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{That changed everything ✓}
I got up on my feet and wiped my face with the back of my palms.
I walked to Betsy and this time she didn’t move from me. She just looked shocked and surprised but I could see a small smile on her lips but my mind was too clouded with what happened enough to comprehend why she was smiling softly.
“I’m sorry once again Betsy, I didn’t plan for any of this to happen. I really do not love Morgan. I don’t know why he chose to lie about this but I won’t force you to believe me. I’m just sorry okay.” I looked down all this time and when i looked up, my eyes hit the rack where I keep my car keys.
I strode to it and removed a random key. I’ll have to figure out later which car’s key I picked.
“Where are you going?”
Betsy asked when i got to the door. How’s it possible for her to still care after what happened?
“I’ll be fine.” I said and got out, banging the door behind me.
I didn’t know where to go but I know I have to get away from home.
After trying the keys on the five cars in my lot, i found the car. I entered briskly and pulled out of the garage and into the streets.
Why did Mergan do this to me? Why did he have to lie?
What did he gain by doing that?
Poor Betsy. I can’t shake away how disappointed her face looked. I can see how the tables have turned awfully on me. Exactly two weeks ago, Betsy was the one pleading for forgiveness but now it’s me.
How I wished she’ll just believe me on what am saying.
I can’t even get my head around why she’s not believing me. She knows me better than anyone else. She knows I can never hurt her intentionally so why can’t she just believe what I’m saying even if she won’t forgive me?
I closed my eyes for a bit but quickly opened it. Not because I was driving and that I almost just crashed into a car but because I saw Novan’s heartbroken face flash before my eyes.
I stopped the car and leaned my head on the headrest.
Events of the last two weeks popped into my mind and I’m reminded of how Novan was begging me to forgive him and how I didn’t believed him when he said he loves me. I didn’t believe him and I just kicked him out but I didn’t feel bad about it like I’m feeling now.
I’m reminded of the way, he kept on calling and texting me until I blocked his line. The way he kept coming even after I told him times without number to stay away from me. The way his lips felt against mine and how Mergan’s own was no where compared to his.
He said he did what he did because he loved me; he said he followed me all the way to ANU just so he could be close to me. He went as far as cooking for me just so I could give him a kiss every time. switching from Shane to Novan were all part.

I’ve come to realize he did all that just so he could be close to me. He went out of his way to be someone he isn’t all for me and it all make perfect sense but doesn’t make sense at the same time. I think he love me else who would’ve gone through all that trouble for nothing? Novan loves me. I can’t believe it but it’s real.
Why did I not notice all this time? He loves me but I just kept pushing him away all the time.
I don’t know why Mergan did what he did but it was because of it I was able to understand my feelings and pinpoint what I actually felt for Novan. It was also because of what he did that now I believe what Novan said. I got to know that he wasn’t lying to me and that he really loves me.
The damage is already done but I’m grateful to Mergan for making me understand all this through what he did.
And now I want to see him more than ever. I want to tell him that I’m sorry and tell him that I love him.
I just hope it’s not too late to tell him how sorry I am.
I started the car and stepped on to the road.
I wish I knew where he lived like I’ll just drive straight to his house but I don’t know it.
How do I get him now? I don’t even see him on campus anymore.
I decided to drive to where most of the parties are being held since today was Friday.
I turned around and drove in that direction.
After some minutes I arrived but stayed in the car and took a second to think about what I was about to do.
What if he’s not actually in there? What if he’s there and when I go he won’t like to see me? What happens after I tell him that I love him? Will things change or he’ll just ignore me and tell me that he was just joking and does not actually love me?
I hate that I don’t have an answer to any of those questions.
More importantly I’m scared that he’s going to reject me as a pay back for what I did to him. I’m afraid that when I enter, I’d find him and Aria again. If that happens I won’t be able to handle it.
Novan can be a jerk sometimes and he won’t hesitate to dish back what I threw at him previously.
What do I do now?
I hate how he clouds my mind and make me so unsure of myself.
Just when I decided to look out of the window, I saw a familiar car pulled up in front of mine.
My heart thumped when I saw him get out of the car then walk leisurely towards the way that lead to the back of the house.
He’s alone.
This is the right opportunity for me to talk to him.
I hope he listens to me else I don’t know.
I got out of my car and after breathing in and out, I followed him to the the back of the house.
I was trying not to make any noise and followed him with quiet steps.
Suddenly he stopped and I also did same.
He moved his head to look over his shoulders and I quickly hide behind something.
I feel like a stalking spy right now.
When he has gone far enough I came out of my hiding place and followed him.
He stopped again and turned sharply but I was fast this time also. The light at the back of the house was so dim that the moonlight brightened more.
I waited at my hiding place and after sometime, I came out but didn’t see him anywhere again.
Why was I even hiding when I was coming to talk to him?
I ran to the last end and saw a door which led to the building. I stood by the door frame and peeked Inside. The room was smoke filled as usual with drunk adults grinding into each other with red cups littered around.
When my eyes found Nina and of course Aria, I stepped back and turned around, leaning my back to the door frame.
“No! I can’t do this.” I muttered and took to my heels towards my car.
I stopped and panted when I got to my car. I don’t know why I’m feeling nervous about all this. It’s just Novan so why am I hesitating?
I started walking towards where I just came back from.
It’s now or never. I didn’t drive all the way here just to go back without accomplishing what I came to do.
“Novan is not a zombie.
I can face him.
Even if he rejects me I’ll take it and won’t complain, it’s better than not trying at all.” I said to myself and increased my pace.
When I got back to the door I stopped when I realized I had not practiced what to say to him.
I turned to leave again when I collided into someone. I stepped back to look at the person and gasped when I saw Novan.
He had his hands in his pocket as he stared straight at me.
I stared back at him without saying a word.
I wanted to think of what to say to him but having him stand so close to me got my mind blank. All I could think of is how the boy whom my heart has started beating for was looking dapper in just a plain white shirt and a black jeans with his usual boots. His hair has been smoothened back and his lower lip was captured between his teeth as he just stared at me as if waiting for me to say something and on the other hand, I was feeling like a thief who has been caught right in the act.
I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came so I closed it back. I tried again but I couldn’t say anything.
I gave up and tried to leave instead but he walked in front of me, blocking me.
I looked up at him and instantly got weak when he lift his perfect eyebrows at me then released his entrapped lips. The moonlight covered his face and I’m enthralled.
“What are you doing here?” His voice was so smooth.
“I..I..am going?” I cursed myself for stuttering.
” Where are you going?”
” Home.” I said quickly and looked down.
” What were you doing here?” He asked again.
Why did I even come here in the first place? The sight of him has wiped everything from my memory and i could hardly think. On top of it, my stupid heart was beating so much.
I looked around the place to get a clue as to why am here. I’m amazed that I didn’t see people at where we are. I guess they all prefer the front door.
“Pa.. party. I came to party.” I heard the faint music coming from the room.
I smiled foolishly at him and nodded.
“You came to party?”
I nodded.
“You told me you were going home.”
What?… I did?… Did I ?” I asked.
He nodded.
“Yes I did.” I said awkwardly when I remembered.
He’s just messing with my mind.
