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{That changed everything ✓}
My eyes were heavy with tears but I refused to let them out. I don’t see any reason why I should cry over this.
Novan did something which he shouldn’t have ever done. I pardoned him when he did that one but I can’t do that again.
He took me for granted and assumed my kindness for weakness which he shouldn’t have done.
But now I’ve had enough.
I’m going to show him the stuff I was made of.
And that Aria, I pity her like hell. Who the fuck is she?
I drove into our driveway and parked my car.
It was a good thing that no one was at home so I rushed upstairs to my room and lied down without taking my uniform off.
I didn’t feel like doing anything so I just kept myself on the bed.
I thought of ways to make him pay but none came into my head. I’ve never done anything bad to anyone before so I found it hard to think of something.
Meanwhile, I also planned on how I was going to spend my two weeks at home before I get back to school.
My door opened and someone walked in.
I got up and faced the person. It was Betsy.
“Are you alright?”
“Yeah.” I replied simply.
“But you don’t look like you are. ”
I sighed. ” Am fine Betsy. ”
I looked at her and realized that she was no longer in her uniform.
“Why did you leave school?”
“I can’t be learning while my friend is kicked out and probably sad at home. so I’ll be spending the two weeks with you at home. ”
” Stop being sentimental Betsy. Both of us can’t be absent at the same time. You should be in school so that I can get updates from you. ”
” You’re right about that but.. ”
” No but. You’ll have to go tomorrow. There’s no need staying home with me. ”
” I’ll try. ” She replied nonchalantly with a bored countenance.
“You better.” I stated and got up.
I removed my uniform and went over to my closet to look for something.
“So what did Novan said to you?”
“Nothing. ”
” Nothing? ”
” Yes. ”
” But I saw you guys talking earlier.”
“We didn’t talk about anything Betsy but I got to know of something. ”
” What’s that? ”
Once the drama was over and I saw Mariana driving back home angrily, I thought why not go home and give Mom a good news.
So instead of waiting till school close, I took a cab back home.
I realized that I was rude to mum also so am going to apologise to her so that we can live normally again.
Yes. I was behind whatever happened in school today.
Mariana can’t get what she always want. Life is not always filled with roses alone but thorns as well and I promise to be the thorn in her life.
Mum and I are not the only one embarrassment are designed for.
Let her face hers to.
I don’t fucking care if they are the one feeding us. It was their choice after all.
What I did today will definitely set a serious fire between Mariana and Novan which will make them enemies. Yeah, is not like they ever trusted each other.
So it’s gonna be easy.
Mariana has been the good girl all along but I don’t think she’s gonna maintain that after what happened and if she doesn’t retaliate in any way, then am going to add more petrol to the blazing fume.
I opened the door when I got home but mum wasn’t in the parlor so I walked towards her room while calling out her name.
I pushed her door open and I immediately regretted it.
Right on the bed was my mum, sprawled and was getting laid by a boy who was about my age and I had not the least idea who he was.
I stood speechless by the door and watched her moan out loud as she was being pleasured. They were so lost that they didn’t hear me come in.
“What the fuck?” What’s going on here mum?”
She jerked up but the boy didn’t care as he was busy fondling my mum’s boobs.
I stared daggers at him. How dare him touch my mum like that?
I made to swat his hands from my mom’s body but I stopped.
I realized that mum herself have allowed it and that was why it was happening.
I thought mum was gonna feel ashamed and start saying something to apologise but her next words got my jaw almost dropping to the ground.
“Where are your manners you spoilt brat? How dare you barge in without knocking?”
” Really mum?”
” Get out!” She screamed.
” You know what mum, if I was hesitant in saying what I should’ve said long ago, then nothing is going to hold me back now. You’re disgusting mum. How lowly of you, you brought a boy to fuck you in your own damn home and you had no shame…”
” ARIA!” She shouted again as her face went red.
The boy just stared at me with a smirk then winked at me.
My breath hitched dangerously and I wished that my eyes could kill.
” The truth is always bitter, you’re so gross.!” I stormed out of the room.
Shortly after Betsy left, the doorbell rang.
I thought she was the one so I ran out of my room with only my short nicker and crop top.
“Did you left something…”
I stopped when I saw the person I just opened the door to.
