Chapter 20
“ Casper! Please, don't let him take me!”, she cried.
“ Let her go now!”, I yelled.
My brother just shook his head no and pulled her hair even harder.
That's it! I couldn't take it anymore.
I charged towards my brother and was within an inch of him, when all
of a sudden both he and Crystal were gone.
I woke up terrified, I had to go and check on Crystal immediately! I
ran to her room and barged through the door, she wasn't in her bed.
So I looked in the bathroom, still no sign.
“CRYSTAL! WHERE ARE YOU?”, I screamed as loud as possible.
That's when I heard it, I could hear her heart beating. She was
downstairs, probably in the kitchen. Using my Vampire speed I was
down there within two seconds.
“Why were you screaming?”, she asked looking confused.
“You weren't in bed.”
“No I was getting breakfast, you said be ready by nine and it's eight
thirty.”, she said
“Great! Didn't I look like a fool. Can you blame me though? I'm not
letting her out of my sight, from this point on.”, I thought to myself.
“Sorry, I forgot to check the time.”, I lied.
I watched her grab cold pizza out of the fridge, and place two slices
onto a plate.
She sat down at the table and held out a piece to me, “Would you
like some?”, she asked.
“No thank you.”, I replied.
“Well are you going to get dressed today?”, she asked.
That's when I realized I was still in my clothes from yesterday.
“I'll be back in a minute.”, I said as I rushed out of the kitchen, and
to my room to quickly change.
I was back downstairs by the time she walked out of the kitchen.
“I'm ready.”, I said. I had a huge smile on my face, because the look
on hers was priceless.
“Let's go.”, she said.
We headed into town to hit up the party stores.
“What do we need?”, I asked her.
“You're joking right? This is your party and you don't know what to
buy?”, she asked while laughing.
“I've never thrown a party before.”, I said honestly.
“You're a Vampire, you've been alive for god knows how long and
you don't know what to buy for a party? Surely you've been to a
party before?”, she asked.
“Yes but it's been a really long time since I've been to one, please
help me?”, I begged. I gave her sad puppy dog eyes, or at least I
think that's what they call them.
“Okay I'll help you. First we need a color scheme, how about black,
red, and white? You seem to have a lot of that in the house so it will
blend easily.”, she said.
“Okay, what else?”, I asked.
“Decorations; like balloons, streamers, chair covers, you know stuff
like that. Then you need music, you can't have a party without any
Damn what was I getting myself into? Sapphire was meant to take
care of all of this, but I told her I would help.
“You are serving food, right?”, she asked.
“Of course! We can't have our guests starving now can we?”, I said.
“That reminds me I need to make a trip to the blood bank, I'll do it
later this afternoon.
We arrived at a party shop and Crystal's eyes winded like she was a
child in a lolly shop.
I let her go for it, she picked out everything she thought we would
“Oh can we get an ice sculpture? I've always wanted one of them at
a party.”, she said.
I couldn't help myself and I agreed, and we ordered one. She chose
the design, I didn't even bother listening as I knew she would pick
something great.
“Okay I'm done now.”, she said with a huge smile on her face.
“Is there anything else we need?”, I asked her.
“Nope I think I got everything.”
We gathered the balloons and other things into the car.
“Would you like to go home now?”, I asked her.
“Yes please, I think I'm all shopped out.”, she said laughing.
We got in the car and made our way back to the house, she seemed
happier today. Maybe all she needed was a good-night’s sleep.
When I pulled into the drive way there was a car I didn't recognize. I
slowly pulled up to the front of the house.
“Who is that?”, she asked.
“ I have no idea.”, I replied.
I wasn't sure if I should leave her in the car or not. She's probably
safer in here, if whoever it is inside is a threat.
“When I get out lock the doors and do not come out until I say so.”, I
She nodded her head in agreement. I slowly opened my door and I
knew who it was instantly.

I watched as Casper got out of the car and all of a sudden tensed
up. He walked across the driveway and toward the steps of the
“Who could it be?”, I wondered.
I saw someone step out of the car, his back was towards me but I
had a feeling I knew who it was.
He was the same height as Casper and muscular with black hair. I
began to panic! I was Jasper, it had to be! I couldn't help but
wonder why he was here, and I started humming in case he could
read my mind.
“Why are you here?”, I heard Casper ask.
“I came to see my only brother, is that a crime”, he asked.
“Yes it is, now what do you want?”, Casper asked him.
“Her.”, was his only reply.
“Over my dead body.”, Casper stated.
“That can be arranged.”, Jasper replied in a smug tone.
“PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T HURT HIM!”, I screamed from inside the
After that everything happened so fast, I could tell Casper and
Jasper were fighting. I could just barely make out their shapes, they
were so blurry. They were in the front yard and I was about to jump
out of the car. Then I remembered the dream that I'd had about
Jasper chasing me through the forest.
“CASPER!”, I screamed as they disappeared into the forest.
“I should be quiet.”, I thought to myself.
The fighting continued but the noise was fading, I couldn't stop
myself from thinking the worst.
“Is Casper hurt? Is he dead? Did he kill his brother? If he is hurt, how
do you treat an injured Vampire? All these questions kept running
through in my head.
The crashing and banging had stopped, so being stupid I decided to
get out of the car. I slowly opened the door and got out, I walked
towards where I thought I heard them fighting. I looked all around
but I couldn't see anything.
My heart started beating faster and I knew I shouldn't have walked
towards the forest, but I did anyway.
“What the hell are you doing?,” I heard Casper ask from behind me.
I turned around to see that he looked disappointed, but at this point
I didn't care.
“I was looking for you, thank god you're alive!”, I said and threw
myself into his arms.
“Of course I'm alive.”, he said relaxing a little.
I looked him over, and saw that his clothes were torn, and he had a
few deep cuts here and there but that was about it.
I realized that I was still wrapped in his arms, so I stepped back and
started blushing. “Come on let's go get you cleaned up.”, I said.
“I'm fine, I'll be healed in a few hours.”, he said.
“No come on inside, and let me take a look at them.”, I said.
He finally gave in and followed me into the house. I walked straight
into the downstairs bathroom and got the First Aid kit, then rushed
back into the lounge room. Casper was sitting on the lounge, and
looked up as I entered the room.
“Here let me clean up your cuts a little.”, I said.
“It's really okay, I'll heal.”, he said.
“It's not okay, the cuts could become severely infected.”, I told him.
He just started laughing at me, and I couldn't understand why. Was I
wrong, don't Vampires get infections?