“But I actually came to the party.” I added to convince him.
” You came to party ?” His eyes swept me from top to down.
” Is this some kind of new trend that am not aware of?”
I didn’t understand what he said but I felt like I should say something so I did.
” Yes, I was bored so I came.”
“You party in unmatched baggy pajamas?” He asked.
“Huh?” I looked down and truly I was wearing one of my mum’s nightwear top and my dad’s sleeping trouser which was sweeping the floor and I was in my bedroom slippers. No one has to tell me how my face would look after all the crying I did and I’m sure my hair is looking like a bird’s nest on top of my head. I remember Morgan telling me I look like a wreck and i didn’t pay attention. I wish I did.
Whoa, Way to go Mariana. Who comes to a party in an oversized nightie and not any other nightie but unmatched night wears and bedroom slippers?
My cheeks heated and I couldn’t look up at him again.
“After you malady, everyone has been waiting for their jaws to drop low at just the sight of you.” He gestured towards the door.
He knew I was embarrassed and he’s just making it worse. This is what he always does.
“No.” I muttered.
“Why? Didn’t you come to party?”
“Just admit it, you were following me were you not?”
I shifted on my feet. So he saw me following him?
” You saw me?” I looked up at him.
” Why were you following me?”
“What gave it away?” I gave in.
“I saw your car and you were practically running around here.” He revealed.
My cheeks were burning so much that they can make popcorns.
“I knew you didn’t come to the party so tell me why you were here?”
“I came to see you.” I said and began to walk away.
” Why are you leaving then?” He followed me.
“Because I already did.” I said and stopped.
” You came to see me and just that?” He stand in front me.
” What did you expect?” I snapped but regretted and lightened it with a smile.
“Nothing, you look great.” He said with a smug expression and tottered off.
He always leave. Why?
Because I make him.
” I wanted us to talk!” I shouted after him and turned to see if he stopped.
He didn’t.
“Can you come over? Please.” I tried my luck again but he didn’t stop. I doubt if he even heard me.
I’m such a fool. He was here but I couldn’t say anything to him.
What an idiot I am. I always have the tendency of ruining everything. I could’ve told him why I was here but I didn’t.
I turned around and walked to my car. I kept looking back in case he changes his mind but he was already gone.
I hopped into my car and drove back to my apartment.
“Mandla!” I called when I got inside.
“I’m in the kitchen.” I walked to the kitchen and drank a glass of water.
“Is it not too late? You should go.”
” Are you alright?” She asked.
I sighed. She witnessed what happened so I expected her to ask me that.
” I’m good.” I said and walked out of the kitchen. ” I’m going to sleep so you should lock the door on your way out.”
“Okay. Goodnight.”
I got relieved when I reached the living room and didn’t see the duo.
I’m glad they left.
Once I got into the bedroom I removed my obnoxious clothes and threw them somewhere.
I took those clothes to wear them whenever am missing my parents but I didn’t intend to wear them outside for everybody to see.
After having a warm bath I wore my favorite nightie and lay in bed.
My mind drifts back to what transpired between Novan and i and I just can’t believe my going there didn’t yield any results.
I closed my eyes and succumbed to sleep. I’ve dealt with enough today, I’ll save the rest for tomorrow.
I wish I had not admitted to myself that I love him then i wouldn’t have gone to look for him.
I turned to the other side when I felt something brush my face lightly. It didn’t stop so I opened one eye.
What i saw made me close the eye back.
I opened the other one and it was still same.
I opened both eyes and saw him again.
“Novan?” I closed my eyes back.
” Open your eyes Mariana, I’m here.”
“Really? It has always been like this but it always a dream every time I wake up. This is just a dream. ”
“Just open your eyes, it’s not a dream. You told me to come over remember?”
“You see, this is all a dream. When I told him he didn’t hear, he just left. ”
” What do I do to make you believe that am here?”
“I’ll kiss you then.”
“No problem, i enjoyed it in my previous dream so I’m sure I’ll enjoy this one too.”
{That changed everything ✓}
“What? You have been dreaming about me?”
The bed dipped beside me.
” Yeah”
” Wake up.” He shook my shoulders.
“No I won’t, am actually enjoying this dream. The moment I wake I’ll find out that you didn’t actually come.”
” You wanted us to talk. ” He stated.
” Yeah. ” he didn’t kiss me to prove that it’s not a dream so.
” What is it about?”
” I’m sorry. ” I mumured.
” What! ”
” I said I’m sorry and I’m glad I broke up with you. ”
” Where’s the logic? I don’t understand a thing of what you’re saying. ” He said.
” What don’t you understand? ”
” You said you’re glad that we are no more friends. ” He summarized what I said.
” Yes, remember your told me that you wanted more? ” I asked and my heart began to beat.
” Mmmm. ”
” I also want more Novan. I don’t want us to be friends anymore. ” I said quietly.
” You can’t be serious. ”
” I am.”
” Then open your eyes. ”
Slowly my eyes opened and met his face close to mine.
“You’re really here?” I got up and sat on the bed, facing him. He was wearing a black shirt now.
“I told you.”
“I thought you didn’t hear what I said at the backyard.” I looked down at my fingers.
” What did you mean by want more?” There was desperation in his voice. ” You said you don’t want us to be friends anymore so what are you saying now?”
I remained silent.
Once again this is more difficult than I thought.
” Talk to me.” He got onto the bed and faced me.
“Was thinking if I can be your…your..” I stopped and looked up at him.
” Girlfriend.” I breathed.
” Huh? Say that again.”
I swallowed and reframed my sentence.
” Can I be your girlfriend?” I shut my eyes tightly after the words left my mouth.
Am I asking him out?
“Open your eyes, you look adorable.” He whispered and I blushed.
“Look at me.” He demanded.
When i didn’t budge, he tilts my chin up with his hand.
My eyes met his and he smiled. “Say something new, you know you’ve always been my girl.”
The butterflies I didn’t know existed in my tummy danced.
It’s a strange yet sweet feeling hearing him say my girl.
A smile spread across my face for the first time in two weeks.
“I’ve been seeing you with Aria a lot. Are you guys dating?”
“No. I thought..well I can’t stop being around her.”
” Why can’t you?” The smile vanished from my face.
” Because am an asshole and you said I should stay away from you and I just wanted to help you. The more time i spend with Aria, you’ll stay away from me.”
” Did I ?”
” Yes but i don’t know why you suddenly came to the party and now you’re telling me all this things that I’ve always wanted to hear. What do you want me to make of them? You said you didn’t want to ever see me again so why did you tell me to come here? Why?”
” It’s because I love you.” I confessed and covered my mouth with my hands wishing I never said them.
“You what?” He blinked back rapidly with an astonished look.
I wish to take my words back but with the hopeful look on his face now I’m going to crush him if I take them back.
“You..you.. love me?” He cupped my face and I nod slowly and looked away from him.
” Why? I don’t understand. How can you love me?” His warm breath fanned my face.
I don’t really know why I love him, I just know that I do. He drives me mad and get on my nerves all the time and all along he was just a frenemy to me and I didn’t know in the midst of all that I fell for him.
“Why? Can’t I love you?” I asked instead of answering his question.