I scanned my eyes on him and noticed that he’d changed from his uniform as well.
His eyes roamed my body with a dirty smirk on his lips and I felt uncomfortable.
I looked at my body and realized that I was half naked. My knicker and crop top appeared more short.
“Pervert!” I glowered and shut the door right in his face.
I heard him chuckle before he started ringing the bell again.

I ran back inside and wore something different. He kept ringing non-stop and I wondered if all the workers in the house had a leave or something.
“What do you want?” I demanded once I opened the door and saw him standing there.
“Easy doll face, I actually came because I thought we could clear the misunderstanding.”
” Nothing to be cleared so just leave.” I bellowed and made to close the door but he held it.
” Ain’t you gonna listen to me?”
“No. Why should I? I shouldn’t be speaking to you in the first place.”
” Stop being stubborn and childish. I believe you’ve passed that stage. I never meant whatever I did to you…”
” Hold it dare!”I snapped. “I don’t need your pathetic apologies…”
“You wish, who said I came all the way here just to render some apologies to you? You sure can dream. I just came to wake you up to the reality of what actually happened that’s all.”
” Well, then I don’t need it.” I retorted and shut the door finally.
” But we can sort this out and move on.”
I heard his muffled voice from the other side.
He began to ring it again but I ignored him.
I went to the kitchen and got a fruit juice from the processor into a glass cup.
I was surprised when I heard him knocking again.
I placed the juice down and walked to the door.
“I fucking don’t wanna sort anything out and neither do I want to see your pathetic face.. ”
I paused when I saw that it was mum and dad.
” Who are you talking to? Are you alright?” Dad asked.
“Yes am fine. Am just trying to rehearse a drama we’ll be acting in school. ”
” Drama at this stage? ” Mum questioned
” Yeah.”
” Well don’t lie to us. We heard that you’ve been suspended. ” Dad said.
I shrugged and stepped from the door to allow them in.
“Don’t worry, I’ll talk to the principal now.” He suggested.
“Don’t worry about it Dad. I’ll handle everything my way. ”
” You sure? ”
” Yeah. I took the juice and started walking upstairs.
“By the way, who was that that upset you?”
That was from mum.
“No one.” I stated
{That changed everything ✓}
The next day, I was seen sitting in front of our big flat screen TV, a remote by my side and a bowl of popcorn on my lap.
My eyes were glued on the TV as I watched my favorite soap opera.
I was bored. I didn’t know what to do after my parents left for work. All my grandparents were busy resting in their rooms except for grandpa Nicholas who was out for some business.
I cooked a lot of new dishes and ate a lot out of boredom.
I’ve been up since morning and I was totally bored with no mum or dad to talk to, not even Betsy.
Marion has also gone to school, I wish he hadn’t but he was so persistent on going I gave in.
I wished I had more friends then I wouldn’t have been bored.
Then I remembered. I actually have a lot of friends and all I need is to go see them.
I dropped my popcorn and ran upstairs to change. I came down with my car keys jingling in my hands.
I called my mum to let her know where I’ll be in case they start looking for me.
I drove straight to the children’s home and the rest was history. I had so much fun and didn’t notice when it was dark.
I got into my car and drove towards home happily as I sang my favorite song titled miss Independent by Ne-Yo.
There was a sudden lightening and thunder strikes.
I stopped singing as my heart began to beat wildly when I remembered what happened to my parents and I while on flight.
It’s been long but ever since I recovered from my memory loss, that scene has been hunting me anytime I sleep.
I developed a phobia to the sound of thunder and lightening and I made sure I don’t go out when it’s raining but somehow, I forgot to check the weather forecast today.
I picked up my phone shakily and dialled mum’s number but it wasn’t going through.
I tried dad’s line and it was not also going through.
Damn this network.
I tried all the contacts on my list but to no avail.
I decided to live a voicemail behind for mum.
There was another lightning and I didn’t realize the time I jumped from my seat out of fear and banged my head on the steer.
I lifted my head and tried to control the car but couldn’t. I tried to stop but I still couldn’t. It was as if my car has been tempered with or something.
Maybe it was because my vision was blurring.
When I suddenly got control of the car, I tried slowing down but it was too late because my car has already smashed into another.
