arthur, referring to Davis as his momma.

He started the car and we hit the road.


Thanatos pov 👙

"Are you sure we're in the right place?" Clark asked Peter.

Peter parked the car in a safe distance, we won't get noticed here.

"Yes, Mr Evans" Peter replied.

I opened the door and stepped out of the car, my eyes scanned the place and I felt guilt hit me.

This is all my fault, I reduced her to this level.. she wouldn't be living in a place like this if I hadn't left.

"According to my research, this is one of the most dangerous place in Las Vegas.. but it has the cheapest apartments" Peter reported to me.

My hand moved to my cheek where she landed that punch, now I know why she could punch so hard.

Living in a place like this, one has to be strong to survive.

"What's your plan now? Are you gonna take her away from here?" Clark asked me.

That's my plan when I first saw this place, but I think my Jasmine would agree.. she's too mad at me to even breath the same air with me.

"Thana, are you taking her away from here?"


"No? Why?"

I was about to give him a reply, but I choked on my words when I saw a car stopped in front of her apartment. 

The door opened and Jasmine stepped out, she's carrying a child.. which I believe to be our son.

Smile took over my face at the sight, I have a son and I didn't even know about it..

The smile on my face was quickly replaced with a deep scowl.. a man came out of the car and carried my son from her.

He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and made to kiss her forehead, but she moved away and they burst into laughter.

I balled my fist beside me and felt anger pumping through my veins.. and I have a very uncomfortable feeling in my chest.

It's making me barely breathing and moving me to go there and punch him.. Clark held me back and shook his head in disapproval.

I turned back to them and saw them entering her apartment together.. the feeling in my chest worsened..

It feel as though a thread is tied in my heart and someone is dragging it tighter.. it feels as if my heart is about to share in two.

"Peter.. Peter, who's that motherf**ker?!" I growled lowly.

Before Peter could speak, Clark did.

"That's Arthur Smith, her childhood friend"

"Childhood friend?"

"Yes, they've been friends since diapers and their families are very close"

"How did you know?"

"He was our classmate in college.. you asked me to find out about him then"

I narrowed my eyes and my mind flashed back, I suddenly recall him.. he's always been against my relationship with Jasmine.

Could it be he was in love with her then? Are they dating now?

The thought of them dating infuriated me more, I turned to Peter and grabbed his collar...almost choking him.

"Peter, you said Jasmine lives alone.. what is this I'm seeing now?" 

"He.. he usually comes to visit"Peter stuttered out.

I let go of his collar and kicked my car angrily.. I'm so pissed off right. 

What if they're dating?! F**k! No! I can't give that cock any chances!

"Is there any vacant apartment around here?" I asked.

"Yes, sir, the nextdoor apartment is vacant.. but I saw a lady checking it out this morning"  Peter said.

"Quick, contact the landlord and buy the whole block!"

"What?!" Clark asked. "You wanna buy the whole building?!"

I ignored him as I'm glaring at Jasmine's door, wondering what that cock must be doing inside now.

Why is he taking so long to come out?!

My whole body is shaking and I don't seem to understand why. 

"And that vacant apartment, call some movers.. I'm moving in tonight!"

Clark is just staring at me with raised eyebrows, which I ignored again.

"But sir, what about your penthouse, are you gonna leave your home and come..."

"My home is here" I cut him off.

"Huh?!" They both exclaimed.

"My wife and son is my home, wherever they are that's where my home is" I said.

I glared at the door once more and grinded my teeth against each other.

"Quick, Peter, do what I asked you!" I growled and angrily slide into the car.

I'm not gonna give that a**hole any chance to take Jasmine away from me.

She's mine right from the start.. and mine she shall remain!

(When the Love is gone )

Episode 4


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Jasmine's pov 👙

Arthur stopped in front of my apartment, Davis already fell asleep in my arms. 

"Thanks for the ride, Arthur" I said.

"Thanks for the ride? Are you chasing me away?" He asked.

I tilted my head and made a confused expression.

"I said I'll cook dinner for you tonight" he reminded me. 

I bite my inner cheek to stop myself from laughing, I raised an eyebrow.

"By cooking dinner you mean, ordering takeouts?" I teased him.

Arthur seems to be perfect in everything, but one thing..he sucks when it comes to cooking.

That's his biggest and only flaw, like I said he's perfect. 

"We're not ordering takeouts this time, I took some cooking tutorials" he said.

"Cooking tutorials?" He nodded. "From where?"

"YouTube, duh"

That's it, I couldn't hold it in any longer. I burst into laughter, I laughed so hard that I almost woke Davis up from sleep.

Arthur simply stared at me, his lips set on thin lines with both his eyebrows furrowed.

"YouTube? Seriously? And you think you're a sudden master? A kitchen lord?" I asked in a mocking tone.

"I guess I'll have to surprise you with my excellent skills!" He said firmly.

I nodded quickly. "Yeah, let's go in and see what you've got" 

I grabbed the door and pushed the door open, I slowly and carefully got out.. to avoid waking Davis up.

Arthur also got out and rushed to me, he flung Davis's backpack on his shoulder and carried him from me.

"Thanks, my arm was already getting tired" I said.

He threw his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close.

"Don't I deserve a kiss for being a darling?" He asked and leaned forward to kiss my forehead.

I moved away and flicked his nose, he roared into laughter.

"That's harsh" he said.

"Let's go in, I'm beat" I said.

We both walked to the door, I reached for my key in my bag and opened it.. I pushed the door open and we stepped in.

"I'll take Davis to his room" 

I simply nodded, I tossed my bag on the table and slumped onto a sofa.

Few minutes later, Arthur came back, he dropped Davis's backpack on the table.

"I figured you might wanna check his for his homework" 

"Thanks, please help me with a bottle of water" I told him.

He walked to the fridge and can back with the bottle of water, he handed it to me..

I told him a quick thank you and popped the cover open, I gulp down the and in a few minutes, I emptied it.

"Wow! Someone was very dehydrated" Arthur said.

"Yeah, I'm very hungry too. I might eat you if you don't start cooking now" 

He laughed.

"I should go busy myself in the kitchen now"

"Yeah.. let's see how skillful you are" I said.

He scoffed and found his away to the kitchen, with a sigh, I started going through Davis's books.

"Sweet baby Jesus! My son is just five years old!" I exclaimed.

"What happened?" Arthur asked from the kitchen.

"Davis is just in first grade, and why was he given so many homeworks?"

On each of his book, there's home work.. like, when is he gonna finish doing all of these?

"Stop complaining, his teacher knows best" he said.

"Thanks, that helped a lot"

He nodded in response and winked at me, then turned back to whatever he's doing...I gave my attention back to Davis books. 

"Jas, I think you should come work in my company"

"Why?" I asked absentmindedly.

"Because you just quitted your job, have you forgotten?"

"Oh, right, but no. I will soon find myself another job"

He kept quiet, I lifted my head and saw him whisking some eggs in a small bowl.

"Working for me comes with great benefits, you know.. you can come to work whatever time you like and no one's gonna scold you"

I rolled my eyeballs.

"That's exactly why I can't work for you, I don't want my boss to bend the rules for me"

"It's bending of rules... "

"Arthur, I don't wanna work for you, but thanks for your offer" I said.

After checking Davis's books for a few more minutes, I arranged his book back in his backpack and pushed it aside.

Then I reached for his lunchbox and checked it, he didn't eat much.. in fact, he barely ate anything from it.

He's been having little appetite lately, I wonder why. I pushed the lunchbox aside too and released a tired yawn.

"Arthur, I wanna take a short nap, please wake me up when the food's ready"

"Sure thing, darling" he replied.

I laid back on the sofa and closed my eyes, I pray Elvis calls me when I wake up and tell me to come back to work.

If not, it's gonna take some time for me to get another job.. or I might just end up working in a club.


Thanatos pov 👙

(6:43pm___Thanatos penthouse)

My phone rang immediately I turned it back on, I already know who's calling without even checking the caller's ID.

I tossed my phone on the table and head towards my mini bar, Clark is coming behind me. 

"Why are you ignoring your mom's call?" Clark asked.

"You can receive it and listen to her nagging" I replied.

I reached for a bottle of scotch, I popped it open and bend the bottle in my mouth.. taking some gulps.

"I have an idea" he said.

I walked back to the living room, slumped down on a sofa and reached for my phone.

"Why don't you go back to Chicago and tell your parents the reason you can't stay married to Jade?"

"And you think I didn't tried that five years ago?" I asked.

My mind flashed back to my heated argument with my dad, how he confiscated my phone and had me on house arrest.

"My parents won't listen to whatever I say, they just want me to get married to expand their business" 

Clark only nodded speechlessly at my words.

"Then you should have told them you already have a girlfriend"

"I did and they threatened to kill her, that's why I had to cut off all connections with Jasmin.. to protect her" I said.

My jaw clenching as I remembered how hurt and sad I was, seeing my girl friend's call but couldn't answer it.

"No wonder you told me to tell her to forget about you"

"Yeah, but I guess that was a bad move..she already left Mexico when I came back"

My phone started ringing again, getting fed up with the noise, I pressed the answer button.

"What?!" I barked angrily.

"That's not a proper way to greet your mother" mom said.

I laughed scornfully, mother indeed.

"Why are you calling me?" I asked, ignoring her words.

"Where are you?" She asked me back.

She's asking where I am? Aren't they very resourceful?! 

I know they already knows I'm in Las Vegas.. she just want to confirm from me. 

"Las Vegas" I answered truthfully.

There's no need of lying, since they already know.

"Las Vegas.. what are you doing there? Didn't Clark tell you about having dinner with us tonight?" She asked.

I didn't say any words.

"Your wife.. she's been waiting for you since five years, when are you coming see her?"

"She's not my wife!" I yelled.

They should stop calling some unknown woman my wife, saying she's my wife gets under my skin.

The phone must have been on speakerphone, cause I heard someone banged on the table and I knew it's dad.

"Listen, Thanatos" dad said. "I want to believe you went there for business, you have three months to finish your business..."

My hand is getting tired from holding up the phone, I put it on speakerphone and dropped it on the table.. then took a gulp of my scotch.

"... if you don't finish your business and come back to Chicago, we'll be forced to send your wife over!"

Clark stared at me with his mouth slightly open, but I didn't show any reaction.

"Three months, that's all you have to..."

I quickly ended the call, I'm tired of hearing him nag like a woman. 

"Thana, is your dad being serious about sending Jade over?" He asked.

"You can call him back and ask him if he's serious" I answered.

These are the reasons I don't pick their calls, they always try to impose their ways in you.

"What are you going to do? Are you gonna go back to Chicago? Or you're gonna wait for him to send Jade here?"

I grabbed my bottle and gulped down the remaining scotch.

"I'm not gonna let that bother me, cause it's none of my d*mn business.. I came to Las Vegas for a reason and that's what I'll give all my attention"


"Jasmine... I came here for Jasmine and I'll get her back. To hell with whoever Janet is!" I said.

Clark rolled his eyeballs. "It's Jade not Janet"

"I don't care"

I leaned back, my eyes settled on the enlarged teenage photo of Jasmine hanging on the wall opposite me.

"So.. how will you get Jasmine to listen to your explanation? And forgive you?"

I smiled.

"I'll start afresh"

"Start afresh?" I nodded. "How?"

"By trying to be friends with her again"

He scoffed and leaned back on his sofa too.

"You think it's gonna be that easy?"

I laughed.

"I know it's not gonna be easy and I know she hates me.. but I'm gonna be her nextdoor neighbor starting tonight.. anything can happen" I said with a smirk.


Jasmine's pov 👙

I didn't know how long I slept, but when I woke up.. I saw Davis doing his homework already, with Arthur helping him.

"Baby, you're awake?" I asked.

Davis raised his head, he smiled when he saw I'm awake.

He got up and ran to me, he threw his tiny arms around me and rest his head on my chest.

"Momma!" He called me.

"Hmm, you smell fresh" I said.

"Yes, uncle Arthur bath me" he replied.

I sat up and took in his clothing, he's truly wearing his PJs.. wait, PJs?!

My eyes moved to the wall clock and I gasped.

"It's 7:50pm already?"

Arthur looked at the wall can too and laughed. "Yeah, that's what the clock is saying right now"

"Why didn't you wake me up?" 

He called Davis to go continue his homework, Davis kissed both my cheeks and ran back to his homework.

"You were sleeping so peacefully, and I know you're pretty tired, so I just let you have more rest" Arthur said.

I sighed and got up.

"What about dinner?" I asked.

"Ready, was just waiting for you to wake up" he answered.

I nodded, I grabbed my bag from the table and head to my room.

"I'll just take a quick shower and then we'll have dinner" I said and dashed into my room.

Just when I threw my bag on the bed, my phone started ringing.

I reached for my bag and rampaged through it, until I touched my phone.. I pulled it out and saw Elvis boldly flashing on the screen.

At first I wanted to ignore the call, but on second thought, what's there to fear.. I already quit the job.

I quickly pressed the answer button.

"Hello, Elvis?"

"Yo, Jasmine, you're pretty bold huh? Attacking a guest at the restaurant.. right?" Elvis asked.

I gulped. "I.. he.. I.. we..."

He doesn't know the reason I attacked Thanatos, none of them at the restaurant knows.. and I can't tell them the reason too.

"You're lucky Mr O'Briens pleaded on your behalf..."

Thanatos pleaded on my behalf? That wicked player? Unbelievable!

"... come to work early tomorrow.. or you might really lose this job for real this time" 

"Huh?" I asked to confirm what I just heard.

"I said come to work early tomorrow" he repeated his words.

Joy burst in my stomach, I have my job back! I have my job back!