” I didn’t think you will. You always hated me and fight me all the time. You keep telling me to leave you and even when I told you that I love you you didn’t believe me. I begged for your forgiveness and tried to make things right but you just went ahead with Dylan. You rejected me Mariana, did you know how hard that was for me?” I must be imagining the moisture in the corners of his eyes.
“Look, you need not tell me that you love me if you don’t. I’m okay loving you alone…”
“No, don’t say that. I love you.”
” You do?”
” Yes but I don’t know whether this is all part of your games. I’m scared you don’t really love me like I do now.”
” What! No. My game ended long ago. This isn’t part of it. I’ve always loved you and now I want you, you alone.”
His hands were still on my face so I placed mine over his and brought them down.
“Is there fire in your hands?” I asked and his eyes go a little wide.
“Your touch burns me.” I add and he laughed.
” Really?”
I nod and he laughed some more.
” I want to be in a real relationship with you Riana.”
” Me too but you have to take the lead because I don’t even know what that word even means.” I said.
” Me either.”
” What?”
He shrugged.
I refuse to believe that he said he hasn’t been in a relationship before. What of Aria?
“You’ve never been in a relationship before?” I would like to ask him about Aria but I don’t want to ruin this moment.
” Yes, I’ve never even dated before.”
” Oh. That’s a bad luck for both of us.” I said.
” Not really, we just have to do it our own way.”
” No coach?”
” Nope, we’re going to overlook every foul.” He chuckled.
” That’s dangerous.” I whispered.
Just imagine a game without a coach. For instance a football.
I hate to involve in something that I have no idea of and he said he hasn’t dated before. How are we going to manage?
” Loving you is dangerous. I fear you’re going to force me away some day. I don’t even believe what is going on now.” He whispered.
” I’m sorry for the way I acted towards you. ”
” It’s okay. I deserve it. ” He sighed.
” Yes but i took it too far. I shouldn’t have said all that I said to you. I’m sorry. Give me a chance to make it up to you please. ”
He came closer and I didn’t mind our close proximity. His hands stroke my cheeks as he studied my face.
“I love you, Mariana.” He breathes and my heart leapt out of my chest. The words sound perfect coming out of his lips and I’d do anything to hear him say them again.
“I love you, Novan.” I admitted and stared into his glossy eyes.
” Say that again.” His eyes were pleading.
My hands went to his face and I scooted closer to him. I intend on repeating it over and over again if that’s going to make him believe that I really love him. If that is going to make him believe that Dylan and the others are not better than him. I’ve chose him and he’s just it for me.
“I love you.” I repeat and my eyes dropped to his lips. The idea I got has to be the best ever as I closed my lips on his. He stiffened and hesitated and I urge him on but he wouldn’t kiss me back.
“Are you sure you want this?” He asked against my lips.
I nodded, “please.”
His hands fell on my waist as he crushed his lips on mine then hums in appreciation when my lips part for his tongue to dive inside.
My hands moved into his hair and I tried to follow up what he was doing and gently grazed his lips, careful not to bite him.
The butterflies multiplied and I felt my entire body on fire. If this is how it feels to be kissed then I’ve really missed out a lot. I don’t know where I got the idea that kisses are gross but this is definitely not it. It’s the best thing that have ever taken place in my life.
Fuck that forty years, I kissed at eighteen. I didn’t even half it but I’m grateful that I’m kissing someone I love. I know it wouldn’t be this fun it was someone else.
He pulled back suddenly, interrupting my thoughts. I panicked, thinking I bit him.
“Did I hurt you?”
“No, you’re doing great actually. With time you’ll become a pro.” He said and leaned in for more.
When his lips found mine again, internal fires lit inside me and I found myself shuffling closer for more. His hands moved to both side of me and he raised me up so that I was on his lap and straddling him.
My hands fist into his hair and he moaned into my mouth then a force of electricity shoot inside me as I felt goosebumps covering me.
I don’t know how to explain what I was feeling. It’s so foreign and intriguing. It got to be the best feeling ever on this Earth.
There was so much passion that I fear I won’t be able to survive it. Why are things this way? Is this how couples feel when they kiss? Is this how everyone feels? I’ll have to ask mum or dad about this or Betsy.
Yeah Betsy would do. Mum and dad will create a scene and get all excited which is going to embarrass me.
“Thanks.” He rests his head against my forehead as we both try to catch out breath.
I hugged him and buried my face in his neck.
“Stay the night.” I said and closed my eyes. I don’t want him to leave. I need him to stay so it can set in that this is actually real.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, please.”
He positioned himself properly on the bed and leaned back till his head hit the pillow. I came along with him since I was straddling him. I was now lying on top of him.
He tried to make me get down but I refused.
“Hey, don’t be stubborn.”
“Why do you want me to get down?” I pouted and stared at him.
” Because I’m not your dad. I can do wicked things to you.”
” What? Wicked things like?… Show me.”
” Shut up, you ask too many questions.” He smiled and brought his arms around me.
I chuckled and rest my head on his chest. I wonder what wicked things his talking about.
“Now go to sleep my sweet Riana.” He cooed and I smiled, closing my eyes. My heart is swelling with so much happiness that I feel I might burst.
This is just too much.
“Dolly.” He called silently.
“Mhmmm.” I hummed. “Is that a new name for me?”
“Yeah, you like it?” He put his hands at the back of his head and stare at me.
“I love all the names you call me with and this one is just my favorite” I smiled. I really like the way ‘Dolly’ sounds coming out of his mouth. It makes my stomach stir in a way. I don’t even know what it means. I’d ask him later.
“Are you drunk?”
Why would he ask that? He’ll know if I’m drunk right?
“No, why?” I raised my head.
“Nothing..go back to sleep.” He guides my head back his chest and kissed my forehead.
After some minutes, I felt her chest rise and fall slightly. I tried to put her down but she clinged on me tightly. I tried again but she just groaned and muttered some incoherent words then relaxed back on me.
I let her be since I didn’t want to wake her.
I can’t tell how much happy I am right now. I can’t even believe it. That was even why I asked her if she was drunk.
After about an hour, I tried moving her onto the bed and this time I was successful.
I moved my hand to clear her hair from her face and gasped when I saw her face.
She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever set my eyes on in my entire 20 years of life.
She looks even more beautiful in her sleep and I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. I guess I will have to stare till morning.
How did I get this lucky? I got a goddess for a girlfriend. She loves me and it’s true but I just can’t believe it.
I’ve always had my way since I was a child and i happen to get whatever I want so easily but this girl was so tough and difficult. She isn’t an easy target at all and even though she said she loves me, I can’t seem to believe it and even if I do believe her I can’t help getting scared that she’ll go back on her words and reject me. If that happens, I’m going to cherish this day forever and remember how I felt when I held her in my arms.
I got up and removed my boots before coming back to lay next to her.
I’ve loved her my entire life but only felt pain all the time because she doesn’t even look at me and today, all of a sudden she appeared at the party in those weird clothes and said she came to see me. I was happy and tried not to let it show.
I enjoyed watching her being all jittery in front of me and I was fascinated.
When she said I should come over, I almost run back to her but I didn’t want her to see my eagerness. I couldn’t concentrate on the party as all I was thinking about was her so I left the party half through.