“Not again.” I whispered and after sometime, I lost consciousness.
I woke up with a splitting head. The pain was excruciating.
“Mum!” I called softly.
“Mum, dad!” I shouted a little.
There was no response.
No response.
I opened my eyes and tried to adjust my vision to my surroundings. That was when got up abruptly.
This isn’t my room and neither the hospital so where the fuck am I?
The room doesn’t look like the one kidnappers keep their victims so am sure am not kidnapped.
This room is so beautiful to be own by a kidnapper.
I managed to get up from the bed and walked out of the room since the door was left ajar.
A melodious tune hit my ears and for a moment, I was completely dazzled.
Who could be playing that so early in the morning, the person sure is an expert.
It sounded like a piano. I started following the sound and forgot to look at my surrounding. The house was big and beautiful, that was all I deduced.
When I was almost close to where the sweet sound was coming from, the person changed the song to one of my favorites.
It was actually the one I was singing before the accident.
My eyes met with the back of a guy who’s back was facing me and a piano was in front of him.
Without a second thought, I stood by the door and began to sing to the tune.
Oo there’s something about
Just something about the way she move
And I can’t figure it out
There’s something about her.
Said ooh it’s something about
The kind of woman that want you but don’t need you
Hey I can’t figure it out
There’s something about her
‘Cause she walk like a boss
Talk like a boss
Manicured nails to set the pedicure off
fly effortlessly
And she move like a boss
Do what a boss do
She got me thinking about getting involved
That’s the kind of girl I need
She got her own thing
That’s why I love her
Miss Independent
Won’t you come and spend a little time
She got her own thing
That’s why I love her
Miss Independent
Ooh the way you shine
Miss Independent
Ooh there’s something about
The kind of woman that can do for herself
I look at her and it makes me proud
There’s something about her
Something oh so sexy about
The kind of woman that don’t even need my help
She said she got it she got it no doubt,
There’s something about her
‘Cause she work like a boss
Play like a boss
Car and a crib she ’bout to pay ’em both off
And the bills are paid on time
She made for a boss
Only a boss
Anything less she telling them to get lost
That’s the girl that’s on my mind
She got her own thing
That’s why I love her
Miss Independent
Won’t you come and spend a little time
She got her own thing
That’s why I love her
Miss Independent
Ooh the way you shine
Miss Independent
Her favorite thing to say: “Don’t worry. I got it.”
And everything she got best believe she bought it
She gon’ steal my heart ain’t no doubt about it
Girl, you’re everything I need,
Said you’re everything I need….
I trailed off when I saw the person got up and turned to me in admiration while my eyes widened.
“You sang so beautifully.” He commented.
I couldn’t believe my eyes.

{That changed everything ✓}
“You sang so beautifully.” He commented.
I couldn’t believe my eyes.
He looked so much like Novan but it wasn’t him..
“Why do you look so surprised?”
“You looked like a jerk I knew but taking a look at you again, you guys are somehow different. Tell me, are you his brother or relative? ”
” Who’s that you’re talking about? ”
” His name is Novan Anderson.”
He shook his head,. ” I don’t know him. Maybe is just a coincidence.”
“Yeah, I guess.”
“So how did I end up here and who are you?” I asked and looked down at my toes since he was staring at me unblinkingly.
“You smashed that expensive car of yours into mine and…”
” What? Am so sorry.” I cut him off and rushed where he stood and examined him.
“I’m alright, at least I didn’t sustain any injury like you did. I must say I was furious when it happened but when I got out of my car and realized that your car was 100 times expensive than mine and you got it ruined, i got more furious.
But I have to help you home so that was why you’re here. It was raining and my house wasn’t far from the accident scene so i thought why not?”
” Thank you.” I whispered.
I was silence for awhile before finally asking.
You got mad because I ruined my own car?”
” Yh..that car is so cute”
I chuckled. That car was actually a gift from dad.
” So what’s your name?” I was curious.
” Shane.” He stated.
” Just Shane? ”
“Yh ”
” Got a beautiful name.”
His head snapped to my face and I felt shy for commenting out loud.
“You sure?”
” Erm…I think I’ll have to get going. My parents must be worried sick by now.” I avoided his question.
” Oops. So soon?” He pulled a sad face.