"Yes, yes, thank you"

"Hmm" he hummed and hang up.

I threw my phone on the bed carelessly as I hummed for joy, I'm not jobless..I have my job back.


 ".. and here comes the fish soup!" Arthur said.

He dropped the last dish on the table, I took a deep breath and sighed.

"Let's hope it's gonna be as sweet as its aroma" I said.

"Trust me, it's delicious" he replied.

He reached for Davis's plate and served some noodles in it, then placed it back in front of Davis.

"Thank you, uncle Arthur" he said.

"You're welcome, my champion!" Arthur replied.

Davis look around the table and pointed at the fish.

"Momma, I want fish" he said.

I nodded and gave him some fish, he smiled at me and started eating.

"So.. princess, let's eat" Arthur said to me.

He filled my plate with shrimps, I picked one and took a small bite.. sweetness fills my taste buds and I started stuffing my mouth with more shrimps.

"Ok.. I know it's delicious, but don't choke yourself" he said.

I gave him thumbs up in response, he really tried.. I swear, this is the best shrimps I've had in five years.


"Wow.. you really out done yourself, Arthur" I said.

We're done eating, but we're still sitting around the table, just relaxing.

"Yeah, now you know I'm the kitchen lord" he reminded me of my words from earlier.

"Right.. tell me how many dishes you wasted"

He grinned. "Not much, just about three"

I eyed him, he called that not much.

Well, I don't blame him, I remembered when I was in my father's house.. I wouldn't call that much too. 

"Whatever, I have good news"

"What's the good news?" He asked.

He got up and started packing our plates, I also got up and helped him.

"Elvis called me, he said I can come back to work tomorrow"

"That's nice, you won't have to search for new job"

"Hmm" I hummed.

The main door suddenly burst open, Davis jumped off his chair and gripped me.. I frown.

Davis doesn't get scared easily, why did he hide from just a door opening?

I turned to Arthur and eyed him accusingly, he quickly raised his hands in surrender.

"We just Chucky movie"

"You made Davis watched Chucky?!" I exclaimed.

He nodded. "You said I should watch cartoons when he's around me..."

"Yeah.. but not that type of cartoon. Chucky is a horror movie!" I scolded him.

"Oh.. I.. I didn't know that"

I dropped the plate and carried Davis in my arms, I kissed his forehead.

"Don't be scared, baby, momma is here for you" I said and he nodded.

I turned to Arthur. "you've installed fear in his mind.. he won't be able to sleep alone in his room tonight"

Arthur came closer to me and carried him, he pats Davis back gently.

"I'll just spend the night here and sleep in his room"

I sighed. "Better" I said.

My eyes moved to the door, I saw Adele sticking her head outside as if she's peeking at something.

"Adele?" I called.

"Yes, ma'am?" She turned to us.

"What are you doing?" I asked, gesturing towards the door.

She laughed and walked closer to us.

"We've got a new neighbor" she said excitedly.

I frowned, I felt her temperature.

"Your temperature is normal, why are you excited about having a new neighbor?"

"You won't understand, I just came to share the news with you.. anyway, I should go back to my house!" She said and she dashed out same way she dashed in.

Arthur and I exchange looks and shook our heads, Adele is just impossible.

"Take Davis, I should go do the dishes" he said.

"No, you cooked, it's fair if I do the dishes!" I said and rushed to the kitchen.

Apart from Thanatos showing up, today didn't turn out to be all bad.. tomorrow, I'll apologize to Mr Mike.


Ding! Ding! 

I heard the doorbell repeatedly ringing, with a groan, I groggily got up and head out to get the door. 

Barefooted I walked out of my room, I'm also wearing my favorite nightie... It's a very short pink see through gown, it's just a few inches below my butts.

I didn't bother about taking my robe along, since I know it's Adele knocking.. she must have come to wake me up early so we won't be late today.

My hand grabbed the door handle and pushed the door open, I leaned on the doorframe.

"What?" I asked sleepily.

"Good morning, neighbor!" 

My eyes snapped opened at the very familiar voice, sleep quickly vanished from my eyes and I'm suddenly wide awoke.

Thanatos?! What is he doing here so early in the morning?! 

Hold on... neighbor?!!!

His eyes roamed my body and I'm quickly aware of my nightie, I made to shut the door.. but he blocked it with his foot.

"Is this how you get the door in the morning?" He asked, his eyes on my chest.

Pervert! My hands quickly covered my chest.

"Jas, who's there? I couldn't go back to sleep because of the repeated ringing of the bell" Arthur said, I heard his footsteps coming towards me.

Thanatos frowned upon hearing Arthur's voice, he pushed the door wide open to see Arthur.

I took a glance at Arthur, he's only wearing his boxers.. with no shirt on.

Seeing this made Thanatos eyes grew smaller and darker, like he's gonna punch Arthur any minute.

He quickly took off his jacket and dumped it on my shoulders, then turned back to face Arthur.

"What are you doing here?"

"What are you doing here?" they both asked each other at once.

I facepalm myself, a third world war is about to happen in my house...I don't think so, not in my house!

(When the Love is gone )

Episode 5


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Thanatos pov 👙

My eyes roamed Jasmine's body, taking in very single details of her body.. she's even hotter than five years ago.

Her hips are larger, her breasts bigger.. motherhood is treating her so well.

I can feel myself drooling right now, but I don't care, she's d*mn hot. 

Then it clicked in my head, does she get the door in this nightie?

"Is this how you get the door in the mornings?" I asked her.

She ignored my question and made to shut the door, but I was fast to block it with my leg..she looked at me with angry eyes.

The anger in her eyes can clearly be seen, like she's telling me she's mad.. without even trying to hide it.

"Jas, who's there? I couldn't go back to sleep because of the repeated ringing of the bell" I heard a very annoying voice asked from inside.

A deep frown suddenly appeared on my face, that worm, what is he doing here so early in the morning.

Don't tell me he spent the night here.

Anger erupted from the pit of my stomach, when he showed up in just his boxer and no shirt on.. I stared at him in pure rage.

I turned back to Jasmine and gritted my teeth harshly together, my anger increased.

There's a man in her house and she's wearing a very revealing nightie? 

They are friends, very close friends and I get that..but that doesn't mean they should see each other's body.

There should be a clear line between them.

I took off my jacket and damped it on her shoulders, then turned to the cock.

"What are you doing here?!"

"What are you doing here?!" We both growled at each other.

We both glared maliciously at each other, what's in our minds right now is very clear.. fight!


Jasmine's pov 👙

"What are you doing here?" Thanatos asked Arthur again.

Arthur raised an eyeshadow, he scoffed and folded his arms on his chest.. he leaned against the doorframe.

"I should be asking you that question, what are you doing here, stranger?"

This question angered Thanatos, I can see the anger in his eyes but he refrained himself.. he glared at Arthur.

"You're in a lady's house, put on a shirt!"

"That's none of your d*mn business, so f**k off!" Arthur said.

He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and made to shut the door, but like the first time, Thanatos blocked it again.

"It is my business when you're parading my girlfriend's house half naked!" Thanatos said.

I slowly raised my head, drew my brows together and glared at him for making such comment.. I balled my fist.

"Your girlfriend?" Arthur scoffed. "Really? You have a girlfriend here? Where's she? Why don't I see her?"

Thanatos closed his eyes for a brief second, then opened them and faced me.

"Baby, let's talk" he said and reached for my hand.

Arthur snatched my hand from him and gently pushed me behind him, he released a scornful laugh.

"Leave!" Arthur said.

"Make way, I wanna have a talk with Jasmine"

"You don't have the right to talk to her. You've lost that right when you abandoned her five years ago.. you've lost the right when you cowardly ran away..."

"You don't nothing anything, I didn't abandoned her!" Thanatos cut him off.

He didn't abandoned me? Excuses.. lies.. I know he must have cooked up some lies to tell me.

"Make way let me explain things to Jasmine"

"No! Leave, she doesn't want to hear you speak!"

I moved away from Arthur's back saw his hand on Thanatos chest, he pushed Thanatos back.


Thanatos glared at him, he's so ready to land a punch on Arthur right now but strangely enough he's controlling himself.

He took deep breaths and turned to me.

"Listen to me, baby, there's a perfect explanation for my disappearance that year. I was called home and.... "

"Save your breath! I said leave!" Arthur pushed Thanatos again.

Thanatos staggers back, but held himself from falling..

"That's it!"he growled, then glared at Arthur with his red eyes and before we could realize it.

He rushed back to Arthur and landed a punch on Arthur's nose, I gasped when I heard a crack.

Arthur didn't waste any time, he quickly retaliated and landed his own punch on Thanatos... within the blink of an eye, they're both raining punches on each other.

Heavy punches, they indulged in a serious fight. I stood in a corner, yelling for them to stop but it seems I'm just talking to thin air.

"Stop, both of you!" I yelled but none of them listened to me.

My eyes moved to Davis door, it's still shut.

I turned back to them, Thanatos is now sitting on Arthur and he's repeatedly punching Arthur like a punching bag. 

Arthur didn't relent too, he's still trying his best to punch Thanatos.. but since Thanatos is sitting on him, he's (Thanatos) got the upper hand.

"My son is sleeping and I wouldn't be happy if he wakes up, because your silly fight!" 

They still won't listen to me. Arthur is gonna get hurt real bad if I don't do something to stop this fight, I turned and rushed to the kitchen to get a bowl of water.

When I got back, I saw Davis standing a few meters away from them...watching the fight, he's smiling as if he's having fun.

I dropped the bowl of water and rushed to him.

"Baby, what are you doing here?" I asked.

"They're fighting" he said, pointing at them.

"No, no, they're not, they're playing"


"Yeah. Come on, go back to your room, I wanna scold them for playing too long" I said.

He hesitated but went to his room anyway, I locked the door from outside and turned back to Arthur and Thanatos.

I angrily walked back to the bowl, I carried it and poured the water on them.. Thanatos jumped away from Arthur.

"F**k! Baby, what's this?" He complained.

I putted the empty bowl aside and helped Arthur up, I winced when I saw how damaged his face was.

"Oh my goodness!" I touch his face gently and wince as if I'm the one who got hurt. "It hurts a lot right?"

He smiled and shook his head. "It's fine" he said.

I turned back to Thanatos and glared at him angrily.

"What is wrong with you?! Did you have to do this?! Why did you have to pick up a fight with Arthur?! You think it's fun?!"

He blinked and frown slightly.

"Baby, you're picking sides and being partial, he obviously started the fight... "

"Cut the crap!" I cut him off. "You punched him first, you think you can just barge into my house and start a fight with my friend?"

Arthur is rubbing my shoulder tenderly, to calm me down.. Thanatos eyes landed on Arthur's hands on my shoulder, but he shut his eyes and looked away.

"I'm sorry, baby, I didn't wanted to fight him, I just wanna explain to you but he wouldn't let me. Baby... "

I scoffed.

"Explain to me?! Don't you think it's too late to explain to me?!"

He shook his head and took a step closer to me, but I stopped him with a raised of my hand.

"It's not too late, just hear me out, ok?"

"No, leave"

I made to shut the door, but he blocked it again.

"Baby, just listen to me, it's not my fault, I was... "

I turned to Arthur when I heard him hissed quietly, his nose is bleeding.. I didn't notice it before.

"Look at what you've done!" I glared at Thanatos. "Do you see the pain you've inflicted in him?" 

"He also inflicted pain in me too" he said showing me his black eye.

He's not even feeling remorseful, he's showing me a black eye.. that's the only injury he sustained on his face... But Arthur...

"Jas, I... " Arthur tried to speak but couldn't, he hissed painfully and stopped talking.

In a fit of anger, I pushed Thanatos away from the door with all my strength and he fell on his butts.

"Listen to me, you can't just barge into my life and order me to listen to your lies called explanation! You can't just barge into my life after five years... and expect me to forgive you with just a simple sorry and pretend everything is ok!"

He quickly got up and took two steps closer to me.

"I know I f**ked up and... "

"You didn't just f**ked up, you abandoned your responsibility!"

"Baby, I understand you... "

I shook my head.

"No! You don't understand anything! Do you know how much I suffered after my father disowned me?!"

He frowned. "Your father disowned you?"

I laughed dryly.

"I almost died in the labour room.. no, I died in the labour room, I don't know where I would have been if Arthur wasn't there for me! Where were you then? Huh?"

"I'm sorry... "

"Your sorry won't change a thing, just leave! Disappear from my life like you did before and don't ever show your face in front of me!"

He promised to marry me and that gave me the confidence to challenge my dad...I ran away from home because I was so sure he'd be there for me.

But I was a fool...a big fool then! Why did I believed in him so much?

"You barged into my house and beat up my friend? Why? What were you trying to prove? That you're a super man?"

He couldn't speak, he just gulps like a fish under water...no words came out of his mouth.

"Without him, I wouldn't be standing here in good health! Without, him I'd have been long dead and gone! Arthur means do much to me and I have great respect for him!" 

I paused.

"So, I won't let you come to my house and insult my benefactor!"

"Baby, give me a chance to explain.. I didn't leave because I was running away from my responsibilities, I swear I.... "

"I don't care why you left, just stop trying cause there's no space left for you in my heart"

"Don't be like that, baby... "

"Stop calling me baby! I'm not your baby, you have to move on with your life cause I have moved on... I have a boyfriend now!"

He blinked rapidly at my last statement, his eyes moved to Arthur and he frowned.

"Him?" He asked.

I turned to Arthur who's wiping his nose, well, I wasn't thinking of using him.. but since Thanatos suggested him, I'll use him.. after all, he's the perfect guy to play this role.