I didn’t know how I managed to live this past two weeks without talking to her. When I saw her this evening I just wanted to hug her and tell her how much I missed her but I couldn’t do it.
You know that feeling you get when the person you’ve been loving and crushing on your entire life suddenly says she love you? And now you can hold her for the first time? Something you’ve been fantasizing about all your life and then suddenly you can kiss her and hug her? Oh my.. my. That’s what I’m feeling. I feel like I’m walking on cloud nine at the moment.
I was glad when I woke up a bit earlier and after watching her for a moment, I got up and walked to her kitchen.
Cooking for her is something that I’ve grown to like so much. I get happy whenever I’m cooking and I can’t help her smiling face that always pop up when am on it.
I hope am not going crazy because right now am smiling so much as I make her breakfast.
“Riana.” I said when I heard a movement in the kitchen.
When the person didn’t talk, i panicked and turned around only to see a brunette staring at me strangely.
I thought it was Mariana and she refused to reply because she’s mad at something I did unknowingly.
“Who are you and what are you doing here?” The brunette asked.
I rolled my eyes and went back to what I was doing.
“I’m her boyfriend and am making breakfast so who are you? What are you doing here? ”
” Her boyfriend? You? ” She couldn’t believe it.
” What? Can’t I be her boyfriend? ” I asked and went for a tray.
” You’re not her type. ” She stated.
“I can be her type.” I replied simply. I knew people would judge us for our differences.
“No you can’t. With all this tattoos? You don’t match. She’s descent, she doesn’t want someone like you. ”
What the hell?
” What is your problem?! Who the fuck are you to speak this way about me? She loves me okay? ” I yelled. She was getting on my nerves and I’m not going to take it.
“I’m just speaking the truth. You’re not good for her.”
” Oh really? Are you her mum? You’re not so shut the fuck up. She knows what is good for her and that’s me. Stay in your lane.” I warned and she gaped at me.
I picked the tray I’ve already packed with food and turned to her with glaring eyes.
“Learn to keep your slutty lips to yourself else I’m going to fuck it up for you.” I sneered and walked past her.
She gasped and I smirked. I wonder who she is though and I hope I didn’t get my ass into trouble by talking to her in that manner.
When I got inside the bedroom, the tray I was holding almost fell from my hands when I saw Riana sobbing softly on the bed with her head buried in her palms.
I put the tray down and walked to her.
“What is wrong?” I asked worriedly.
She raised her head and when she saw me she threw herself on me in a hug.
What is wrong? Did I do something I shouldn’t have done?
“What happened? Why are you crying?” I asked and rubbed my hand at her back.
“Where did you go? I didn’t see you when I woke up so I thought it was all a dream. I thought it never happened.” She sobbed.
Oh, so she thought I left that’s why she’s crying?
Wow, I’ve got an emotional girl for a girlfriend and I love her so much that It’s not going to be possible for me to leave her. Never.
Someone should tell her this for me.
{That changed everything ✓}
“Hey it’s okay, I didn’t go anywhere.” He said and I came back to my senses.
“Yeah, I can see that now.” I moved from him and wipe under my eyes.
” Sorry, I was just being silly.” My cheeks brightened in embarrassment and i rushed to the washroom.
What was that for?
Geez. What will he think of me now? He’d think am suffering from paranoia I’m sure.
But honestly when I woke up and didn’t see him i thought all that happened yesterday was a dream and I just couldn’t control my tears.
But it wasn’t and now am embarrassed.
I stared in the mirror and pulled my hair from my face then brushed my teeth before coming out.
“Are you alright?” He asked the moment he saw me.
“Yes, I am.” I smiled and my eyes went to the food tray on the bedside table.
“Is that for me?” I asked.
“Yeah, I was in the kitchen.”
“Oh okay, thanks.” He was still in his black shirt and tight jeans with his hair slightly messy.
“You should join me.” I said when I picked the tray.”
I walked to the double couch and sat the tray on my laps.
I picked a muffin and stuffed it into my mouth before bringing the chocolate drink to my lips.
I munched on it quietly before taking a sip again. I could feel his eyes on me and it makes me a little nervous.
“I said you can join me.” I repeated and avoided his eyes. I really don’t know how to behave now that we’ve agreed to date.
“Yeah” he chuckled and came to sit beside me.
“Should I feed you?” I asked when he was still not eating but just staring at me.
” No.” He answered.
” Then you should stop staring at me.”
” I wasn’t.” He lied.
” Really?” I finished the drink and brought the cup down.
“Tell me something.” He picked a muffin. “Who’s that lady in your apartment?”
“Amandla, that’s her name.”
” Fuck, I don’t care about her name. I want to know who she is.”
I looked up at him. ” She does the chores and cook. Why?”
“You mean she’s just a maid?”
“Something like that.”
” I thought she was a detective or some relative.”
” Why?”
” She..” he began but my phone began to ring. I got up and grabbed it from the dresser.
It was mum.
“Good morning mum.”
“Yes, how are you?”
“Fine, how’s everyone?”
“Doing great. Who’s there with you now?”
” What? Why?” I looked over at Novan.
” Nothing I just want to know.” She said but I wasn’t convinced.
” You’ve never never asked me that before so tell me why?”
“Amandla told me that he saw some boy at the house today and she said he had a lot of tattoos and piercings then claimed he was your boyfriend. Is that true?”
What the hell?
” Amandla told you that?” I asked and Novan looked at me.
” Yeah she did. Is this true? Is he your boyfriend?” Her voice was low as if panicking at what my answer will be.
I wonder what transpired between Novan and Amandla this morning but I don’t like that Amandla has to tell my mum about Novan this way.
“I’m anxious, answer me Mariana.”
“Well mum..” I didn’t know what to say and I don’t want to lie to her too but how can I tell her about something that just started a few hours ago? I’ve not even fully come in terms of the fact that Novan and I are really dating. It still feels like a dream.
“That person is a friend, mum.” I avoided mentioning Novan’s name or using a pronoun.
” Thank God, i thought so too.” Mum breathed in relief.
“Did you believe her?” I wanted to know.
“No, that’s why I called to find out from you. I trust you Mariana and i trust you to be responsible and not make any unfavourable decisions.”
I sighed in relief. I’m glad my mum trust me but what does she mean by responsible? Will it be irresponsible of me to go for someone with inks on their bodies? Was that what mum meant? I’m I not responsible by choosing to date him?
I swept the questions that we’re rushing in my mind away since I didn’t have any answer for them.
” Yes mum, thanks.”
” What are your plans for today?” Mum asked.
” Indoors, studying I guess.” I answered and we began to talk about other things.
“It was my mum.” I said after the call.
“Not being nosy but what did she say? Did that girl say something to her?” He asked.
” What did Amandla say to you?” I asked him instead and rest my hands on my hips.
“Nothing, she didn’t say anything.” He answered.
“Are you sure? She told my mum about you.”
” I saw her in the kitchen and asked who I was so I told her.”
” Was that all?” I propped.
” Yeah.” He answered and looked away. He stood and went for his boots.
” Are you going already?”
“Yeah, I didn’t move in.” He chuckled.
“You could stay a little longer right?”
“I have work.” He said and got up.