I’ve never admired any guy but I must admit that this one was an exception.
He looked so enchanting and alluring which makes it even more clear that he wasn’t Novan at all.
“I didn’t catch your name…” He was saying but a cheerful looking woman walked in.
” Thank goodness! I really thought she disappeared.” She said with hands on the heart.
I turned to her and looked from the woman to Shane. There was a striking resemblance which couldn’t go unnoticed.
“My dear are you okay?” She asked.
“Yeah, am good. Thanks.”
“Aww.. you’re so sweet. My son really have a good choice but I wonder why something had to happen on the very first time he decided to bring a girl home.” She rattled happily.
Oh gosh. They’re everywhere. I thought it was my home alone.
“Mum.” Shane called softly.
“Okay fine.” She replied and looked at me.
“I prepared breakfast. Come let’s eat together.”
“Oh okay. Thanks but I really need to go.”
” I’ll agree unless you promise to come visit me again.”
I thought for awhile. Maybe I’ll come back again but just to see this young Greek god.
” I can’t promise but I’ll try.”
“That sounds better.” She hugged me and left with a nod towards Shane.
” I’ll see you off.” Shane offered .
“I’m sorry about mum. She’s always like that.” He apologized when we were out of earshot.
” I understand.” I stated and chuckled.
We walked side by side and we got to the living room, i spotted myself in the glass door.
I was in a boy’s shirt and sweatpant. There was a thick fabric around my head too.
“Your dress got wet so mum have to change you into those.”
“Are they..” I pointed to the clothes. “Yours?”
“Yeah…am sorry..”
“Seriously, do you have to apologise for everything?” I chided.
” I thought…”
” No Shane. You did me a huge favour by saving me and I’ll be forever indebted to you so if anything, i should be the one apologising for making you go through all that trouble.”
” You were really not a trouble.” He muttered quietly.
” Said something.” I asked even though I heard.
” Nope.” His lips popped.
I smiled secretly and resumed walking with him.
“I’ll drop you off. Your car is currently at the workshop including mine too but I’ve got another. I’ll bring your car after it has been repaired or make someone do it.” He said when we got into the driveway.
He walked to a Pajero and opened it for me before he rounded the car to the drivers seat.
I watched his muscles flex in the simple shirt he was wearing but he looked so good in it.
I gave him my house address and by the use of a GPRS we arrived in front of my house.
The automated gate opened and we drove for about five minutes before getting to my house.
Well my house was that large. It looked like an estate.
“Thanks.” I said and unbuckled my seat belt.
I made to get out but he hold me back with his hand.
I raised an eyebrow with a knitted frown.
“Sorry.” He let go and licks his lower lip.
My eyes settled there and I gulped as heat rushed to my neck.
What’s happening with me? Why are my behaving so unusual?
Maybe it’s because of the accident. Yes, it’s because of it.
A finger snapped before my eyes and bringing me back to life.
Oh my gosh. I hope am not being too obvious.
“Did you wanna say something?” I asked when I remembered that he stopped me earlier from going.
” Can I know your name please.”
I was disappointed that he doesn’t know me. I thought he knew.
” Mariana.” I stated.
His amber eyes dimmed in thought then widened brightly.
“Like Mariana Della Dominguez?”
I smirked and got out.
I heard him open the door and began to ran towards me.
“I’ve been wanting to meet you for a long time and am.. ..am..am” he said almost out of breath.
” Am so foolish, I never knew that you were her all along.”
“Why couldn’t you recognize me? Everyone knows me so I thought you do.”
” It’s because..” he took a step closer and hesitated to touch me but did anyway. His hands cupped my face as he looked deep into my eyes.
“It’s because, you looked so different from what I’ve been seeing in the TV. You look so so different and..”
He stopped and stepped back.
” Nice meeting you.” He turned to leave.
He left me completely dazzled and hanging.
He turned again and dipped his hands into his pocket and brought out my phone.
“Here.” He stretched out. “I almost forgot.”
I took it with gratitude and walked to the door without looking back.
I was met with the entire family when I opened the door.
“Are you alright? I got the voicemail but it was late.” Mum said while examining me.
” I’m okay mum. Am fine.” I looked at their worried faces.