"Yes!" I wrapped my arms around Arthur. "He's my boyfriend, don't ever come here and disturb us again!"

He laughed.

"You're lying, just to get rid of me..right?"

"No! I don't lie about stuffs like this"

He laughed again and shook his head. "I know you're lying"

"You want proof?" I asked.

Before he could reply, grabbed Arthur's shoulders and pulled him down to my level..then I planted my lips on his.

Arthur tensed under my gripped, he's shocked but he quickly got over his shock and reciprocated my kiss...I didn't let the kiss last any longer than 30 seconds then pulled away.

I turned back to Thanatos with a smirk.

He stood and stared at me speechlessly, I saw something like hurt and jealousy flashed in his eyes.

I shut the door and he didn't try to block it this time, I led Arthur to the dinning table and rushed to get the first aid kit.

"Arthur, I'm sorry for this" I said.

I opened the First aid box, he dipped his hand inside and took out some disinfectant and band-aid.

"It's not your fault, darling" he replied...

"I'm also sorry for lying about you being my boyfriend, I just have to do that to make him give up" I said. "And about that kiss... " I trailed off.

That was his first kiss and I just robbed it for my own selfish gain.. Arthur smiled.

"Don't worry about that kiss"

"But it was your first kiss and I just stole"

"Would you believe me if I say, I'm secretly happy you kissed me?"

I sighed and rolled my eyeballs, I pressed his bruised cheek.. he groaned.

"It seems Thanatos didn't give you enough beating" I teased him.

He glared at me at the mention of Thanatos name. "stop saying his name" he said.

Thanatos... I don't understand why he showed up in my life again. I was finally moving on from him, I had almost completely forgotten about him.

Why did he come back? Why? 

I felt tears threatening to roll down my cheeks, I quickly blinked them away and sniffled. 

"Arthur, I should go get ready for work... please, help me take care of Davis, I... "

"It's fine, you can go" he said.

He understood why I wanted to go back to my room.. to cry. I gave him a small smile and head to my room.

I entered my room and shut the door behind me, I walked towards my bed and fell on it.. then I loosed it.

I started to recall all went through during my pregnancy, all those cold lonely nights when I was hoping Thanatos would come and keep me company.. where was he?

I was just a teenager then, an eighteen years old, inexperienced pregnant teenager.

My hand moved to my stomach, as I recalled my conversation with a doctor that Arthur recommended me to.


My due date is getter nearer everyday, I sat on a chair in front of the doctor and patiently wait for his report.

"Miss Reinle" he said.

He dropped the file in his hand and gave me his attention.

"We can make sure you have your baby naturally, we'll guarantee your life and your baby's life will be saved, but..." He trailed off.

Fear gripped me as I feared the worse, his expression is making me shiver in fear.

"B-but what doctor?" I stuttered.

He sighed.

"Because of your cervical condition, I'm afraid you might not be able to conceive again"

What?! I slumped back on the chair.


I remembered how much I cried that night, when I got home.. it was Arthur who comforted me. 


After crying out my eyes, I later took a bath and dressed up for work..

By the time I stepped out of my room, Davis was already dressed for school and was already having breakfast.

Arthur is packing up Davis lunch in the kitchen, I smiled, Arthur is such a great guy... I pray God should bless him with a good lady.

"Wow! My queen is ready" he said when he noticed my presence.

"Yeah, thanks for getting Davis ready for school" 

He waved it off like it's nothing.

"I don't mind being Davis slave" he replied.

I laughed and walked closer to him, to take over packing the lunch.

"Arthur, you're a great guy, with a heart of gold.. don't worry, God will bless you with a very beautiful and faithful lady"

"Oh? How are you sure I'm not staring at her right now?"

"Stop your dirty thoughts, I'm not her, she's way better than me... just take a look around and you'll notice her" I said.

And by saying that, I mean Adele..she might not say it and try to hide it but I know she's secretly crushing on him.

"No, I don't want anyone except you" he said.

"And I can date anyone except you" I replied.

He pouted but breaks into a smile when I made a funny face at him.

"Hot! Momma hot!" I heard Davis cry.

Arthur and I rushed to him, he's opening his mouth.. I poured a glass of water and gave it to him.

He gulped it the quickly.

"What did you eat?" I asked him.

He pointed at some cayenne peppers, I sighed.

"I put them aside so he won't eat them, but.. our Davis is such a curious boy" Arthur said.

I reached for a tissue and wiped his mouth, handed him a glass of milk to drink.

"Finish the milk and we'll be ready to go to school, yeah?"

"Hmm" he hummed with a nod. 

"Well, I'll go continue packing his lunch then...you eat something too darling" Arthur said and went back to the kitchen.

I sat down and reached for two slices of bread, I reached for the jam and spread it on my bread.

Just when I started eating, the door opened and Adele twirled in.

"Momma, I want bread too" Davis said.

I gave him a slice of bread, which he started stuffing down his throat immediately.

"Whoa, how heartless can you be, Jas" Adele said and made herself comfortable in a chair.

She reached for some bread and jam too.

"I'm heartless?" I asked, a little bit confused about what she meant.

"How can you let that Greek god wait outside?" She asked.

I frowned. "What Greek god?" I asked her back.

She rolled her eyeballs.

"My idol of course"

I scoffed and rolled my eyeballs too, so she's talking about that... I don't even know how to describe him anymore. 

He can stand outside my door for all I care.

"It's not fair, I don't know why you two broke up, but from what I see he loves you and I know deep down in your heart, you love him too"

"Love him?" I shook my head. "I hate him.. I have so much hatred for him!"

She laughed.

"Just give him a chance, hear him out and his explanations might surprise you"

"Ok, I don't wanna discuss Thanatos here.. let's eat and go to work!" I said. 

Talking about him will just make me lose my appetite.


"Ahem!" Adele cleared her throat.

We're getting ready to stepped out, Arthur carried Davis and his backpack...I carried Davis lunchbox.

"I'm sorry, Arthur, but I'll have to tag along you two.. you know, since we're all going the same direction" she said.

"Hm" Arthur simply hummed in reply. 

He opened the door and wait for us (Adele and I) to step out, before he stepped out and let me locked the door.

"What is he still doing here?" I heard Arthur muttered under his breath.

"Who?" I asked and turned around... It's Thanatos.

He was leaning against his car, but lifted himself away from his car when he saw me.

He smiled and took a few steps towards, he waved at me but I just kept a straight face and ignored him.

"Awwwn, my idol look so dazzling when he's smiling" Adele whispered in my ear.

I glared at her and she zipped her mouth, I turned to Arthur and wrapped an arm around his waist.. I went on tiptoes and kissed on the cheek.

"Let's go, Arthur!"

Arthur smiled at me. "Sure, darling" he replied.

Just when I was about to walk past Thanatos and go to Arthur's car, Thanatos held my hand.

"Baby, I.. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have fought with him"

He looked hurt, I know it's because I kissed Arthur...but I don't care. I snatched my hand from him.

"That's none of my business" 

He nodded. 

"I.. we... "

"My son is running late, just go back to the hole you crawled out of!" With that I walked towards Arthur's car.

Arthur already sat Davis at the backseat, Adele sat next to him.. while Arthur is standing by the passenger seat, holding the door for me. 

"Are you ok?" He asked me.

"Yeah, I'm fine, let's go" I replied.

I entered the car and he shut the door, before rushing to the driver's seat.

My eyes met with Thanatos' he's staring at me with sad eyes.. that makes me wanna think if I was too harsh on him.

But I know better than to fall for those eyes, they are very deceiving and they have also deceived me before.

I'm not too harsh on him, he deserves it... Arthur started the car and drove off.

Luckily, I won't get to see Thanatos for some hours today.


(When the Love is gone )

Episode 6


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Jasmine's pov 👙

"Goodbye, baby" I kissed Davis forehead and watched his teacher led him to his class.

Arthur honked, reminding me that I'm running late.. Davis turned to me and waved at me one last time, he blew a kiss at me and I caught.

He giggled and jumped into his class happily, I sighed and head back to Arthur's car.

"... It's none of your business if I'm not lady-like!" I heard Adele quarreling Arthur from the backseat.

"There's no use arguing with you, just know no sane man would want to marry a woman like you...I know I wouldn't"

Adele scoffed and pushed Arthur's head.

"As if I want to marry a man like you!" She retorted.

I simply stared at them, blinking in confusion as I try to figure out why they're arguing.

"I regret agreeing to give you a ride, it won't happen next time..."

"Please don't, FYI, there'll be no next time!" Adele cut him off.

I cleared my throat and quickly fastened my seatbelt.

"Is this the famous couples flirt fighting?"

"Bah!" They both exclaimed in disapproval, making me jump slightly.

Although, they aren't facing each other, but I can tell they're glaring at each other right now.. especially Adele.

She must be thinking of a thousand ways to murder Arthur right now, I sighed and shook my head.

Now this is what I call chemistry!

"Please let's go, we're all running late" I said. 

Arthur turned to me and smiled sweetly, in fact, too sweetly.

"Can we visit a psychiatric hospital first?" He asked.

He flicked his eyes towards the backseat, I bite back a laugh because I know what he's about to say.

"There's a mad woman in this car"

"You're the mad man" Adele said.

I laughed.

"Arthur, do you mind start driving now?" I groaned.

He paused and glared at Adele one more time, before grabbing the steering wheel.

"For your sake, my love, let's go" he said and started the car.

Adele grumbled under her breath, I guess Arthur didn't hear her murmuring else he would have answered her.


Writer's pov 👙

              Mexico city (07:31am)

Jade woke up to the sound of her phone's ringtone blaring loudly.. disturbing the peace of her big room.

She sleepily reached for her phone, mumbling about someone interrupting her sleep so early in the morning.

Jade pressed the answer button and received the call, without caring to check who's calling... she's too sleepy to check. 

"Hello?" She said in her sleepy voice.


Jade's eyes snapped opened and she sat up abruptly, bumping her head on the headboard.

"D-dad, good morning, dad" she greeted.

"You're still sleeping?" Her father asked.

Jade yawned silently as she shook her head. "No" she replied.

"Right, I have a meeting with your father-in-law this afternoon, is your husband coming?"

Her eyes trailed to the photo that stood proudly on the bedside table, she reached for it and stared at it.

"Jade, did you heard me?"

"Yes, dad, but he won't be joining your meeting"


She sighed, she placed the photo back on the table and gave one if her favorite excuses.

"He's on a business trip"

Her father scoffed loudly.

"Another business trip? Does he ever stay at home with you?"

Jade didn't reply to that, her gaze simply remained on the photo as she admired the man inside it.

"I don't care how many business trips he goes, just make sure you carry his child soon... and give birth to his heir"


"Don't start with those your lame excuses! It's been five years and I believe you should have given birth already if you aren't lacking in your part..."

Jade frowned slightly, it's not as if she doesn't want to give birth to the heir.. but the problem is, her husband has never once visited her since they got married.

"... I don't care how you're gonna do it, but make sure your child is the heir of O'Briens groups LTD!"

"Yes, dad" 

"That's the only way we can have a lifetime partnership with the O'Briens"

"I understand" Jade breathes out.

"Good! Take care and don't forget to continue being in the good side of his parents" then he hanged up.

Jade tossed her phone on the bed and reached for the photo, she ran her fingers through it.. and smiled.

*How can a man be this handsome?* She wondered. 

She brought the photo closer to her lips and kissed it, she smiled.

"I have waited for five years for you.. as your parents promised, I'll see you in three months!" She said to herself.. out loud.

Jade dropped the photo and fell back on the bed, her mind went back to five years ago.

How she lost contact with her sister after she left their home, and how she (Jade) got married to an unknown man.

"Eish! I hope you're ok wherever you are.. Jasmine!" She said.


Jasmine's pov 👙

                Las Vegas (08:10am)

Arthur stopped in front of Mike's kitchen, I unfasten my seatbelt and faced him with a smile.

"Thanks, Arthur" I said.

"It's fine" he replied and pinched my nose playfully.

We both turned to Adele who's being sulking all the way, she scoffed and rushed out of the car.

I turned back to Arthur. "Don't mind her attitude, I don't know what crawled up her pants this morning"

Arthur nodded. I opened the door and wanted to step out, but stopped when a question occured to me.


"Yeah?" He replied.

"What would you say if Adele.. I mean, if, Adele confess to you?" I asked.

He raised an eyebrow slightly. "Confessed a crime?"

"No, love" I said.

He made a cringing expression, he tilted his head and stared at her for a brief moment.. then shuddered.

"No. It's impossible" he said.


"Yeah.. we can't be together"

I turned towards Adele, she's patiently waiting for me outside.

"Why can't you? She's a great girl, nice... courageous... straightforward and hard working.. isn't that the type girls guys easily fall in love with?"

He nodded.

"Yeah, other guys might but not me... she's so not my type"

"Where's she lacking?"  

He scoffed as if the answer is obvious.. or like I already know the answer.

"Tell me" I urged him.

If he tells me, I can help Adele improve herself.. but she's kinda proud, I'll need to convince her to accept my help.

"Look, Adele is great but she's just not my type.. she's not my ideal girlfriend"

"Ideal girlfriend?" He nodded. "So.. who's your ideal girlfriend?" I asked.

"You already know" he replied. 

I already know?! Then why am I asking if I do?! 

He looked me in my eyes, his eyes search mine as if they're trying to figure something out.

"You're my ideal girlfriend" he said.

I laughed nervously and pulled his cheeks.

"I guess you want Thanatos to give you another beating..."

Wait.. why am I referring to Thanatos beating him up? It sounds like I'm mocking him for getting beat up.. right?