Work? What work does he do apart from moving about with Aria?
“Are you going to see Aria?” I blurted before I could stop myself.
I waited for him to say something while I busied myself in arranging the pillows but he didn’t say anything.
My eyes burned and I blinked continuously. I should’ve known when he told me yesterday that he can’t stay away from her.
“Aria is nobody to me so you shouldn’t be worried okay?”
“Talk about someone you’ve been moving around with since high school.” I said and turned around. I don’t like how I’m feeling right now.
“You can go.” I add.
“You’re not looking at me.” He said and I turned.
” Here.” I said looking at him.
“Not like that.” He walked closer and tried to lock eyes with me but I looked away.
“I really have work, I don’t really spend time with Aria like you think. I didn’t mind sending her away each time you see us together because you were not my girlfriend but this time is different. Why would I spend time with her when I have you.”
My eyes met his and my breath was taken away when he flashed me a smile.
I hugged him. “You’re my boyfriend right?”
“Yes Dolly.” His arms came around me.
“Are you still seeing Dylan?” He asked.
“Yes, he’s my friend.”
” Do you like to see me with Aria?” He asked.
Where’s he heading to?
” No.”
“I don’t like to see you around him either. I don’t even want to see you with some other boy.”
” Are you serious?” I asked and remembered my dream.
” Yes.” He replied and I stepped back and his hands loosed around me.
“Are you trying to say if I don’t stop being friends with Dylan then you’ll also continue being with Aria? Was that a threat?”
” No. That’s not it.”
” You’re lying.”
” No am not.”
” Yes you are.”
” Okay fine, you can be friends with him but please always stay at least two feet from him and don’t let him hold you okay?”
” You’re being possessive.” I pointed out.
” If you don’t do it am going to ensure that.”
” I won’t like it if you’re going to be this way. It feels like the dream I had is coming to pass. ”
” What dream? ”
” I dreamt that you scared the boys in highschool from me and that’s why I never got a boyfriend. ”
” Okay but forget it, it was just a dream. I just don’t like Dylan. ”
” Okay. ” I don’t care if he likes him or not. Someday he will.
Thought you said you were leaving?” I asked when he went back to sit.
” Come here.” He said and I went to him then he pulled me on to his laps and encircled his arms around me. This is so foreign, I haven’t sat on anyone like this before except my dad of course.
“I was only kidding.” He buried his face at my back.
“Yeah, do you think I’d leave my pretty girlfriend alone for some non-existent work? I can’t even stay normal a day without seeing your face.”
I couldn’t help the smiles as he pressed his arms tightly around me.
“I love you Mariana” he whispered in my ears and I shudder, my heart leapt and my insides turned liquid.
Now am am convinced that this isn’t a dream. Novan is actually here with me he’s my boyfriend.
I turned to straddle him, placing my legs on either side of him on the couch. I’m actually fond of this position.
He stood up carrying me along with him, my hands are wrapped around him and his was supporting me from the bottom.
He pushed me up further and I looked down at him.
“Hello little prince.” I whispered and he laughed.
” That was the line from that movie you were watching the other time you kicked me me out right?” He asked.
” Yeah.”
” So what happened next after she said that?” He asked
” They kissed.” I said.
” And we kiss too?.”
I nod and he took my lips in his mouth, knocking my breath away.
Well my breath returned when i snapped my lips from his due to the loud knock that sounded on my door.
“I think someone is at the door.”
“Okay let’s check.” He said but didn’t put me down.
” Won’t you put me down?”
“No.” He stated and kicked the door with his foot.
” Who’s it?” I asked before turning my head to see Amandla.
I didn’t like the look on her face and how he was staring at Novan. It confirmed that she actually called my mum this morning. What is wrong with her?
“Do you want something?” I asked since she wasn’t speaking.
” I came to check if he left.” She scrunched her nose.
” Why? Do you have a problem?”
“He doesn’t look like the guy you should be around with.”
” Was that why you gossiped about him to my mum?” I asked and she didn’t look surprised.
” Yes but…”
“Listen to me Amandla, your duty is to do the chores so stick to it and stop telling on me. I respect you a lot but I’m not going to take this attitude from you.”
” I’m just looking out for you.”
” Thank you so much but I don’t need it and I’m not going to discuss this with you again. Please know your limits and keep your opinions to yourself alone. Telling my mum about this is so unprofessional of you. You can leave now.” I dismissed.
” Off you go.” Novan laughed, shutting the door on her face.
“Did she say any mean things to you?” I asked, feeling sad and worried.
{That changed everything ✓}
“Did she say any mean things to you?” I asked, feeling sad and worried.
” What would you have done if she did? ”
” I’d report her back to my parents. ”
“That?” He asked.
“I really don’t have to give a reason. My parents will understand.”
” Aww, you’re still your parents baby you know. ”
” No am not a baby, not anymore. ”
” Yes you are. You really need not tell your parents.”
” So tell me what am supposed to do then? ”
” I’d say you should fire her but you’re too kind so forget it.” He said and my eyes widened. I can’t go that far.
” Isn’t that a little too far? I’m not being kind but it’s just too far.” I said to him.
” I didn’t say you’d have to fire her right away. Give her sometime, if she doesn’t change then you can go ahead and fire her without having to tell your parents about it. It’s that simple.”
My eyes remained on the metal attached to his eyebrows as he spoke. While hands still remain wrapped around his neck, my legs locked behind him and his hands were holding my thighs, supporting me.
” That’d be better. But what do I tell my parents in case they ask of her?”
” Just tell them anything or say you don’t like her. I’m sure they’ll support you.”
I can’t believe Novan and I are already planning this before Amandla even leaves. It’s like we’re scheeming and plotting against her.
“Alright then that means I would’ve to get another cook.” I frowned a little. I am already used to Amandla and she has been good so far except for her telling on me.
“Why am I here for?”
“To be my boyfriend not to be my cook?”
“I can be everything for you provided you’d stay with me always.”
” That’s sweet but still..”
” We won’t have to cook everyday? And we can always do it together. ” He suggested.
I tried to picture Novan and I moving around the kitchen to cook. I wonder how it’d feel like.
“Are we gonna do it like couples?” I asked.
” Whichever way you want it but in which nation do you see a couple cooking? I’m trying to picture that but I can’t see anything, unfortunately” he shook his head.
” You mean couples don’t cook?”
” Yes, I don’t know where you’re getting that ridiculous idea from, your imagination I guess.”
I tilt my head in thoughts as I tried to remember if I ever saw my parents cooking before but I couldn’t remember.
“I still think couples cook together. It’s going to be fun am sure, just imagine you and I”
” Now I see where you’re coming from. You are busy imagining you and I in the kitchen huh?” He tried to fight his smile back .
” No no. That’s not what i meant really but you suggested it remember?” I feel my cheeks heating up.
” And you bought it.” He was smiling now.
” I just thought we could make what you think is impossible possible.”
” I know it’s possible, I just wanted you to think we can actually do those things that’s all.”
” Okay?”
” So am taking over once Amandla mess up.”
” I pray she doesn’t mess up.”
” Why?”
” You’re a slob, I can’t imagine how my apartment would look like if you were to take over from Amandla.”