“Come on, you’ll should cheer up!” I smiled to show that I was fine.
” I know you’re fine but that won’t stop us from calling the doctor to check you up. ”
That was from dad.
I won’t deny them that so I just nodded. ” I need to rest.”
I began to walk upstairs. When I was almost at the top mom spoke.
” Who was he? I mean the one who dropped you.” Mum asked.
“If only you had come out to see him, then maybe you won’t be asking.” I turned and pulled my tongue out teasingly at her.
She glared jokingly at me and began to take the stairs towards me.
I needed no one to tell me that she was coming for a full gist.
{That changed everything ✓}
(I added something that’s why I’d to repeat this part.)
I began to walk upstairs. When I was almost at the top, mom spoke.
” Who was he? I mean the one who dropped you.” Mum asked.
“If only you had come out to see him, then maybe you won’t be asking.” I turned and pulled my tongue out teasingly at her.
She glared jokingly at me. ” I saw the clothes you wore.”
“So?” I asked.
“They’re not yours, infact it’s a boy’s clothe and i never bought you that.”
” I bought it myself.”
” No way! I know you won’t but that.”
” Well I did.” I resumed my steps.
And she began to take the stairs towards me.
I needed no one to tell me that she was coming for a full gist.
“Mum, I’ll tell you later but I seriously need to rest. You know I don’t hide anything from you. Besides, it’s nothing.” I said and instead of going to my room, I head to Marion’s.
” If you say so.” I heard her retreat.
“Lemme walk you back my dear wife.” My dad raced to mum on the stairs.
“What do you mean by that?” Mum Asked and rolled her eyes.
“I mean I can’t let you take the walk of embarrassment alone. After all, we vowed for better for worse.”
The whole room went hysteria as everyone laughed when dad said those words.
I couldn’t help my laughter either.
Dad had thought that mum would be ashamed because of what I said when she was eager to hear a gist.
When I got into Marion’s room he was sitting sadly behind his laptop.
“Hey sup?”
He raised his eyes and that was when I saw how red and swollen they were.
I rushed to him and kneeled in front of him.
“What’s wrong?” I asked and held his face in my palm.
He removed my palm and hugged me .
“I thought you left me again.” He began to weep.
” Mum and dad said they didn’t know where you were when I asked of you yesterday. They later said you got into an accident and it was true.” He wept loudly.
” Marion..”
” Please don’t ever leave me again.” He hugged me tightly and I reciprocated and I was also getting emotional as well.
I pulled away. “Never. I’ll never leave you.”
“Yes, it’s a promise.” I wiped his tears.
” Now smile for me.”
” Don’t feel like.”
“For me.”
“No no.” He said.
” You know, no girl is gonna like you if you cry and don’t smile.”
” Oh, is it?” He got up and crossed his arms over his chest.
I nodded and got up as well.
“How did you know that? Are you into boys now?”
My eyes widened. “Hell No!”
“But the clothes you’re wearing are not mine so who’s it for?” He asked with eyes on me.
I wished I never opened my big mouth.
“That’s not important Marion but why ask all those questions?”
” Well you shouldn’t have also said that because all the girls in my class said I was cute and girls always like cute boys. It doesn’t matter if I cry or not.”
” How wrong you are Marion. Girls like strong boys who can protect them and not crybabies. How will you protect your girl if you’re weak? Yes, you’re cute and we all know but is that all?”
He nodded thoughtfully.
” Tell me, has any of them said they liked you?”
He shook his head.
” So you see?”
” You’re right sis. But since when did you know a lot? You haven’t found yourself a boyfriend have you?”
” One doesn’t need a boyfriend or a girlfriend to wise up little bro. And don’t try getting one. At least not now.”
Marion is just nine years and a girl is not what he needs now.
“I’ll take that as an advice.” He said.
“Alright. See you later. I need to rest.”
” But you haven’t smiled yet.”
He grinned at me before I left.
I opened my door and there was Betsy sitting on my bed.
“How are you girlfriend?” She asked.
“I’m fine but just hungry. Can you please..”
” I got it.” She got up and left the room.
She returned later with a tray full of foodies.
“Have you guys sorted everything out?”
She asked after I’ve eaten finish.
“Who and who?”
“You and Novan.”