"... I have told you before, it's not possible between us"


"You know the reason. You're just like Tim to me, like a big brother" I answered.

We stayed in a brief silence, until he spoke.

"Jas, be honest with me... do you still love Thanatos?" He asked.

I looked away from him when he asked that, I pushed some strands of hair behind my ear and bite my lower lip.

"No, I'm not" 

"You're not? Or you're trying to tell yourself that you're no longer in love with him?"

"I'm not in love with him.. all I'm feeling for now, is pure hatred" I said.

"Then why aren't you looking in my eyes? Why are you avoiding my eyes?"

I laughed lightly and lifted my head.

"Am I?"

"Yeah, you... "

A knock on the window interrupted him, we turned and realized it's Adele.

"Jas, we're d*mn late, can you get off now?" She asked.

I turned back to Arthur.

"I should get going now.. bye!" 

I quickly got off and waved him, Adele grabbed my hand and pulled me along with her.


Adele and I look around with frown on our faces, there seem to be so much tension in the air.

Everyone's working seriously and carefully, as if they're afraid to make any mistakes.

"Heyyy, Troy!" Adele stopped one of the waiters.

I'm not surprised she knows his name, she's kinda popular with all the male staffs here.

"What's going on? Why is everyone so tensed?" She asked him.

Troy looked around and sighed.

"It's our new boss, he's setting everyone's pants on fire..."

"Our new boss?" I interrupted him.

He nodded and continued.

"... he seems to be in a very bad mood this morning, he yells at every little mistake"

I frowned. "When did we get a new boss?" I asked.

Adele nodded at my question, I guess she wanted to ask the same thing. 

"Yesterday... Mr Mike sold the restaurant yesterday" he replied.

Yesterday? It must be after I left.. so sad, I won't be able to apologize to Mr Mike as I had intended.

"Do you know, just this morning Ruth and Wyatt were fired"

"Why?" Adele asked.

"Ruth mistakenly knocked down a glass when the new boss was coming in, so he fired her for being too clumsy..."

What? That's just a common mistake any and everyone makes all the time.

"... Wyatt was fired because his buttons were wrongly buttoned, he said Wyatt is incompetent"

"That's horrible" Adele said.

Yeah, I agree with that, how can he just fire someone for those tiny mistakes.. I think I better behave myself to avoid getting fired too.

I was given a second chance and I must value it. 

"Now I see why everyone's so focused.. this new boss is a beast" Adele said.

I sighed.

"I just pity Ruth and Wyatt, they...."

"Jasmine Reinle!" 

A loud voice boomed my name, making my words stuck in my throat.. without wasting time, Troy disappeared from our sight. 

We turned slowly to the source of that loud voice, we jumped and released a short scream.. we didn't realized he was already standing so close to us.

"Elvis.. good morning" I waved.

"Good morning, Elvis" Adele also greeted him.

Elvis ignored our greetings and stared at his wrist watch, then turned it to face us.. showing us what the time is saying.

"Is this the time you're supposed to resume work?" He asked us.

We just shook our head, if we say anything it'll only prolong his scolding session.

"Do you know we have a new boss now?!" 

Adele and I nodded. "We just found out few minutes ago"

"Good! He came in today and checked the list of workers who signed in before 8am.. your names aren't there!"

Adele and I exchange looks, we're dead.

"Adele you're spared, but Jasmine...."

But Jasmine? I facepalm myself mentally.

Why do I always have ill luck? Adele and I came in the same time, how come she's spared and I'm not?

"... Jasmine, the boss wants to see you in his office at once!" He said.

Since Thanatos showed up, nothing good have happened in my life!

"Go change into your uniform quickly and report to his office now!" He walked away.

I groaned.

"Why wasn't I spared too?" I grumbled.

Adele rubbed my shoulder lightly and smiled at me.

"You'll be fine, let's go change first"

I nodded and followed her towards the locker room.

"I wonder why the new boss wants to see you, I don't think it's just about you coming late... do you have any idea?"

"Nope! I'm as clueless as you" I replied her.


I stood outside the CEO's office, it's boldly written on the doorframe.

Taking a deep breath to calm myself down, I reached out and knocked on the door.. I expected to hear him invite me in, but didn't.

I knocked again and again and again, but there's still no response.

Why isn't no one answering me? Is he not inside? 

Maybe I should just go continue with my work and come back later...but then I recalled Troy's words.

According to him, this new boss is very strict. What if I leave and he fires me for not being patient? 

Wait.. don't tell me something happened to him inside! Could it be he's an asthmatic patient and he's dying inside?

With that thought in my head, I grabbed the door handle and pushed it open.. I rushed in without hesitation.

"Hello? Anyone here?" I asked.

Though I'm not fully inside the office yet, I was still standing near the door.

"Sir, can you hear me? Are you in here?" I asked.

Instead of getting a reply, I was suddenly trapped in the wall and I felt someone's hot breath on my neck.

My heart leaped out of my chest as a thought strikes me.. this new boss is a pervert!

I looked down, afraid to look in his eyes..

"S-sir, I.. what are you doing?" I asked. 

"You're very bold, baby" 

Baby.. Thanatos?! I lifted my head and it's truly him..

My heart flustered and joy filled me when I realized it's him and not some old, smelly, big belly, white beards pervert boss.

But then again, I remembered the person standing in front of me is someone I don't also wanna see.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him.

"Isn't it obvious?" He asked me back.

"Obvious? How?"

He gestured around, I looked around and it dawned on me.

"You're the new boss?!" 

"Hmm-mm" he hummed.

I glared at him, so he came to buy the restaurant yesterday? 

Elvis lied to me, he told me Thanatos pleaded Mike to give me my job back.. when Thanatos already bought it.

"You're really bold, baby" he placed a finger under my chin and raised my head. "You kissed another man in front of me.. do you know how sad that made me?"

I scoffed.

"You have no rights to be sad!" I said.

"Yeah, I know.. I know you hate me and don't wanna see me, but you must hear me out today"

"Hear what out?"

"I wanna tell you what actually happened and why I left..."

"Not interested! Make way!" I said.

I tried to push him away, but he wouldn't bulge.. it's just as if he's a statue.

"Please hear me out, I really need you to listen..."

"No, I don't wanna listen! You're just gonna cook up some lies!"

He shook his head.

"I swear, I'll only tell you the truth"

"I don't want to hear any truth from you. You're just a coward who runs away from responsibilities, I don't want to listen.. just stay away from me!"

I squat and wanted to pass through under his hands, but he caught me... He stared in my eyes, he sucked in some air and closed his eyes.

Before I knew it, he planted his lips on mine. I tensed and my eyes stayed wide open, I didn't see this coming.. I didn't expect this at all.

He kissed me slowly and passionately, I can feel him pouring all his emotions in the kiss... Anger...pain... jealousy.. love... hatred?

Why hatred?!

Well, now's not the time to think about that, his lips felt so soft moving against mine.. was his lips this soft five years ago?

It seems like I forgot how soft his lips actually are, I couldn't hold back anymore... I wrapped my arms around his neck and quickly started reciprocating his kiss.

I don't know why I'm kissing him back, as if I've been craving for his kiss.. my eyes closed as I lost myself in the kiss.

How can someone's lips taste so sweet, making me wanna continue kissing him forever.

But then... he broke the kiss, he held my face in his hands and stared directly in my eyes.. while his thumbs caresses my cheeks.

Those eyes, I found myself getting lost in them.. man, I'm trapped in these eyes.

"Baby, please listen to my explanation, ok?" He said.

I nodded without knowing.

I wasn't even myself, I didn't heard his words but I saw his lips moving and read them.. that's how I knew what he said.

D*mn! Did he just seduced me into agreeing to listen to him?!

(When the Love is gone )

Episode 7


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Jasmine's pov 👙

Hold on...

What am I doing? Why am I letting him stand so close to me? Didn't I vowed never to give him any chance to explain?

But just a kiss from him made me change my mind, just a kiss from him made me lost myself.

I better create some space between us, before he romanced me into forgiving him.. which is something I don't want to do.

I don't wanna be with him ever again, I should just listen to his so called explanation.

"Baby, I'm sorry..."

"Stop!" I cut him off.

That word *sorry* is something I don't wanna hear from him, I dread hearing it from him... he's not worthy of saying it.

"I don't want your apologies, just tell me why you left. Just tell me the reason you chose to ran away just when I found out I was pregnant"

"I didn't ran away, something made me leave... "

I removed his hands caging me on the wall, then moved away from him. 

Walking towards the chair in front of his desk, I sat down.. he rushed towards me and sat on the table. 

"I have work to do, so don't waste my time" I said with a straight face. 


"Don't baby me! Just go straight to point!" I said sternly.

I didn't agree to listen to him, because I wanna chitchat with him or catch up with him.

In fact, there's nothing to catch up.

He stared at me with sad eyes, as if the way I'm talking to him is hurting him...well, the pains I went through were far worst than this.

"Why are you being so cold to me? Baby, we just kissed"

My eyes narrowed and I threw him a glare.. I gulped quietly.

"That kiss was a mistake" I said, but secretly licked my lips again.

Thanatos knitted his brows together, his mouth left slightly open and he stared at me in disbelief.

"Don't talk about that disgusting kiss, just tell me why you left me without a word...say it now that I'm willing to listen!" I said.

He stared at me a few more moments, before he cleared his throat and began.

"I didn't planned on leaving, the trip back home was abrupt..."

I scoffed.

"Trip back home indeed!" 

Trip back home for five whole years.. well, that's one long trip I must say.

Thanatos ignored me and continued.

"That day I was getting ready to go to class, when I received a call from my day...." 

Thanatos pov 👙


I was in the kitchen trying to get something to eat, I'm already late for class...I set an alarm but I made it 6:30pm instead of 6:30am!

My phone's ringtone blares loudly in my phone, I reached for it and saw it's my dad's calling. 

"Hello, dad?" I received the call.

"Hello, Thanatos..."

I set the call on speakerphone and dropped my phone on the counter, I walked towards the fridge and grabbed some carrots and onions.

"... something urgent came up and we need you to come home right now" dad said.

"I can't make it, I'm gonna be very busy today" I replied him.

I dropped the carrots and onions on the counter, then reached for a small bowl to get some water.

"Put whatever you wanna do on hold and come home"

"Can't do that, dad, I have something very important to do...it can't be put on hold"

Getting a knife, I started to chop the onions and I hissed quietly when I sliced my flesh.

"What's so important that can't be put on hold... I don't care whatever it is you wanna do, you must come home.. this is a matter of your future!"

A loud scoffed left my mouth. A matter of my future indeed, this is more like a matter of his benefits.

Anyway, I've made up my mind and I'm not gonna go... 

Jasmine has been feeling under the weather and I've made a doctor's appointment...I plan to take her to the hospital after class.

"Dad, my girlfriend is sick and we're going to the hospital..."

I heard a loud crash erupt from the phone, he must have just threw a glass angrily.

"Girlfriend?!" He growled.

What's coming next is expected..he doesn't know about my relationship and that's because....

"I told you, finding you a girlfriend isn't to be taken lightly!" 

Yeah, that's why I kept my relationship a secret.. he won't approve of it.

"Dad, I also remembered telling you I'm not gonna sacrifice my happiness for your benefits"

"The audacity! You promised you wouldn't get yourself a girlfriend!"

I sighed and stopped chopping the onions, I sat on a stool.

"That was a long time ago, that was before I met her...I didn't know falling in love is a beautiful thing"

"Bullsh*t!" Dad exclaimed.

There's a silent, the only sound I could hear were his heavy breaths.

"Leave the love bullsh*ts to the lower class! We, the upper class don't need love...what we need it business partnership!"

Of course, that's what he always say to me... it's all about business to him.

"Dad, trust me, my girlfriend is...."

"Who is her father?" He interrupted me.

I paused. 

Now this is the problem, I don't know who my girlfriend's father is...

I once asked her about her father, but she laughed and waved it off...she said we should just stay on a low key.

We wanted to just go with the flow and I didn't pressure her, I guess she wanted to know more about me before introducing me to her dad.

"Thanatos Miguel O'Briens!" Dad growled my name.


"Who is her father? Is he a businessman? What's the name of his company?"

I shook my head.

"She's yet to introduce him to me, but...." 

"Save your breath!" He cut me short. "You must get your a** home...we have the perfect bride for you!"

I narrowed my eyes and balled my fist, who said he can make decisions for me?

"You have Henry..."

"Leave Henry out of this! You know his condition, he can't...." Dad cut himself off.

I heard footsteps approaching and I guessed that's Henry. 

Henry is my older brother... and O'Briens & sons was supposed to be his responsibility, but he's impotent.

Hence dad's making me take the responsibility.

"Don't make me wait! Come home or I'll be forced to take necessary precautions!"

My body tensed.

"Fine! I'll be there!" I growled and angrily ended the call.


My brows knit together in a deep frown as I redialed Jasmine's number... I've been trying to reach her but couldn't. 

My eyes landed on the inscription on the big gate in front of me...* Welcome to Brain fields high*

Is she even in school? I questioned myself.

I got out of my car and walked towards the gate, I met with a security man.. he's reading a newspaper.

"Hi" I greeted him.

"How may I help you young man?" He asked, totally ignoring my greeting.

Which made me frowned, he should be thankful I wanna ask for his help.

"I wanna see Jasmine Reinle"

He adjusted his newspaper in his hands.

"What's your relationship with her? Your sister?" He asked me, without looking at me.

"No, she's my girlfriend" I replied.

He stopped reading his newspaper and eyed me from my head to my toes...he gave me a disgusting look.

He must be thinking why I'm having a relationship with a high school student...well, he's lucky he's an older man...I would've punched him for giving me such look.