” Your apartment was clean before Amandla came and I’m not a slob.”
” That’s because Betsy was there. She does most of the cleaning and I cook.”
” She can still do it right?”
Guilt overshadowed me when I thought of what happened yesterday. I kissed her boyfriend and she’s mad at me and now am guilt-ridden.
“Will you get me down?” I would rather not answer him.
“You’re not tired?” I asked. He has been carrying me for some minutes now. He should be tired.
He shook his head. “Are you guys fighting?”
” Sort of, she’s mad at me.” I answer him ruefully.
He was about to say something which I already know so I put my finger over his lips.
“Don’t ask me why, am not ready to tell you.”
“Okay, I wasn’t about to ask anyway even though am curious to know what these two friends could be fighting about.”
” What did you wanna say then?”
“Nothing.” He pulled his lips together as if to pout and I removed my finger.
I found it amusing so I stared at him with a small smile playing on my lips.
“Are you an American?” He asked.
I wonder why he asked but I answer. ” Am a citizen of America, born in California while my parents are Australians. You? ”
” Nice but we’re not doing questions and answers here so i won’t tell you. ”
” Fine don’t tell me, I know you have an American accent. ”
” It doesn’t mean am an American. ”
” Then you are? ” I asked, hoping he would answer.
” Same as you.”
” You mean you were born in America and your parents are Australians?”
” That’s what I said so now get down. You’ve had enough of the staring.” He began to pull me down but I held onto his neck and tightened my leg around him.
“Hey, i don’t wanna get down now.” I felt oddly comfortable having him to carry me like this.
“Why? I was enjoying having you around my body but you just wouldn’t stop staring at my face and it’s embarrassing.”
Oh. So he knew I was staring. I shouldn’t have stared so obtrusively.
I saw a tint of pink shade on his cheeks and laughed.
“Now you’re laughing at my expense.”
“No. I’m not.” I stifled my laughter. ” You just look cute.”
” Cute? That’s bizarre. I know am not cute.” He dropped his hand from under me and I was now hanging around him since I refused to let go of his neck. My legs were still wrapped around him even more tightly.
” You’re suffocating me, please get down.” He groaned but am not having it.
” I’d call you a limpet if you don’t let me go.”
” I don’t wanna get down yet please, I promise I won’t stare at you again.”
” No, you’re getting down.” He insists.
” Try to make me.”
” You didn’t say that.”
” I did.”
” Okay, you asked for it.”
Before I could comprehend what he meant, he started tickling me through the soft fabric I wore called nightie.
I tried not to laugh but I did and it wasn’t long before my legs dropped from his waist and now hanging above the floor. I was only holding on to his neck now, if I drop it then I will drop onto my feet again which I don’t want.
“Stop it Novan.” My stomach was hurting so much.
“I told you to let go.”
“I don’t give up.” I said.
“Fine then.”
” Okay okay.” I was tired of laughing, it’s hurting now that’s not it alone, his hands were also making me feel weird things.
” You give up now?”
“No I just don’t like the chains am drawing around your neck.” I dropped my hands and my feet came to the ground.
” What?”
” Your neck is red.” I told him truthfully.
“Really?” He stare at me and ran his hand on his neck.
“That’s bad, girlfriend.”
“Sorry boyfriend. I’m going to shower now. Wait for me and don’t go anywhere.”
” Lemme join you instead, you know, just to save water.”
” What!” I squeaked and looked around and he shrieked in laughter.
” You should see your face.” He laughed.
I ignored him and rushed to the washroom.
I can’t believe he said that even though he was joking, I don’t see myself taking a bath with a guy. Never. That’s so intimate and I would be extremely shy to death.
I took time to wash my hair before going under the shower.
After bathing, I stood before the mirror and dry myself. I stared into the mirror and wonder why I was smiling even though I didn’t plan to.
Maybe it’s because I got a boyfriend. Something I thought I would never have.
I can’t believe that I fell in love and not with anyone but Novan. Novan of all people. Can you imagine?
I can’t wait for mum’s reaction when she finally learns that i got a boyfriend.
And I would like to tell Betsy about it to even though she wouldn’t want to talk to me.
I hope she’s fine and not crying too much. I am really sorry for what happened. I wish it didn’t happened but then, i wouldn’t be having Novan here if it didn’t.
I turned the knob of my dressing room which was connected to the bathroom.
I opened my undergarments closet and selected a matching lace bra and pant.
I pulled them on and hanged my towel to a rack.
I turned around and saw Novan standing in front of my main closet and with his head buried inside. Looks like he was looking for something.
I turned to grab my towel but he used that time to turned around and I stood transfixed to the same spot.
“Ho..holy fuck.” He muttered, blinking his now widened eyes as if he saw a ghost.
“I..am.. sorry. I’m going..yes” He stuttered but still didn’t look away or moved his eyes nor feet.
His pupils looked dilated and his surprised expression has now turned to something else I have no idea of. Am I having effect on him? Or it’s something else.
“Uhm..you said you wanted to leave.” I reminded him and looked down on my toes.
” Ye.. yes, sorry” he turned and walked out. I’m sure he used the door connected to the bedroom but what was he doing here?
I am extremely mortified at what just happened, I don’t know how am going to face him now.
My initial idea was to wear a bum short but now I just want to wear jeans or leggings. I won’t even wear a dress.
I took a cotton jeans and wore a plain yellow t-shirt over it. I let my hair fall on my face and i didn’t wear any make-up at all for the fear that he might think I want to impress him.
I was now all dressed left for me to get out. I exhaled and inhaled for a couple of minutes before coming out.
I saw him sitting on my bed with eyes glued into one of my novels. I can’t tell if he was actually reading or pretending to.
I cleared my throat and he looked up from the book.
“Why did you take long?” He asked and put the book aside.
“Sorry.” I whispered without looking at him.
After what happened I can’t.
He didn’t say anything again and we remained in awkward silence until he spoke again.
“I’m sorry but please let’s not make this more awkward.” He got up and walked to me.
I backed away, not because am scared but just too shy. I feel as if i was still in my undies. My hands went around myself to cover me.
His steps doubled and in one swift move, he was standing before me with my hands in his.
“Hello little princess.” He rubbed his thumb on my hand.
My head was still down and I was sucking on my bottom lip.
“Won’t you look at your little Prince charming?” He asked and bend his head low to look at me.
I raised my head and looked away.
“Oh come on, please look at me.”
I shook my head.
” Why not? ” He put his hand at the side of my face and forced me to look at him.
I couldn’t so I let my head fall on his chest and I buried my face there.
“I’m so shy Novan.”
“Yes, I know.”
“So what do we do, I’m unable to look at you at the moment.”
” You don’t have to be shy, am your boyfriend.”
” Yes, I just can’t help it.”
” Just try and look at me for once please, I’m sorry.” He moved his hands in circles at my back.
“I don’t want to be so shy Novie. Please make it go away.” She buried her head further into my chest and I believe if it was possible for her to create a hole she would’ve done that.
But am really enjoying this and should I say I liked it when she called me Novie? Yes I do.
I haven’t seen anyone so shy like her before. It’s so amusing but I dare not laugh else she would die out of embarrassment.