“No. Why do you ask?”
“I saw him drop you today and you guys were pretty friendly for the first and you’re even wearing his clothes.”
” He’s not the one. I also thought it was him at first glance but their totally different.”
” It’s Novan.” She stated.
” It’s not him.” I insisted.
“Do you know Novan at all?”
My eyes narrowed. ” I don’t and never wish to.”
” Alright, the day you will like to know him then let me know. I just hope it won’t be late.”
” What do you mean?”
” Nothing”
” You’re boring, get out of my room. I need to rest.”
” Yeah,sure.”
I thought she’ll leave but she just made herself comfortable on my bed.
I wanted to say something else but my head began to ache so I just liked down.
“Won’t you take his clothes off?”
“Later, I don’t have the strength to.”
” Are you alright?” She got up.
” Yeah, don’t worry.”
I spent the next day which was Thursday in bed.
I was feeling pains all over my body all through.
I stood to go outside when I heard a car drove into our driveway.
Everyone was in the house so who could it be?
Maybe, my car has been brought.
I slipped my feet into a sandal and got downstairs.
“Are you expecting someone?” Dad asked when he saw me coming down.
” Yeah,my car.”
I opened the door, wishing that I’ll see Shane but it was someone else.
The smile cleared from my face as I took my key from the person. “Thanks.”
I was going back in when someone pulled me back by the arm.
I thought it was the man so I prepared to jab him but it was Donovan.
“What are you doing here?” I snatched my hands from his.
“We need to talk.”
“But I don’t want to.” I snapped.
“Please, come along.” He grabbed my arm again.
I didn’t want to create a scene so I followed him to his car which has been parked beside the one that was brought just now.
We got in and he drove out.
“I followed you because I didn’t want my parents to know that you’re really the Novan that has been disturbing their daughter.”
” Seriously?” He chuckled.
” Nothing is funny Novan. I need you to tell me what you have to say already.”
” What happened to you?” He asked and glanced at my forehead then back to the road.
“Not your business.”
“Do you really hate me that much?”
What? Did he say that?
” Don’t make me the bad guy Novan.”
He suddenly turned the car around.”I’m sorry. There’s actually nothing to say. I’ll drop you back home but prepare to see me in your house everyday until you’re back to school.”
” Huh? You won’t do that!”
” Wanna bet?” He smirked.
I used this moment to stare in his face.
Betsy has said that Shane was Novan and i really will like to confirm that.
Shane has a bronze hair but Donovan had brown hair. His face was chiseled and we’ll defined just like Shane. His lips were red but Shane had pink lips. They were both handsome but Shane won him hands down. They actually looked a bit alike but there’s still some difference…
“Stop staring too much. You got me feeling shy.” He brought his hands to cover his face.
“Look, am even blushing.” He said when he took his hands off his face and I was tempted to look at his face.
I chortled in to laughter when I saw red tints on his cheeks. I lost my cool and laughed out loud.
I’ve never seen a man blush before and if I’d see one, I never imagined to see Novan’s blushing face.
The sight before me was very hilarious.
“I don’t believe it Novan, let me touch it.” I stretched my hand to his face.
” No way! There’s no way I’d allow that.” He said and chuckled more. He brought his tongue out and swiped it on the upper lip. Something slivery glistened.
It was a tongue ring.
Now am convinced!
Shane and Donovan are completely different people.
While Shane is a good at just a first glance, Donovan is a bad guy with all the tattoos in the world on his body.
It’s a calculated guess though
{That changed everything ✓}
“No need to take me in, I’ll trek home.” I said when he was about to drive through our gate.
“Why? Shy of me?”
” Not at all, just don’t want you to start acting all cocky and jerky in front of my parents.” I began to remove the seat belt.
” Is that all?” He asked and stopped the car.
“Well maybe I just don’t wanna see that face of yours any longer.” I got out and banged the door.
He also got out and started racing after me.
“Will be picking you up tomorrow so let me have your digit.”
” Go get that in hell.” I retorted.
He kept racing towards me while I quickened my pace.
I stopped abruptly and turned with my arms flying in the air which hit something and caused it to fall.
I looked down and saw a phone whose screen was on with a little girl’s face. I lifted my head and saw Novan’s frowned face then he bend to pick the phone up.