"You have to leave young man, keep your relationship off the school premises" he said.

I took deep breaths to control myself.

"Let me see her, I have something important to tell her... please" I swallowed my pride and gritted out the please part.

"Leave or I'll call the cops"

I growled lowly and turned away from him, I head back to my car and redialed her number...if only she introduced me to her parents before now.

My phone rang again, it's my dad calling.


"Are you trying to see what I can do?!" 

Taking a deep breath, I angrily got into my car, I hanged up and stared the car...and drove off.

It's just 9:15am, I should be back in time to accompany Jasmine to the hospital.


I drove into my dad's compound, I parked my car in the garage and headed for the front door.

"He's finally here" dad said the moment he saw me walked in.

I grumpily sat on a sofa, my mom sent me a smile but I ignored her and faced my dad.

"Dad, I'm not here to negotiate with you, I already have a girlfriend whom I'm so much in love with...I won't get married to your perfect bride!"

Dad smirked, he stared at something on his phone...I narrowed my eyes.

"Take a look at her, isn't she beautiful?" 

He stretched his phone at me, but I didn't take it. He dropped it on the table and entwined his fingers.

"Thanatos, I'm your father and I know what's best for you! I'm trying to make solid foundation for you in the business circle...and the best way to do that is marriage"

"But I don't want it! I don't want to be tied to a woman I feel nothing for!"

Dad shut his eyes and his smirked grew bigger. 

Mom and Henry locked gaze with me and shook their heads...telling me not to argue with him.

"Young man, you might wanna rethink your decision. You wouldn't want me to find out about that so called girlfriend, if...."

My phone suddenly started ringing, I reached for it in my pocket and checked the caller's ID... it's Jasmine.

A smile spread on my face, but before I could receive the call, dad snatched the phone from me.

"Well, well, well..look who's calling" he said.

I wanted to snatched the phone back, but mom signaled me not to. I clenched my jaw and balled my fist...if he wasn't my dad, I'd...

"I trust you'll make the right choice!" He said and walked towards his room.

Mom turned to me, she smiled and wanted to start a conversation with me but I got up and head towards the main door.

If he thinks confiscating my phone would make me change my mind, then he's being a fool.

I pushed the door opened and halt, dad's men were standing outside... hmph! Really?!

"Come with me" Henry whispered in my ear and walked towards the kitchen.

"What?!" I asked, growling lowly.

He rolled his eyeballs.

"Stop treating everyone like your enemy, mom and I are different from dad..."

"Is that what you brought me here to tell me?" I cut him off.

"No" he said. "I just want to let you know, I'll help you escape later" he added.

Escape... I'm in my parents home but I have to breakout as if I'm in a prison cell.



Jasmine's pov 👙

"...I couldn't escape until it's night time" Thanatos said.

I was just studying his expressions while he was talking, he doesn't seem like he's lying.

"Baby, I didn't run away, I looked for you when I arrived at Mexico that night...I tried to reach you with Clark's phone but couldn't..."

Hmm, from his explanation he didn't purposely ignored my calls, his phone was confiscated.

"...I really did look for, I wanted to apologize for not being able to accompany you to the hospital as we agreed. I..."

Well, as for him not being able to find me, I think I'm to blame for that. 

I left Mexico that day, I thought he abandoned me so I left.

"...I'm really sorry, baby"

I nodded. 

"What about the lady you're supposed to marry? What happened to her?" I asked. 

"I don't know"

"You don't know?"

He shook his head, he opened his mouth to speak but stopped himself...he hesitated for some seconds before he spoke.

"I guess Henry got married to her instead"

"What's her name? How classy is she? Is her parents very rich? Is that why your dad wanted you to marry her?" I suddenly found myself asking all these questions.

An unknown anger was building up, from the pit of my stomach as I was asking all these questions.

"Em...about her name..I think it's.. Janet..no, Jane..no, no, it's Jessica...I don't know but it started with a J" he said.

I almost laughed at that, he's not even sure of her name..he doesn't even know the name of the woman he was supposed to marry...great!.

"I don't know if she's classy..or beautiful, I haven't seen her once" he said.

I nodded and we stayed in a brief silence, I feel somehow happy that he didn't get married to another woman.

Even after five years, I'm still the woman in his heart, he's such a faithful man...a smile threatened to appear on my face.

But I suddenly remembered how I've been alone for those five years, I took a deep breath.

"... please, baby, forgive me"

"Fine! I don't blame you for whatever happened..." I trailed off.

His sad expression brightened at once, his eyes sparkled.

"Really? You don't blame me?" He asked.

I shook my head.

"Does that mean you've forgiven me?"

Does this mean I've forgiven him?

After listening to his explanation, I don't think he's at fault...in fact, I should be blamed for most of it.

I was the one who wanted to keep our relationship secret...I was the one who didn't wanna tell him about my family.

"Forgive you...you didn't do anything wrong" I told him.

"I did something wrong" 

I paused and wait to hear what he did wrong.

"I didn't try enough to reach you"

"I can't blame you for that, you tried your best...so, you can say I forgive"

He stared at me, his eyes focused on mine as they search mine.

"You forgive me?"

I nodded.

"Does that mean you accept me back?"

I shook my head. "No!"

"But we've just kissed, it's clear we missed each other"

"Thanatos, I told you that was a mistake. We can't be together again, the spark is long gone...I don't feel anything for you now"

"No, it's not gone" he shook his head. "We can reignite the fuse, we can...."

"No, I don't...."

My phone started ringing, I signaled him to excuse me and reached for my phone... it's Davis teacher calling.


"Hello, Miss Reinle, are you busy? Can you please come over to the school?" She asked.

I frowned and got up.

"Why? Did something happened to Davis? Or was he involved in a fight?" I asked.

I hope it's the latter, I can't afford anything happening to Davis, he's the only child I'll ever have in this lifetime... he's my life.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw Thanatos listening carefully with a small frown.

"Davis is fine, he was just taken to the infirmary because he had indigestion... he just needs to go home and rest till tomorrow" she said.

"Ugh!" I sighed in relief. "Alright, I'll be right there, just give me some minutes" I said.

"Alright!" She replied and hanged up.

I shoved my phone back in my pocket.

"It's...our son?" He asked me.

Our son, as if he was ever here, but I replied him anyway.

"Yes, he had indigestion, his teacher wants me to go get him" 

I got up and dust my clothes as if there's dust on it.

"I'll go take permission from Elvis" I said, completely forgetting he's the new boss.

"You don't need to take permission from Elvis, I'll drive you there" he said.

He got off the table he was sitting, he put his hand at the small of my back...but I quickly moved away from him.

"No, thank you, I'll board a taxi"

"You don't have to"

"But I want to"

He sighed deeply.

"Baby, I get it, you're mad at me but he's my son too"

I scoffed.

"Yes, he's your son, but you can't just show up out of thin air and try to invade our lives after five years... we're used to being just us..just the two of us.. Davis and Jasmine" 

"Listen, I'm not trying to invade your lives, I just..I just wanna be a part of your lives"

"Well, I guess that's gonna take quite some time, because you came back too late...honey, you came back FIVE YEARS, TOO LATE!" I said.

Without saying another word or letting him say another word, I stormed towards the door...I grabbed the handle and pushed it open.

I stepped out and shut it in a very loud bang.


Writer's pov 👙

           Smithfield construction company

"... thank you all for your hard work" Arthur thanked his workers.

They were just having a brief meeting, discussing about some materials needed for a project.

"Get back to work everyone" he dismissed the meeting.

He walked out of the meeting room, and headed to his office with his secretary following behind him.

"Mr Smith, i just confirmed with the Japanese dealer.. we're leaving for Japan tomorrow"

Arthur's eyebrows furrowed instantly, he collected the laptop his secretary was holding and read an email.

He sighed and handed the laptop back to his secretary, after reading the email.

"So quick? Call him back and reschedule.. next week" Arthur said.

"I'm sorry, sir, but we can't reschedule"


"Mr Hajime's assistant said he'll be traveling next week and won't be available to attend to us"

Arthur stopped walking, he sighed and nodded. "Fine, then, go make arrangements.. we're leaving tonight"

"Yes, sir" his secretary replied and left.

He continued his journey to his office, just when he's a few steps away.. his phone rang. 

He reached for it on his jacket's pocket, he checked the caller's ID before receiving the call.

"Good morning, aunt" he greeted whoever called him.

"Arthur, good morning dear"

He arrived at his office and reached for the door handle, he pushed the door open and stepped in. 

"How have you been doing lately?" He asked her.

"I'm fine, very fine"

There's a brief pause and shuffling sound were heard from the other side.. as if the other person is moving around.

"I received the pictures you sent me, my grandson is growing rapidly.. and becoming more handsome too" 

Arthur slumped onto his chair and smiled.

"Yes, aunt, Jasmine is really her best to make him a good boy"

Arthur heard her sighed deeply, his expression changed as he pictured her making a sad face.. or trying to stop herself from crying.

"I know she must hate me, I couldn't stop her father from chasing her out and... "

"No, aunt, don't say that"

Just like Arthur had imagined, she started sniffling and soon broke into quiet sobs.

"I'm a bad mother, I couldn't protect my daughter.. she wouldn't blame her if she wants nothing to do with me" she lamented.

"Aunt, Jas, doesn't think that way. Trust me, she doesn't blame you for anything"

But she didn't listen to him, she continued sobbing quietly.

"My daughter...she was so tiny and weak and timid and fragile..."

Arthur frowned slightly and scoffed, he's wonder if she's describing the Jasmine he knows.

"... but Donald didn't think twice, he chased her out and I couldn't find her.. I... "

"Stop crying, aunt, I'm here for her"

"Yes, yes, you're there... " She trailed off. "... please continue watching over her for me and don't forget to update me with pictures"

"Of course, aunty"

She inhaled deeply.

"I'll hang up now" she said and hanged up.

Arthur tossed his phone on his desk and stretched his body.. his mind goes back to his trip tomorrow.

(When the Love is gone )

Episode 8


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Thanatos pov 👙

I watched as Jasmine swing her hips towards the door angrily, she shut the door behind her in a very loud bang.

A sigh left my mouth as I thought about her words, I should have tried harder to look for her.

Then it dawned on me, she's going to pick up our son from school... I should follow her.

I snatched my car keys from the table and head out, Elvis met me halfway out and greeted me with a small bow.

"Mr O'Briens, are you heading out?" 

I simply nod, my eyes scanned the place quickly, all the employees are working efficiently...

Good! They got the message this morning.

"Right, starting now, don't make Jasmine do too much work!"

"Yes, sir" he replied and I headed out.

She's already had so much to worry about, I mean taking care of our son alone doesn't look like a very easy job.

When I stepped out of the restaurant, I saw her getting in a cab... I also got in my car.

"Where are we headed, Mr O'Briens?" Peter asked me.

"Quick, follow that cab!" I said urgently.

"Yes, sir" 

He started the car and quickly followed up the cab. 


"Stop here!" I told Peter.

"Yes, sir" he slowed down until the car stopped.

The cab stopped outside a gate and Jasmine alighted, she paid the driver and waved at him with a smile.

But instead of going inside the school premises.. she walked towards a car.

I narrowed my eyes and wonder why she's heading towards the car, she seemed to know whoever is inside... Since she's smiling.

Rage filled me when the door opened and that cock stepped out, he pulled Jasmine into a hug which made me clenched my jaw and balled my fist.

I felt like throwing a punch at him from here, and teach him to stop flirting with other people's wife!

Jasmine flicked his nose and broke into a very bright, wide smile.. her smile is so beautiful..oh, I can do anything to have that smile all to myself.

Anytime I see her standing with that cock, they seem like a happy couple.

If only I was able get in touch with her, I would have been the one she's smiling at.. now all she does anytime she sees me is frown and stare at me with hatred.

"So shameless!" I growled under my breath when I saw him wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

"Mr O'Briens, are you being jealous?" Peter asked.

I glared at him from the rearview mirror.

"Do I look like I'm jealous?!"

He quickly shook his head in denial.

"No, sir... you're calm and reserve, sir"

I continued glaring at him and he quickly muttered an apology.

"I'm sorry, sir".

My gaze turned to them, they're already entering the premises. I wanted to come with her, she refused.. but allowed this a**hole come.

I quickly reached for my phone and dialed Clark's number, he picked on the first ring.

"Thana, my buddy" his voice chirped.

"Clark, come by new apartment later" I said.

"Why? You need my help on how to win your woman back?"

I glared at the gate they just walked through, I sighed.

"Just come and have a drink with me!" I growled getting frustrated by his words.

"No, I'll just come by your temporary office...and I have the perfect idea for you, the best way to win her back!" he said and hanged up.

Temporary office, he's referring to Mike's kitchen by that.

I throw my head back on the seat and shut my eyes.

I'm an expert when it comes to women, but I can't seem to figure out the woman occupying my heart.


Jasmine's pov 👙

The cab jerked forward slightly and stopped, I quickly got off and paid the driver his money.

"Keep the change" I said, leaving a reasonable change as a tip for him.

He's an elderly man, I waved at him as he thanked me continuously.. which is making me feel kinda embarrassed.

My phone beeped and I reached for it, it's a message from Arthur telling me he's right up ahead.

I lifted my head and saw his car parked in a corner, I quickly head to him.

He alighted from his car and pulled me into a hug, he wanted to give me a cheek kiss but I flicked his nose instead.

His hand flew to his nose as he glared at me playfully, I burst into laughter at his funny expression.

"That's what you get for trying to kiss Davis momma" I said.

"You can't blame a man for trying" he replied.