This is the girl who haven’t had a boyfriend or kissed anyone before and I’m proud to be her first in all this.
I shouldn’t have gone into her dressing room but how was i to know that she can come in through the bathroom.
If it were to be some other girl she wouldn’t have bothered or get shy because there was some clothing on . But this is Mariana, my Mariana and she’s so innocent and pure. It’s destined for her to feel shy the way she is now.
It will take time for her to get used to having little to no clothing on her when am around and that’s why I would be taking it slow with her. I regret going into that room and making her feel this way but then it was bound to happen eventually since she’s my girlfriend and as her boyfriend I think I have that right at least right?
Goodness! I can’t clear the picture of her standing in that lacy shit. She looked incredibly sexy and if she wasn’t this innocent I would’ve gone far. It took me all the self control i possessed to leave the room and not going ahead with what my perverted thought was suggesting.
I can’t wait to see her in that form again. I want to be able to memorize all her curves and every part of her body. I really can’t wait but for now I would have to get rid of her shyness. She even said i should make it go away and that’s just what I would be doing.
I managed to get her face out of my chest but her eyes were closed.
“Kiss me Riana.”
“What? In this situation?” She asked and I nod even though she won’t see it.
” I will close my eyes.” I told her.
“Okay, that should do but I’m going to cover your eyes with my hand okay?”
” Alright.”
I closed my eyes in anticipation of the taste of her luscious lips on mine again. I really can’t have enough of her but I have to take this slow and slow since she’s still a mega novice.
I hummed in satisfaction when her lips came on mine, my teeth grazed her lips gently and it parted, making way for my tongue to delve inside and I savoured her taste.
She’s everything I need and I don’t care if she’s inexperienced as long as she stays here with me always. Her kisses aren’t perfect but they’re
. like drug to me already, I’m addicted and I can’t have enough of it.
I still can’t believe I have her in my arms now after so long. So long of wanting us to be just friends, so long of wanting her to be my girlfriend, so long of wanting to kiss, hold her, claim her and make her mine entirely. I really love her so damn much and it took me a decade to have her now. I pray I never fuck up that would cause her to leave me. I don’t care what people would say or what they might do to separate us because I know if I don’t do anything to hurt her, she’d continue to be with me. For now, people can burn in hell with the opinions they’ll form about us.
My hands went into her hair and I fought with myself not to moan for the fear of scaring her when she wrap her hands on my waist.
I wanted to keep the kiss slow but my mind was saying otherwise with how her full chest was pressed tightly against mine. She makes me feel things I’ve never felt before without even trying.
Before I do anything she isn’t prepared for, I ended the kiss and made her look at me. She did looked at me this time and was smiling.
“It was that simple.” I said.
“Yeah but what happened today shouldn’t happen again.”
” It will happen again.”
” Huh?”
” Yes, how would you get used to being comfortable and not shy if it doesn’t happen again? ”
Her eyes widened.
“Listen , am not saying it will happen like the way it did but gradually as this relationship grows you won’t mind if I see you like that anymore, infact you’ll like it but it will take time. It’s a gradual process and you won’t even notice it.”
” Okay.”
” If everything is settled now, would you give me the permission too look just as nice as you are right now?”
” What do you mean?”
” I’m going home for now. I’d be back later ok?” I really don’t want to leave but i have to.
She nods and turned away ruefully.
I’m glad to see that she wants me to stay as much as I also don’t want to go.
“Won’t you see me off?” I asked.
“Yeah sure.” She Force a smile and slipped her foot into her slippers.
I took her hand and we walked to the door. I turned the knob and pushed the door opened only to hear a thud.
Mariana and i exchanged glances before getting out then we saw that girl whose name i don’t even want to know trying to get off the floor.
Oh I see. So she has been eavesdropping on us.
How low.
She’s just giving more reasons for her to be fired. And I’m glad. I don’t really like her though she looks nice. She’s a bad news.
“What is this Amandla?” Mariana asked but her voice was too soft and calm for me.
This girl just doesn’t know her limits. Maybe i should just tell my girlfriend to fire her right away.
She would listen to me, won’t she?
{That changed everything ✓}
“What is this Amandla?” I asked and watch her scurry away into the kitchen.
If she was my age i would’ve shouted at her but she isn’t and I was raised better.
I wonder what she was doing behind my door. If this goes on like this then i better not have anyone around at all.
Not now that I’ve got a boyfriend and she’d be creeping on us this way. I don’t like it.
When Novan and I were outside, instead of seeing him off like I planned, I got into his car and asked him to drop me at Betsy’s place.
I’m glad he didn’t comment about Amandla’s behavior. The silence surrounding us was comfortable and i enjoyed it until we got to Betsy’s dorm where he parked.
“When are you going to let me see Nervisa?”
“Anytime you want to see her let me know.” He replied with a smile.
” Alright then i guess i would have to make a date then. I can’t wait to see her.” I said and grabbed the door handle.
I left the handle then shift closer to him and planted a quick kiss on his lips and pulled away from him. This small act took me all the courage I could muster.
“Take care and see you soon.” I said and didn’t wait anymore second before getting down.
” I will call you.”
“Will be expecting it.” I said and shut the door.
I was too aware of his eyes on me as walked on the sidewalk to Betsy’s dorm so i turned and saw him leaning on the front of his car.
He blew me a kiss when our eyes met and I looked around before catching it then tuck it in my pocket, making the later sign for him to see.
He laughed and got back Into the car before driving away.
When I turned to go, i saw eyes that i didn’t see earlier on me. I ignored them and began to make my way to Betsy’s dorm.
“This isn’t fair!” A girl shouts and i almost turned.
” What is it Nora?” Another voice asked.
“How can one be incredibly rich and beautiful and still have a so handsome boyfriend? God isn’t being fair Kate.!”
I think all this is about me.
” Did you see the boy? He has all those holes on his face and inks on his body.”
” What’s the problem with that?” The Nora girl asked.
” I thought you don’t like guys like that?”
“That’s because I didn’t know one could still be handsome with all that. Mariana is so lucky.”
Oh. So it’s really Novan and i they’re talking about.
“She isn’t lucky like you think Nora. That bad boy is probably just fooling her. She’s the innocent type and I think the guy just want to have a taste of her innocence. ”
I stopped dead in my tracks.
” That should be it! I don’t even know why she decided to date someone like that. She doesn’t look like those types. I was envious for no reason. That boy would ruin her am sure.”
I turned around finally to see the two girls and the others who were wearing a pity look on their faces. The hall was already crowded with people and there was a lot of mummers and they were all about me.
The hall quieten slightly when they noticed I turned.
I don’t like this. I don’t like how they’re talking about Novan and I but am not stupid to take they’re words to heart though it hurts a little.
I wanted to say something but it will seem I was reacting to their comments and my aim here is to look unaffected.
Without saying a word I took a turn leaving them to continue from where they stopped. So far as I don’t hear those words again from anyone, I won’t bother about it.
I knocked on Betsy’s door since i didn’t bring a key.
When I didn’t hear a response I knocked again.
“Coming.” I heard her.
Soon the door opened and I entered.
“What happened? You look pale.” She asked immediately.
“Really?” I rushed to her mirror. She was right.