The moment he picked the phone, a call came through and his frown deepened with worry.
Without sparing a glance, he muttered, “I gotta go.” He took long strides, got into his car and drove out of sight.
What just happened?
I walked home with a puzzled face.
I barely got to my room when my phone began to ring.
I walked to my bed and picked it up. It was an unknown number so I hesitated for a while before picking up.
“Hello.” I heard a frail voice.
“Shane here. Have you received your car?”
“Oh Shane. Yeah, I got the car. Thanks.”
” Welcome. I was busy that’s why I couldn’t bring it.”
” Don’t worry, so how much do I owe?”
“Oh come on, you owe nothing.”
” But I really don’t want you to do something I was supposed to. I spoiled my car by getting into accident. Then you helped me and repaired the car which is a whole lot so let me bear the bills. You’ve done more than enough.”
” Fine, you’ll repay me.”
” Great, send me your accounts details after the call…”
” Hold on, you’ll pay but not in that manner.”
” How? Get me to understand.”
” If it’ll be okay with you, can we hangout on Saturday? That I’ll be a nice way to repay me.”
I went silence because I didn’t know what to say.
I haven’t gone out with any guy before apart from my dad and little brother.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked that..” He said when i was still not talking.
“Don’t worry, am in.”
“Are you sure? Because I kind of don’t want you to to feel pressured by this..”
” I’m okay Shane. So Saturday it is.”
“Yeah, I’ll come pick you up. thanks.”
Then he hanged up.
I stared into space for some minutes.
“Did I just heard you fix a date with someone?”
I groaned when I heard mum’s voice.
“That was creepy mum.” I grumbled and turned to her.
“I hope you’re alright? You’re not tired and feeling pains are you?”
“Am okay mum, I knew you came in just for the gist so I’ll tell you. ” I looked at her face and kissed her before going to sit on my bed.
She sat beside me so I decided to put my head on her lap then I straightened my legs on the bed. Her hands automatically went in to my hair and she began to massage my scalp.
“When I had the accident, I lost consciousness and woke in a bed which I later got to know was owned by the boy who saved me.
My car got damaged so he sent it to the mechanic and that was why he sent someone to bring it yesterday.
I was just thanking him for that on the phone, I also wanted to pay for the repair of the car but he declined so when he asked if we could hangout on Saturday, I agreed just to repay him for the good he did to me, that’s all.
There’s absolutely nothing between us. So the one who helped me is Shane, that’s his name.”
” He sounds like a sweet guy.”
” Yeah, I guess.”
” Have he sent the location yet?”
” Nope.” I pouted.
” Are you nervous about it?”
” Yes mum, I’m filled with so much anxiety.”
” Yeah, it’s expected. A first date and with a first guy ever is not something very common. You’ll feel funny and all that but you just have to relax and enjoy the moment.”
” Have you noticed what you just did?” I asked.
” Yeah, I just consented for you to go on a date.”
” Glad you know.” I replied and chuckled.
” I trust my daughter.” She proclaimed proudly.
“Sure you do.” I replied teasingly.
The next morning, by nine, I was ready and set to move out to a library with a few of my notes.
I picked my backpack and started to leave my room.
Betsy has already left for school as well as Marion.
Mum and dad has also left for work.
Two horns from the driveway below stopped me from getting out. I walked back to my window , moved the curtain and looked down.
Can anything get worse? If that red charger keep appearing before me , I might for sure set it on fire one fine day.
Why the fuck will he come to my house this early?
He stepped out of the car and looked up straight towards me.
Our eyes met through the window. Then he did the unthinkable.
He blew me a kiss .
I cringed, I still dislike him so much .
He smirked.
With enough force I pulled the curtain over the window pane, shutting his face out of sight.
Love me, love me
Say that you love me
Fool me, fool me
Oh, how you do me
Kiss me, kiss me
Say that you miss me…
The ringtone I’ve set for callers not on my contact list blew up.
“Told you I will get it” the person on the line replied.
It got me puzzled a moment but soon I yanked back the window curtain open. There Novan stood with his cellphone to his ear, grinning widely.
“Get down, doll face. You and I gotta go. Told you i was gonna come, didn’t I ?.”
Is he actually missing school for me?