I rolled my eyeballs, my eyes met the box of chocolate in the backseat of his car.

"Chocolate?" I asked.

"Yeah, bought it on my way going to work this morning and wanted to give it Davis later... "

He paused and turned towards the chocolate, then sighed.

"...only to get a call from the school, that my nephew was sent to the school clinic for indigestion"

"Oh, they called you too?"

He nodded. It's normal that they contact him, after all his contact is also on Davis emergency list.

"Let's go in, I just took a 40 minutes off from Elvis to pick Davis up" I said.

"Yeah, yeah" 

He threw his arm around my shoulder and we walked in. 

"I wonder what he ate this morning" I murmured.


Davis was peacefully sleeping, when we entered the infirmary with a cute nurse watching him.

"Hi, good morning" I greeted the nurse.

"Good morning, you must be Miss Reinle?" She asked with a smile.

"Yes, yes" I answered.

"I'm nurse Monica" she introduced herself.

She got up and walking towards a table, she came back with some papers and handed the to me.

"You'll have to sign these, please, before we release him to you" she said and showed me the places that needed my signature.

I signed them quickly and handed them back to her, I turned to Davis.. Arthur is caressing his hair.

"Alright, miss Reinle, you can take David home and let him have some rest... "

She trailed off and searched for something in a drawer, she handed me a bottle of glucose.

"...give him a teaspoon of glucose when he wakes up later" she said.

"Thank you" I thanked her.

"It's fine" she replied. "If you'd excuse me" she said and headed out with the papers I just signed.

I turned back to Arthur, he's already carried Davis in his arms and rested his (Davis) head on his shoulder.

"Let's go" I said.

He nodded and we headed out. It didn't take long before we arrived  back where he parked his car, he laid Davis on the backseat.

We both got in the driver's seat and passenger seat respectively, he started the car and sent it into the road.

After a few minutes of silence, a very important rule in Mike's kitchen dawned on me.

"Arthur, can you please take Davis with your office?" I asked him.

"Why?" He asked.

It seemed as if he also suddenly just remembered the rule too, as realization flashed in his eyes.

"Oh, right, you can't bring him with you to work" he said.

"Please take him with you" 

He sighed.

"I can't take him, I'll be heading to the airport immediately I drop you off"

I frowned.


"Yeah, I'm leaving for Japan, the trip came so sudden.. I got to know about it just few minutes ago" he said.

"Oh" I sighed. "I guess I'll just have to plead with Elvis" I said.

Elvis is not the problem, it's Thanatos... I don't want him to get any chance with Davis.

"Are you gonna miss me?" Arthur asked.

I nodded. "Of course"


I rolled my eyeballs.

"How many days are you staying?" I asked him.

He twisted his lips and shook his head. "I'm not sure.. but since you're gonna miss me, I'll try my best to come back soon"

I simply nodded. "Safe trip then"

"Thanks, bae" he replied.

Now that Arthur is traveling, I'm gonna have some hard time..you know, cooking for Davis after closing from work and getting home late...feeling all tired and sleepy.

Ah! I'll just have to manage and adjust my time. We continued the rest of the ride in silence.


"Alright, safe trip and call me when you arrive Japan" I told Arthur.

I'm currently carrying Davis in my arms, we've gotten out of Arthur's car..and Davis is awake already.


He turned his gaze to Davis and waved at him, Davis returned it too.

"Love you, champion" he told him 

"Love you too" Davis replied. 

Arthur started his car and drove off, while I turned around and headed into Mike's kitchen. 

Adele rushed to us when she saw me coming with Davis, she kissed Davis forehead and Davis quickly wiped it off.

"Cooties!" He said and glared at Adele.

Adele simply rolled her eyeballs at him, which Davis scoffed at.

"What happened? Why didn't you hand him over to Arthur? What if Elvis sees him?" She asked. 

She looked around, searching if Elvis is nearby.

"You know the rules here, workers aren't allowed to bring their kids to work" she said.

I glanced around and found an empty table.

"Let's go over there, my arms are getting tired" I told her.

We headed towards the table, I sat Davis on a chair and sat on the chair next to him.. he began to look around in amazement.

"Momma, it's beautiful" he said, referring to the decorations in the restaurant.

"Yes, baby" I replied him.

Then turned back to Adele, who's been vigilant, watching if Elvis is coming.

"I wanted to leave him under Arthur's care, but unfortunately Arthur's going on a business trip to Japan" 

Adele snapped her head towards me at once.

"He's going to Japan?"


She scoffed and leaned back on her chair, she released a sigh.

"That's good, I won't get to see his annoying face for sometime" she said.

I mentally facepalm myself and rolled my eyeballs, why can't she just say she's gonna miss him?

"Aren't you gonna miss him?" I teased her.

"Nope, never" she replied.

She's in denial, self-denial.

"Right, my idol called you to his office... " 

Oh boy! I have been waiting for her to ask me this since I came back from Thanatos office, I knew she wouldn't let it slip.

She smiled and wagged her eyebrows at me. 

"... what did you two talked about? Did you two have a hot make out session and reconcile? Or did you two...."

She trailed off and giggled, blushing slightly.. I knew she's thinking about something dirty now.

"Did you two have a hot and rough reconciliation s£x?"

I slammed my hands on Davis ears, covering them from hearing her.

"Adele, there's a kid here" I scolded her.

She stared at Davis a few seconds and rolled her eyeballs.

"Oh, spare me that, look at his handsome face...that's the face of a heartbreaker" she said.

"My son is not gonna be a heartbreaker" I rebuked her playfully.

"Mm-mm, tell that to the girls whose heart he's gonna break in the future" she said.

I laughed, but one thing I'm sure of, Davis is not gonna be a heartbreaker... I'll try my best to make him a very discipline man.

"But tell me, was there a hot make out session?" She asked again.

About hot make out session.. Thanatos and I did kiss, but I don't know if we can call it a hot make out session. 

A smile tugged my lips, when I reminisced how he possessively planted his lips on mine.. how his soft lips were moving against mine.

"Ah, you're smiling! Something happened!" She exclaimed, quietly though so as not to attract people's attention.

I quickly wiped off the smile of my face.

"Nothing happened"

"Oh, tell that to your blushing face" she said.

My hands moved to my face as if I can actually see the blush. 

"Nothing happened, I swear" I denied firmly.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah.. I mean, what could possibly happen between me and a man who I hated most?" I asked with a serious expression.

She thought about it and nodded.

"That's a fair point"

I breath in relief when she bought that lie, if I tell her Thanatos and I kissed.. she'd tease me with it for months.

"So... Why did he called you in, cause I'm pretty sure he's not gonna fire you"

"Well, he explained what actually happened back then and why he had to leave"

"Oh.. so, what do you think? Is he at fault?"

I shook my head.

"From his explanation, he didn't had a choice.. he was forced to leave".

"Now do you still blame him?" She asked.

"No, it's not entirely his fault. If I hadn't left Mexico that day, we wouldn't have been separated for years"

I shouldn't have left abruptly, but I thought he was never coming back.

"So... does this means you've forgiven him?" She asked again.

"I guess" I shrugged.

"Then, are you two together again?"

"No! That would never happen again, never ever!"

Adele frowned. "Why?"

"The love is gone!"

Her eyes narrowed, she tilted her head and sets her lips on thin lines.

"Are you sure it's really gone? Then why aren't you in another relationship already?"

I didn't reply her question, cause I don't even know how to answer them.

"Arthur... I know he has a thing for you, no, I know Arthur is madly in love with you...if your love for Davis father is gone, why haven't you accepted Arthur yet?" 

I looked away from her, my eyes landed on some random persons.

"Jas, stop denying it, you're still in love with him.. you're just being mad at him... "

"No, Adele" I cut her off. "I know what I'm feeling for him right now, it's nothing but hatred.. deep hatred"

"Jas... "

"Don't try to brainwash me I to thinking I still love him. I hate him and that's a fact!"

I don't know if I have actually forgiven him as I claim to.. but I'm very sure he doesn't have a chance with me anymore.

Not when I've already gotten used to being alone!

"Adele, what are you doing sitting here?!" A very familiar voice asked.

I tensed and I leaned towards Davis, I hugged him to myself as if I can hide him that way. 

"It's Elvis" Adele said.

"Tell me something I don't know" I replied and she pushed my head gently.

"Quick, hide under the table" she suggested.

I quickly jumped off the chair, almost knocking it off in the process.. I pulled Davis with me and we squat under the table.

Davis looked at me, there's a cute frown on his face.

"Why are we hiding, momma?" He asked.

"shh" I hushed him.

His hands quickly flew to his mouth, as he raised his eyebrows.

"We're playing hide and seek" I told him.

He breaks into a smile and put a finger on his lips, telling me not to make any sound. 

Elvis legs stopped by the table, he cleared his throat.

"Adele, I see you're so free, huh?" 

"No, I was feeling dizzy, so I decided to take a break" Adele said.

"Hmm" Elvis simply hummed. "Where's your accomplice?" He asked.

"My accomplice? I don't know what you're talking about" Adele denied.

"Oh, really. Well, I guess she can hear me from under the table!" He banged on the table.

I flinched and Davis burst into laughter, I slapped my hand on his mouth to silent him.. but it's too late.

Elvis pushed the table and we're exposed to him, I got up and laughed nervously.

"Hi... Elvis" I said.

His eyes moved to Davis who I'm hiding behind me.

"He's your son?" He asked.

"Yeah, he's such a cutie, isn't he" I said, praising Davis in hopes of him letting Davis stay.

He stared at Davis a few moments and nod.

"You can rest here with him for a while, I'll call for you when we're short of waitresses" he said.

My mouth fell opened, am I dreaming? Is Elvis making an exception for my son?

Wait.. does he know Davis is Thanatos son? Is that why he's making an exception?

I shook my head, it can't be.. he doesn't know. 

"You" he pointed at Adele. "Come with me!" He said and walked away.

Adele sighed and passed me a smile. "It's great being the wife of a billionaire CEO" she said and rushed after him.

The wife of a billionaire CEO? Me? I wish!

"Momma, I'm hungry" Davis said.

That's when I remembered the glucose nurse Monica asked me to give him when he wakes up.

"Ok, come with me, momma will order something for you" I said.

I'll just order for a hamburger, since that's the cheapest food here.

But I'm shocked to see Adele and other waitresses approaching us with different dishes..I frowned and wonder what's going on.

"Wow! Momma, so much food!" David exclaimed happily when he saw the dishes being arranged on the table.

"Adele, what's going on?" I asked.

She shrugged.

"I don't know, Elvis simply ordered me to bring them here" she said.

"Then take them back, I don't have money to pay for all this" 

"Nope, I'm afraid we can't" she said and winked at me.

They all left before I could question them more or ask them to take the dishes back...but before they left, they were giving me weird glances.

What's going on? I wondered.

I just sat on a chair and stared at the food in front of me, Davis tapped me and I gave him my attention.

"Momma, can we eat now?" He asked.

My eyes glanced around, almost everyone is staring at me.

"No, we don't know where they came from" I told him.

He sat back on his chair and pouted. Just then, Adele came back and started eating.

"Adele, you..."

"Don't ask, just eat!" She cut me off.

I narrowed my eyes as it all suddenly clicked, I think I know who's behind this... it's Thanatos!

"Thanatos!" I banged on the table and Adele laughed.

"Oh, you finally figured it out" she said.

"Why did he ordered for so much food, I was told to go pick up Davis from school because of indigestion..."

My eyes roamed the table, does he wants to kill my son?! 

"Adele, watch Davis, I'll be right back" I said.

I got up and marched towards Thanatos office, he's gonna get it hot from me.


(When the Love is gone )

Episode 9


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Thanatos pov 👙

            Thanatos office!!

Clark kept glancing every minute, as if he's wait for someone to come in... 

There's a smirk on his lips, which made me frowned deeply. 

Clark doesn't normally keep smug expressions, I do..then what is he smirking about? 

"Are you sure sending her varieties of dishes..."

"Calm down, she's gonna be so moved, she's gonna realize how much you care about them" he said.

I frowned.

"Are you sure?" I asked again.

He nodded and glanced at the door again, he stared at his wrist watch.

"Jasmine is already mad at me as it is, I don't wanna do something that will anger her more"

"This is a plan well thought, perfectly organized and directed by me... be ready to thank me later" he said.

I leaned back on my chair, I rest my elbow on the table and rubbed my forehead.

The scene from this morning at Davis school kept replaying in my head, making me angrier and ready to stab that unorganized f**kard to death.

He's lucky he's someone of great importance to Jasmine!

"10.. 9.. 8.. 7... " I heard Clark counting.

While counting, he's slowly shaking his glass of champagne in his hand.

"Why are you counting?" I asked.

He didn't respond, he simply held up his hand like he's telling me to wait.. his smirk grew bigger.

"... 3.. 2.. 1"

Immediately he said one, the door burst open and a very angry.. no, furious Jasmine stood by the door.

"What did you made me do?" I whispered to him.

"Nothing, just something that will improve and save your relationship your beloved" he leaned forward and whispered back.

"You've messed up everything!" I whispered back to him, in a hoarse voice.

Clark completely misunderstood the original meaning of what I told him.. he just made me add fuel to a dying fire.

"Why aren't you happy?" He asked me.

My gaze moved to Jasmine and I wished I could just shrink.. or disappear from here.

"Go on, go get your woman"

"You mean her?" I gestured at Jasmine.

Clark turned back and saw Jasmine glaring daggers at us, her eyes held death in them.. and I could hear them promising to kill me right now.

"Ha-ha, Thana, I think... " he trailed off.

He turned back to me, he gulped down the remaining champagne in his glass.. and gently put down the glass. 