“Did someone say anything mean to you?”
I shook my head quickly. I came to apologise not to put my little problems before her.
“It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me.” She says and sat on her bed.
” Why are you being nice?” I thought she’d be shouting at me then kick me out like how people do it in the movies.
“Did you want me to be mean?”
“After what i did, you should.” I said, and looked at her appearance. She was still in her nightie and her hair was held in a bun on top of her head. She looked fine and nothing like I assumed.
” What did you do?”
” Don’t make me say it. It’s embarrassing.” I looked away.
” What is there to be embarrassed about?” The duvet raised and Morgan’s head popped up then he got up.
He’s here?
I thought they broke up because of what I did.
“You forgave him? Us?” I asked Betsy.
“You worry too much Mariana. There’s really nothing to be forgiven for.” He got up and stroll to me but I stopped him with my hard glare. I was still mad at him for saying those things to me and painting me dark before my friend.
“I wasn’t speaking to you.” I fold my arms on my chest in annoyance.
” Am sorry Mariana, please forgive me.” He said.
“Betsy must’ve forgiven you but don’t expect me to. You didn’t only cheat but you took advantage of her love for you.”
” You’re taking this too far cousin. Betsy please tell her.” He said.
” Tell me what?” I got anxious.
Betsy got up. “We’re sorry Mariana. It was a prank.”
” What!” I was terrified.
” We were just being mischievous Mariana. Everything that happened was planned and the mastermind was Betsy believe me. I didn’t want to do it but she convinced me to. I couldn’t deny her.” Morgan explained and I took a step back.
“You mean everything?” I asked
“Everything. But we’re sorry, we know we hurt you in the process and we were just coming to check on you.” Betsy added with a remorseful look. Both of them looked remorseful or so I thought but with one look at each other,they burst into laughter.
This isn’t funny like they see it. I cried real tears. My heart ached so much and I felt guilty.
They stopped laughing when they looked at me.
“This isn’t funny both of you! The kiss was real, the accusations and the tears. Nothing was funny.”
” Yeah but how you believed everything and acted just as we imagined made it funny.” Morgan or whatever said and sat down at the edge of the bed.
“You made me look foolish then.” I sighed and dropped down into the only couch in the room.
” We’re really sorry about that.”
“You knew I was going to be hurt by that so why did you?”
” We didn’t have a choice.” Betsy said.
” Still but why would two older people be playing tricks? That was childish. May i know why you did this? What was your gain at the end of it all? Let me guess, you enjoyed seeing me cry my eyes out is that not it? ”
” No not at all. ” Morgan said.
” Then?”
” Can we ask a question?” Betsy asked.
“What is it?”
“Did you and Novan make up? Are you guys talking now? Were you able to tell him how you feel about him? If yes how did he take it? Are you guys finally dating?” Betsy asked and came to sit beside me.
“That’s a lot of questions but what does this have to do with Novan?”
” You didn’t know you love him and I was tired of seeing you guys fight and make up then fight again and makeup the same circle and it has become a routine but I knew Novan love you from the beginning. I didn’t believe it from the start but now I do so yeah, I decided to do this and it worked. The question now is are you guys a thing now.” She smiled knowingly.
” I just want to give you a black eye now Betsy.” I balled my fist at her and got up.
“My goal has been achieved so I must as well welcome it.” She laughed.
” I can’t believe both of you were in on it and I was busy dying of guilt.” I remarked.
” Were you busy dying?” Betsy asked and looked at her accomplice.
“Smiling and catching imaginary kisses is dying to you?” Morgan asked in amusement.
” You saw that too?” I flushed.
” I said earlier that we were coming to you. Yes we did but saw you coming from Novan’s car so we returned but didn’t miss that scene. It was lovely.” She grinned goofily.
” Here, I even captured it.” She showed me her phone.
” Both of you are not serious.” I smiled.
I must say, I’m relieved to hear that what happened was a prank. Now am free of the guilt that would’ve haunt me for the rest of my life and am no longer mad at Morgan.
“So is this place like your second home now?” I shifted the topic from me.
“Somehow my girlfriend lives in this dungeon so yeah but don’t dodge our question. “He grinned cheekily amd Betsy pinched his arm.
” Thanks ba.. Morgan. ” Betsy said and I knew I won’t be escaping their question.
” What else do you guys want to know? You seem to know a lot. ” I said and picked at my nails.
” Tell us everything.”
“Hell No!”
“Then answer our question. Are you guys dating now?”
” You won’t tease me if I tell you?” I look at both of them.
” No, we promise.” They said in unison.
“Okay, I went to look for him at the party yesterday and he came later. We settled everything and I told him…you know and yes, we’re dating.” My cheeks were burning after I finished and I have to burry my face in my palm when Betsy and Morgan began to ‘aww’ in an exaggerated tone.
Morgan hugged Betsy dramatically as they both wipe invisible tears from their eyes.
“Fucking finally.” Morgan said and came to hug me then Betsy joined him.
They can’t be serious, are they?
“Share the details with me.” Betsy said.
“It’s not happening.” I shook my head.
” You won’t tell me now but I know you will soon.” She’s right.
” Can we talk about something else now?” I asked hoping they’ll agree.
” I’d leave you for now. I have somethings to do.” Morgan said and wore a hoodie over his shirt and pulled the hoodie to cover his head completely, leaving only a portion of his face.
“I don’t want people gawking at me.” He add.
“You should come over for dinner.” I told him.
” If only my in-law is the one preparing the food.” He joked.
I can’t believe Betsy told him that. I looked at her and she mouthed ‘sorry’
“Then you should not come, I won’t have him cooking for you to eat.” I played along.
” Oh come on, it’s only for tonight, it won’t hurt. He could use it to thank me you know.” He winked and kissed Betsy before walking out.
” Do you think I did the right thing? I asked Betsy when my mind replayed what those girls said. I really didn’t want to pay heed but it just came into my mind.
“Of course bestie.” She hugged me.
” I’m so happy for you. You guys make the best couples and..”
” You told me we’re different and that he’s fooling me.” I interrupted her, repeating the words she said sometime ago.
” That was when he was playing those games and i wasn’t happy about it but now I give my full consent. He’s not that bad and you love him right?”
” Yeah, I love him.”
The rest of my conversation with Betsy was light-hearted and i spent more time with her than I planned. I left only when I remembered I didn’t bring my phone along and I was yearning to talk to Novan.
I anticipated a lot of missed calls from him so when I saw that familiar unsaved number’s missed calls when I got home, I wasn’t surprised.
I wanted to call him but then I saw Amandla and remembered what happened earlier. She was busy in the kitchen.
“Hey Mandie.” I called cheerily and I’m sure she didn’t expect me to be so cheerful with the look on her face.
“How old are you please?” I asked. She looks older than me but I never bothered to know her age till now.
“Twenty one. Why do you ask?”
“Nothing. Erm.. do you have a boyfriend?” I hope am not overstepping boundaries but I need to know anyway.
“No, I don’t have.” She answered.
“Are you in love with someone or have you ever been in love?”
” Yes, am in love with someone.” She answered and my mind went straight to my Novan. It can’t be him right?
“Does he love you back?”
“I don’t know.” She replied.
★★…. ★★