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iBSmartify Nigeria invented the World's First Philanthropic Blockchain (InksLedger) and the World's First Charitable Trust DAO (InksNation) which can end poverty in any country in less than 9 months incentivising goodness, promoting love, unity, oneness, peace and equitable distribution of wealth. We also invented the world's first Reserve Cryptocurrency called PinKoin, Africa's first QR Debit Card called PinKard and lots more .Crypto Logo

Our Native Reserve Coin called PinKoin will pay every single Nigerian, African and Human being on earth including babies born everyday a minimum of N120,000 ($330) monthly for life as UCBI (Universal Child Basic Income)

Why? Because, it is estimated globally that by 2025, 80% of jobs will be automated by machines and artificial intelligence. This will leave a lot of people jobless affecting African Nations the most. Humans are the biggest assets on earth, so our blockchain is therefore backed by human asset, which makes it possible to incentivise its valuer (you & I).

Human Asset mean that every human being is special so therefore every human being is a living node on our blockchain.

Instead of making humans compete with AI for jobs, we are proposing and building a new ecosystem where AI itself becomes our national & universal housemaids, servants and messengers while we the Human Assets live like Kings & Queens that God had programmed us to be.

We are the median generation and it's our collective calling to correct the errors of all the past generations put together, and we have to get it right and most importantly we have successfully killed the Godship & Worship of money by backing it with the world's biggest asset (Human Asset) which ties its value to the direct value it gives the human race.


Physinews Media We Work with a Verified Exchanger, By Activating Profile, Verify Profile by presenting Your Identity and Pay Your Lifetime Salary to your Nigeria Bank Account, Below are the Registration Process Fee and Lifetime Salary to be pay..

 • Bronze: Register fee 1,000 Naira, Lifetime Salary N120,000 Naira

• Silver : Registration Fee 10,000 Naira Lifetime Salary 180,000 Naira

• Gold Registration Fee 100,000 Naira Lifetime Salary 240,000 Naira

• Diamond Registration Fee 1,000,000 Naira Lifetime Salary 300,000 Naira


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Note: This is Real that's why We Launch it Here On Our Blog we can never Publish what will Harm Or Scam Anyone here because we Value Our Blog Name Alot, this is Golden Opportunity to Nigerians to Grab, Join Today and earn a Lifetime Salary The Registration Price Might Increase Tomorrow so we Encourage both Old and Young to Stick to this Opportunity ...