".. this wasn't the result I was expecting. You're on your own now, I should be on my way"

"You..." I didn't get to finish my words before he dashed out, leaving me alone with Jasmine.

"B-baby, you're here" I stuttered...

Next time, I'm not gonna listen to Clark's so called perfect plan! I promised myself in regret.


Jasmine's pov 👙

Everyone was just staring at me as I stormed towards Thanatos office..I mean who wouldn't stare at you in a situation like mine.

He just put me in the spotlight.

I arrived at Thanatos office, I pushed the door open and stepped in.. I'm very angry right now.

He's talking with his friend when I barged in, so I just stood by the door with anger radiating off me.

He looked shocked when he saw me, then he leaned closer to his friend and whispered something to him.

"Go on, go get your woman" I heard Clark say.

I narrowed my eyes, is this a planned work? A planned work to embarrass me?

Clark turned to face me after Thanatos told him something, his eyes even grew bigger than Thanatos'.

He turned back and whispered something to Thanatos, he got up and rushed out.. Thanatos pointed an accusing finger at him.


He cut himself off when he met my gaze.. he gave me a nervous smile.

"B-baby, you're here" he stuttered.

"What is your problem? Do you derive joy from embarrassing me?" I asked.

He stared at me as if he doesn't know what I'm talking about, I he got up and walked towards me.

"W-what do you mean?" He asked.

"What was all that food about? Did I complain to you that I'm short of money and I can't feed my son?"

He frowned shortly and shook his head.

"Or do you think I'm too poor and we're starving?"

"No, baby, that's not my intention, I..."

"Thanatos!" I cut him off. "I told you before, you can't just show up from nowhere and invade our lives!"

"Baby, I'm just... I just care about Davis and... "

I scoffed loudly and he swallowed his words, I stared at him unbelievably.

"Care about him? Do you know why I had to go get him back from school so early?"

He opened his mouth to speak, but one glare from me made him shut up.

"He had indigestion and vomited all his breakfast.. now you're bringing so much food to him? Why? To cause him another indigestion?"

He took few steps closer to me, but I made him stopped at a reasonable distance.

"Baby, calm down. You know, I've missed out on five years of Davis life..."

I rolled my eyeballs at that statement. Who's to blame for that?

"...now that I'm back, I just wanted to care for him to..maybe my approach was wrong, but I'm willing to learn if you wanna teach me...I just wanna be a good father to him..."

Listening to his words, I felt guilt hit me and I felt as if I'm being too harsh on him..or overly dramatic.

"... please, I'm begging you, teach me to be a good father to him" he pleaded.

"Don't worry about being a good father to him, he never knew you" I said.

He nodded.

"Yes, I know...but you can make him know me, introduce me to him and I promise I'll try my best to be a good dad"

"Thanatos, there'll be no need for that, we're fine being on our own"

His expression changed, he looked kinda hurt but I don't care.

"Please, stop doing things that you think is right, you're just making it worse... don't care about us, ok?"

He frowned.

"Baby, why aren't you giving me any chance? I thought you've forgiven me?"

I tilted my head.

"Forgiven you? It's easier said than done...I said I have forgiven but I just can't seem to forget all I went through!"

He showed up yesterday, explained some things to me which I don't know if are true...and expect me to forgive him?

What about those cold, rainy nights I spent alone? What about when I was facing life and death in the labour room? 

"Please, stop interfering in our lives... We'll let you know when we need you!" I said and turned around to leave.

But he caught my hand and pulled me back, I stared at him with a deep scowl.

Then I saw a lone tear runs down his cheek, I blinked.. is he crying? Why?

I didn't say anything wrong right?  I simply just spoke what I feel, he...

"Baby, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry!"


He pulled me into a hug, I tried to move away from him but he held me tightly... soon, my body started shaking and I heard him... sobbing?

"It took me so much efforts to find you, now that I've found you.. please give me a chance..." 

"I told you, you came back too late.. there's no more chance for you"

"No, I don't agree with that... "

"You have to, Thanatos, I have moved on and you should too"

He shook his head.

"That's not true, you still love me as much as I love you"

I scoffed.

"I don't, I have a boyfriend now...I kissed him in front of you, what other proof do you need"

"You kissed him to get me to make me jealous, you still love me.. just give me a chance"

Why is he being stubborn? I don't want to come back together with him.. I can't trust him with my heart again.

"What do you want me to say? That I hate you? That seeing your disgusting face makes me nauseous?"

He pulled away from the hug, but doesn't let me go, held my shoulders and stared in my eyes.

He smiled. "You don't mean those words, you just want me to give up on you and I would never"

"I mean every word I said, I don't love you anymore.. the love is long gone!"

He shut his eyes briefly.

"What if I prove to you that you still love?"

I shook my head and struggled to get away from his grip, but couldn't.

"There's nothing there to prove, I know what I'm feeling right now, don't confuse my feelings"

"I'm not gonna confuse your feelings, I just want you to see things clearly"

"But... "

I choked on my words, when he wrapped his arms around my waist.. and pulled me flushed against him. 

"What_are_you_doing?" I muffled out.

I bite his lower lip very hard, hoping he'd break the kiss but he didn't.. it only made him pulled me impossibly closer and increased his pace.

This is the second time he's kissing me just this morning.. even though it's my intention to push him away.. I just can't seem to do it.

His kiss wasn't slow and passionate this time, it's rough and hunger filled.

He eating my lips as if he's just given a food he's been deprived of.. was he kiss-starved?

Isn't he a playboy who's been making the headlines with different girls? 

While different thoughts were running in my head, I lost myself...I didn't even realize when I gave in to the kiss and started kissing him back. 

True to his words, he's trying to prove that I still love him.

I wanted to keep up with his pace but I just couldn't, he's kissing me so fast.. rough.. hungrily.. that I had to give up and surrender to him.

His tongue nudge my teeth, asking for permission to enter my mouth...I granted him permission and he shoved his tongue in my mouth, licking and exploring my mouth. 

He's got me so indulged in his kiss. If not for my back hitting a soft surface, I wouldn't know he's moving me all these while.

He laid me on my back on a sofa bed, not breaking the kiss.. my left arm wrapped around his neck and my right hand fondles with his shirt buttons. 

Our breaths even and goes in a rhyme.

He lift himself slightly and still doesn't break the kiss, not as if I wanted him to break it either.

I missed his lips... That's a fact I can't deny!

He took off his jacket and tossed it randomly, his hand cupped my breasts through my uniform and he groped them softly.

I closed my eyes as a soft moan escaped my throat, he took this as an approval and raised my gown slightly.

His right hand slide under my gown and he grabbed my breast, he gave it a squeeze as he moved his lips away from mine.

He trailed kisses along my jawline, down to my neck.. his hot breaths fanned my neck.

He kissed a spot behind my ear and I shivered, then he focused on that particular spot.

I bite my lower lip and closed my eyes, as I let pleasure flow through my veins.

He trailed kisses along my collarbone, down to my chest...

Meanwhile, his hand under my gown has successfully unhooked my bra.

His hand grabbed my bare breast, that's when I'm suddenly aware of what's going on.

Thanatos and I are having a very heated make out session.. but how did we ended up doing it?

Last thing I remembered was I struggling to get away from him.. when and how did I ended up kissing and romancing him back?

I mentally facepalm myself, this is the second time this morning.. this is the second time he's kissing me today.

Jasmine, Jasmine, what are you doing? How can you let a man who left for five years kiss and romance you just like that?

Well, I kinda enjoyed it too.

His lips stopped between my breasts, I quickly regained consciousness and pushed him away from me with all my might.

I got up and quickly adjust my gown, and hooked my bra.. I wiped my lips and glared at him.

"You pervert! You seduced me again!" I accused him.

"No, I didn't, I just proved to you that you still love me" he replied.

He stepped closer to me, but I took three steps back.

"You didn't prove anything, you simply just took advantage of me!"

"Baby, give us a chance"

"I can't! Stay away from Davis and I" I said and wanted to walk out, but his next words stopped me.

"If you don't love me anymore, then why did you let me kiss you? Why did you let me romance you?"

Yeah.. why did I let him?

"If you don't love me anymore, why did you kiss me back?"

I turned to him.

"Kissing and romancing someone doesn't mean they have feelings for you.. don't get it twisted"

"No, you are denying it"

I scoffed.

"There's nothing there to deny!"

He wanted to speak but I didn't give him any chance to..I continued talking.

"What about those call girls, they kiss and romance different men everyday.. does that mean they love those men?"

"Baby, that's different from us, I... "

"It's not different, just take me as one of those call girls and stop bothering me!" I yelled in his face.

I turned and head towards the door, I don't understand what happened...next thing I knew was the button of my dress falling off.. one after the other.

My mouth fell open as my dress open, revealing my blue bra and matching panty.

I turned slightly and saw Thanatos holding my dress, I frowned.

He quickly let go of it and rushed in front of me, his eyes scanned me from head to toes.. before his eyes comes back up and settled on my chest.

"I.. I.. don't..." He stuttered.

I frowned and covered myself when I realized his eyes are glued to my chest.

"Why are you covering it? I've seen it before.. you know, five years ago"

"Yeah.. five years ago they aren't as full and round like this!" I retorted.

He nodded wordlessly, his eyes still fixed on my chest. I looked down at myself and groaned.

"Look at what you've done, how can I go out in this? What will people think if they see me leaving your office like this?" I complained.

"I didn't mean to tear you dress, I just... You can just wear my shirt and...."

"Stop talking, please!" I growled at him.

I walked away from him to a corner and reached for my phone in my pocket... I dialed Adele's number..

He wanted to come over to where I am, but I stopped him with a glare. 

"Hey! Jas, what's up?"

I eyed Thanatos accusingly, wondering how to start telling her about my present predicament. 

"Are you still there, Jas?" Adele asked.

"Yeah, er..." I cleared my throat. "C-can you get my clothes from the locker room?" 

"Your clothes?" She asked.

I can hear Davis talking in the background, but I didn't listen to his blabbering.

"Yeah" I replied.

"Why do you need your clothes? We aren't closed yet, you still need your uniform"

D*mn you Adele! She wanna make me say it.

"Er.. something happened and..I lost all the buttons..."

She gasped loudly, cutting me off.

"You lost all your buttons?! What exactly happened in there?!" 

"Nothing hap... "

"Oh my God! I didn't know you'd both advance to that stage so quick! You're gonna give Davis a sister so soon?!"

Great! Just great, I'm not gonna see this end of this today.

"You're gonna tell me everything that happened in there, every detail"

"Just go get my clothes, please" I said and hanged up.

I glared at Thanatos, but he's just leaning against his desk.. smirking at me. 

Maybe I did something wrong in my past life, that made God send Thanatos to be my nemesis!

(When the Love is gone )

Episode 10


Written by: Racheal Dennis.


Jasmine's pov 👙

              Thanatos' office.

There's a knock on the door, my heart almost ripped off my chest.

My eyes did a quick scan looking for somewhere to hide, not being able to fine any place to hide.. I dashed under the table.

Hmm...I've been dashing under the table a lot today.

Thanatos squats to my level, there's a small frown on his face.

"Why are you hiding? Aren't you expecting your friend to bring in your clothes?" He asked.

I blinked, right, I did told Adele to bring in my clothes.

"But what if she isn't the one at the door, I can't let someone else see me like this in your office"

He tilted his head, as if he doesn't understand what I mean.

"What's gonna happen if they see you?" He asked.

I gave him a "really?" look, is that a question he's supposed to be asking me? Isn't the answer obvious?

"Eish! You're so dumb! Of course, they'll gossip about it!" I said.

"Oh, right" 

He got up and sat on his chair, he looked down at me again and smirked mischievously.

"Do you know you can to a lot of things staying under this table?"


"Like giving me a blowjob.. a nice blowjob"

I narrowed my eyes, since when does he has the audacity to flirt with me like this?!

Since you let him kiss and romance you.. my subconscious mind told me.

"Come on, baby, give it a try" 

"Give what a try?"

He wagged his brows.

"Give me a sneaky blowjob" he said.

My eyes moved to his zipper and I imagined the size of his d**k.. or you can say, I try to recall the size.

In my memory he's ok, he's not too big or too small.. he was just the perfect size for me, but I don't know of now.

Maybe my preferences have change, maybe I'll like someone bigger than him.

"Are you thinking about the size of my d**k?" 


"What's huh? I can show you to stop your imagination.. I can show you if you wanna see it"

Hmm, I really wanna see it, it's been long. I wanna see if he's still the same or if he's grown bigger, but...

"Have you no shame? How can you talk so vulgarly?" I asked.

He chuckled.

"You're my son's mother, my girlfriend.. what should I be ashamed of?" He asked me back.

I grabbed a flesh of his arm and pinched him so hard.

"I'm not your girlfriend, you..."

The knock came again interrupting me. I released him quickly and stomped on his right foot.

"Get the door!" I growled lowly.

Thanatos hissed from pain, you know, I just stomped on his foot.

"Baby, you're cruel" he grunted out.

There's a knock again, this time it's louder than before. I guess whoever is behind the door thought there's no one inside.

"Come in!" He snapped at the person.

I heard the door pushed open and heard footsteps approaching Thanatos table.

From the from the sound, rhyme and pace, I can already guess it's Adele.. I wanted to rush out, but stopped.

What if it's not her?

"Oh, you're here" Thanatos said like it's someone he's expecting.

That's when I heard her giggling, it's Adele..she must be giggling because he spoke to her.

I quickly wanna come out of hiding, but Thanatos pushed me back.

I frowned, wondering why he's pushing me back.

"Mr O'Briens, I.. Jasmine..."

Adele is stuttering? Since when does she stutters when she speaks? She never stutter, she's a miss perfect.

"Jasmine is under my desk, you..."

Adele gasped loudly. "Under your desk?!"

I sighed and rolled my eyeballs, I know what's going through her mind now abd trust me, she's gonna say it.

"You mean, Jas is giving you a..."

"Adele, drop the d*mn clothes and go back to my son!" I yelled before she would finish her words.

"Right, I should excuse you, enjoy yourself" she giggled, then I heard her footsteps running away.

I made sure she's gone, before coming out of hiding and stretch my stiff neck gently.

"I guess I like your friend already" Thanatos said.

"You like my friend?"


He likes my friend? In what way? Romantic way or... the thought seem to anger me.

I snatched my clothes from the chair, where Adele had thrown them.

"Then go be with her, tell her you like her and be with her!" I snapped at him.

He got up and walked towards me, but I stopped him with a raise of my hand.

"I like her doesn't mean I wanna be with her, you're the one I want" he said.

"Well, sorry to burst your bubble.. I'm not interested" I told her.

"I know, but I'm gonna keep disturbing you, until you're interested" he replied. 

He should keep on dreaming, at least you can do anything in your dreams.

"Show me to the bathroom" I said.

"You can change in front of me" his eyes scanning me.

"Change in front of you?"

"Yeah, and I'll so much enjoy the view"

He's such a shameless flirt! I shouldn't be wasting my time arguing with him.

"Are you gonna show me to the bathroom or not?" I asked sternly.

"There!" He pointed to a door.

Without saying a thank you, I walked towards it.


I smiled in satisfaction, when I stared at myself in the mirror.. good as new.

I stepped out, Thanatos is leaning against the wall near the bathroom.. which made me frown.

"What are you doing here?" I asked. 

"This is my office" he replied.

"I mean, here" I gesture at the bathroom.

"Oh, I just wanted to tell you, you can take rest of the day off"

"Why do I need to take the rest of the day off?" I asked.

"You know, Davis is supposed to be resting and..."

"I can manage"

"But... "

"Thanatos, I told you not to worry about us.. I came here to work, please let me do it" 

Without giving him any chance to speak, I headed towards the door and pushed it open.. then stepped out.

"So.. what happened in there?"

"Aaah!" I jumped in fright.

I gave her a glare, she lifted herself off the wall and started following me.

"Did you two had s£x? Or just a very hot make out session?"

Not wanting to answer any of her questions, I flicked her head and she groaned.

"Where's Davis?" I asked, quickly changing the topic.

I know if I don't change the topic, we won't be seeing the end of it today.

"Davis.. oh, right, you suddenly called me and asked me to bring in your clothes.. I got too excited and I left him there"

I stopped walking and glared at her. Did she just implied that she forgot my son? She forgot a whole human being?

"You left him there?!" She nodded. "With all those food?" She nodded again.

Not knowing what to say or do to her, I increased my pace and in no time I'm standing in front of Davis.

He sat quietly on his chair, he rested his head on the table and playing with his fingers.

"Davis?" I called.

He turned to face me, a bright smile appeared on his face when he saw me.

"Momma!" He exclaimed.

He got up and hugged me, I squat to his level, I reached for a tissue and wiped his mouth.

"Momma, where did you go?" He asked me.

Adele slumped on a chair and sighed loudly, which caught Davis attention.

"Your momma went to get your baby sister" she said.

I scoffed mentally, if only she knew I might not be able to get pregnant ever again.

"Baby sister?" Davis asked me happily.

"Yes, she... "

"No" I cut her off. "Don't listen to aunt Adele"

"No baby sister?" He asked. 

I shook my head and Davis's face fell, the smile on his face wiped off.

"Momma will give you a baby sister later, just pray to God.. tell him to be kind to your momma, ok?"

He nodded and he smiled again, I leaned forward and kissed his forehead.

My eyes goes back to the table.

"Did you eat anything while your aunt Adele and I aren't here?" I asked him.

"No, I'm full" he said.

I nodded, Adele must have made him eat more than enough food to last him four days famine. 

"Adele, please get some waitress to clear the table" I said. 

Adele nodded and rushed off somewhere.


The rest of the day went in a blur, there weren't any rush today so I didn't do anything...and Thanatos didn't bother me.

Although, he'd sometimes come down and watch Davis playing in  a corner.

Now it's time to go home, which I'm very happy about... I quickly gathered our stuff.

I flung my bag over my shoulder and wore Davis his backpack. We're heading for the exit, when Adele met us.

"Y'all going home without me?" She said and collected Davis backpack from him.

Davis stretched his body and smiled, then looked up at her. "Thank you, aunt" he thanked her.

Adele bent slightly and kissed the middle of his head.

"Anything for my champion" she said.

I rolled my eyeballs.

"Adele, you and Arthur are just making a lazy boy out of him.. at least let him carry his backpack" 

Adele straightened up and laughed, she shook her head.

"He's just five, you can't make a man out of him now" she replied.

We stepped out of Mike's kitchen and headed left, there's a bus stop a few meters ahead... we're gonna be taking the bus today.

"I guess you don't have money to board a cab today" Adele said.

I nodded. "You know me too well"

She laughed, few steps away from the bus stop, she signaled me to stop and I did.

"Let's take a cab, I'll pay" she said.

"Well, I can never say no to free stuffs" I said. 

A cab was coming up ahead, she reached out to stop it but it's already on board.. so it didn't stop.

"You were rushing out earlier, are you trying to escape from my idol?" She asked.

"Yes, and please don't mention him now.. I've had enough dosage of him today"

"Oh?" She stared at me suspiciously. "I knew something happened in that office.. "

I wanted to say something to defend myself, but she held up her hand to stop me.

"...but don't worry, I'm not gonna ask. Just know this.. whatever you try to do in the dark, the repercussions always comes out in the open.."

"What are you taking about? What repercussions?"

She gestured her hand over her stomach, as if she's trying to describe something.. I tilted my head in confusion.

"What are you trying to say?" I asked.

"What you and my idol are doing in the dark, will eventually results to a nine months.." she purposely coughed to stop herself.

Then it clicked in my head, I shudder.

"I wish it'll result to nine months, but that's an realistic dream for me.. nine months is an experience I'm never gonna experience ever again" I said in a low tone.

If I eventually fall in love again and get married, I pray my husband would be very understanding and won't have to taunt me for being barren.

Adele noticed my change of tone and quickly changed the topic.

"Why were you running away from my idol?" She asked.

"Nothing, I just don't want him to see me leave" 

He might persuade me to come with him in his car, which of course I wouldn't agree to.. and that might result to something else.

Hmm.. something else, the scene from his office flooded my mind but I quickly waved it off.

"I think you should give him a chance..."

A sudden thunderbolt interrupted her, we both raised our heads and studied the clouds.. we're surprised to see very dark clouds moving in the sky.

"What? Don't tell me it's about rain now!" I said.

"Hmm, I won't tell cause it's obvious, a very heavy rain is coming" Adele replied.

I shiver as I felt a gush of cold breeze blew past me, even Davis shiver too and he quickly embraced me.

"Are you sure we're gonna get a cab in time before it rains?" I asked.

Adele stared at the road and shook her head. "I don't think so"

"This is bad, I can't let Davis stay under...."

A honking sound cut me off, I raised my head and saw a car with tinted windows stopped in front of us.

"Do you know who's inside?" I asked Adele.

She sighed dreamily and flipped her hair.

"It's your sweet baby daddy, of course" she said.

Just at that moment, the driver's door open and Thanatos stepped out.. he walked to us.

"Hi" Adele greeted him.

He smiled at her and waved her back. "Hi"

Adele giggled happily and she couldn't even hide her joy, I rolled my eyeballs..I wonder what's so great about saying "hi" to him.

"Come on, I'll give you guys a ride" he said, glancing at Davis with a smile.

This is the closest he's being with Davis so far.

"No, thank you, we're good" I said.

Adele stopped giggling and turned to me.

"No, we're not good. Do you want to keep Davis and wait for the rain?" She asked.

"We'll get a cab soon" I said.

Thanatos looked at the road, then back at me.. he raised an eyebrow.

"I don't see any cab coming" 

"It'll come soon, just..."

Another thunderbolt, even louder than the first, interrupted me and Davis flinched.. he hugged my waist tighter.

"Jas, don't try to be stubborn, we should go with him now before it's too late" Adele said.

It's getting darker with every passing minute.

"Come on, Davis is already catching a cold" she added.

My eyes moved down and truly Davis is shivering, I squat to his level and saw his teeth shaking already.


"Momma, it's cold" he said.

I clenched my jaw, I don't wanna go with Thanatos.

"Baby, let's go" Thanatos said.

"Jas, this is not the time to be stubborn, let's just go with him.. you can continue giving him the cold shoulder later" Adele urged me.

I sighed deeply. Davis is already catching a cold as it is, and besides, it wouldn't hurt if I let Davis go home with him.. they're father and son after all.

"Fine!" I said and got up. "You can take Davis with you"

Thanatos frowned.

"What about you?" He asked.

"I'll wait for a cab" 

"But... "

"Take Davis with you now, before I change my mind and don't let you take him" I said.

As if I can bear to make Davis wait here with me, but it's not bad if I use him to blackmail Thanatos.

He nodded and quickly grabbed Davis's hand, but Davis snatched his hands away.

"Momma" Davis called me.

I squat to his level again, I caressed his cheek.

"Go with aunt Adele, I have some stuff to do here.. I'll come home later, ok?"

He didn't give me any response, he simply stared at me as if I'm abandoning him.

"I'll buy your favorite candy?"

"Really?" He asked.

"I promise" I raised my hand up.

He smiled and kissed my cheek.

"I love you, momma"

"Momma, loves you too, baby" I replied.

He kissed my cheek again, before he went to Adele and grabbed her hand.

"Let's go" he yelled happily. 

"Take care of him" I told Adele and straighten up.

Adele sighed. "You're being overly stubborn" she said before walking towards the backseat with Davis.

She opened the backseat and made Davis sit down, then went to the passenger seat and slide in.

Thanatos stared at me with pleading eyes, but I looked away from his eyes.

"I'll wait for you at home" he said and head towards his car.

He got into the driver's seat, I saw Davis waving at me with a big smile.. I waved him back and soon the car drove off.

I waved him until Thanatos car was out of sight.. my shoulders slumped down.

"When is a cab gonna come!" I grumbled. 

The road is void of any cars, hmm, I guess I'll just board whichever comes first.. cab or bus!


Thanatos pov 👙

I took a glance of my son through the rearview mirror, he's trying to rearrange a puzzle.

There's a small frown on his face, when he realized he's not being able to arrange it.

I laughed, it's such a simple puzzle.. but he's just five and at his age, it's normal he finds it difficult.

"Mr O'Briens, I can see you love Davis already" Jasmine's friend said.

"Yeah, he's just as cute as I when I was a kid" I replied.

She turned back and glanced at him, she turned back to look forward.

"Do you really love Jasmine that much?" She asked me.

"Of course" 

There's a brief silence.

My mind goes back to Jasmine, she must still be standing in the cold trying to hail a cab.. what if it starts to rain, there's no shelter there. 

Maybe I should turn back and forcefully get her to come with us.

"You must be thinking of going back and force her to come with us"

I frowned, how did she know what I'm thinking.

"It's written all over your face" she said. "Don't"

"Don't?" I asked and she nodded.

"Don't go back to get her, Jasmine is a very stubborn lady and once she's made up her mind about something.. nothing change her mind"

I find her words very true, she's even denying the fact that she still love me.

"Going back to forcefully make her come with you, will only anger her more"

She paused, while I wait eagerly to hear her suggestions.

"I don't know what happened between you and Jasmine, but one thing I know very well is.. she's been through hell.. when she first came to Las Vegas, she was a living dead.. so paled and thin.. "

"But she said Arthur has been there for her"

She nodded.

"Yes, Arthur was there for her, but you should have already known that Jasmine doesn't like accepting help from others.. she'd rather struggle alone with her problems than share it with anyone"

I slow down when I arrived at our street, I took a turn and continue driving.

"I know I made her suffer, but I'm here now to right my wrong but she's not even giving me the chance to"

"Yeah, I know how to earn her forgiveness quickly and make her accept you back in her life"

"How?" I asked and gave her a very attentive ear.

"Firstly, Jasmine values Davis a lot, she'd give up her life for him.. so, if you wanna impress her, then try impressing Davis first"

I turned slightly and looked at my son, he's still very focused on his puzzle.

"If you can make Davis fall in love with you, then consider yourself forgiven.. that's why Jasmine respects Arthur so much.. because Davis likes him"

Hmm.. I see, so I was right, they aren't dating. That's good.

"Secondly, when you're sure she's free around you, try to get her to calmly tell you about her experience the past five years.. if she can open up to you.. I swear, you can make a baby sister for Davis in no time"

I nodded.. I don't know if this is gonna work but it's far better than Clark's well organized plan.

"Thank you for enlightening me"

"Oh, it's fine... I also knows where she puts her spare key, if you know what I mean" she wagged her eyebrows at me.

I nodded. I wasn't wrong when I said I liked her.


Jasmine's pov 👙

Something wet dropped on my cheek and I looked up, oh, no! Don't tell me it's time to rain!

But I guess mother nature isn't happy with my stubborn attitude, before I could find shelter.. the rain started pouring heavily.

"Had I known, I would have gone with Thanatos!"

Now it's official, I'm gonna be walking home.. no cab driver or bus driver would wanna work under this downpour. 

"Jasmine, Jasmine, you caused this for yourself!" I scolded myself.