Chapter 21
“No they won't get infected we're not like humans, what blood we
have running through us kills off all germs and disease.
“Oh...okay.”, I replied not knowing what else to say.
“So you don't get sick?”, I asked him.
“Nope not at all.”, he replied.
I couldn't help myself I put some peroxide on some gauze, and
wiped the blood from around his eye. The cut look really deep, and I
couldn't believe what was happening before my very eyes. The cut
was starting to close up all by itself!
“See I heal quickly. They'll all be healed within the next hour.”, he
said smiling.
“No shit...”, was all I could manage to get out.
That was unbelievable that they could just heal up all by themselves ,
all it looked like now was a faint pink line. You couldn't even tell it
was there unless you were really close up.
“That is so cool, I wish I could do that.”, I thought.
“Okay if you don't want me to try and clean them I won't.”, I said a
little disappointed.
He stood up and walked towards the stairs, and I assumed he was
going up to his room. I looked down at my hands in my lap, and
started to feel lonely. I hated being left all alone, especially in this
house. I know it sounds stupid, I mean he is only upstairs, but I still
felt all alone.
***JASPER”S P.O.V***
I could sense my brother was still in the house wit his little pet. I
could smell his blood from all the way out here in the forest. If I tried
hard enough I would be able to hear what was being said, but I
didn't even bother to try.
Slowly I made my way to the house towards my car, but I had to be
careful not to get too close. If I did he would sense me, and I
couldn't have that. My abilities are stronger than Casper's, but he is
physically stronger.
I knew his little toy wouldn't have a clue I was out here, so I sat
about five hundred meters into the forest on a tree branch. I
concentrated really hard so I could listen in on her thoughts.
“Please hurry Casper.”, she thought.
“Why do I feel like this? I was brought here against my will, and now
I think I'm starting to have feelings for him.”
So good boy Casper isn't so good after all. He kidnapped his little
pet, but something was off. If she were only a little pet to him, why
did he care so deeply then. Vampires no matter how good they are,
don't go out of their way to protect humans. This could only mean
one thing...he loved her. I'll bet it's even possible that she is his soul
I couldn't worry about that anymore though, I needed to figure out
when the best time to attack would be. I would have to catch him
when he was distracted for me to even stand a chance. I focused
back in on her thoughts, to see if I could hear something that would
be to my advantage.
Casper had come back down stairs, and was back in the lounge with
her. All I seemed to be getting from them is how much they care
about each other.
“Damn I still need to go to the blood bank.”, I heard Casper think to
So he is definitely not drinking from his little pet then, and that
means he's got more strength than I thought. Just the smell of her
in that car made me want to drain her dry.
“The party is tomorrow and I still don't know what to wear.”, I finally
heard the little pet say.
Finally something that would be useful, and he will be distracted so
this is perfect!

“Casper what should I wear tomorrow?”, she asked my useless
“Whatever you want to, it's nothing real fancy.”, he replied.
I need a damn time, because I'm not about to sit out here all day
waiting for this party to start. I've got a brother to kill, and a throne
to take so I don't have time for any bullshit.
After sitting out here for three hours, I had finally managed to get a
time. The party would start at eight and my idiot brother would be so
busy entertaining his guests, that he'd never see this coming.
I sat out there till around one in the morning, when they finally made
their way to bed.
I knew that I had to go and get ready to plan my attack, soon
enough the throne would be mine!
I ran as quickly as possible through the forest, I could come back for
my car later. I made it to my hotel in less than three minutes. I
needed to plan just how everything was going to play out, and I
know others who want revenge on Casper so I won't be alone. With
that in mind I started to make some phone calls, and asked them to
meet up with me at six sharp at the old railroad tracks. Finally I was
going to have what should have been mine all along.
***CASPER'S P.O.V***
Today is the day of the party and Sapphire arrived an hour ago, and
has decorated the ballroom. It's not a fancy party but she wanted to
use the ballroom, and I've already learned not to argue with her.
Crystal was upstairs pulling her wardrobe apart looking for
something to wear. I'm lucky I'm not a girl, I just throw on the first
thing I see.
Only three more hours until the party starts. I made a trip to the
blood bank this morning, and picked up a few more things for the
guest's to eat. Crystal insisted on having hot finger foods so I didn't
argue, and let her choose what she wanted to have. I knew whatever
she picked would be great, so I wasn't worried.
As the hours ticked by the party got closer, and the guests would be
arriving soon. I went upstairs to check and see if Crystal was ready
“Are you ready yet?”, I asked from outside the door.
“Casper go away.”, I heard Sapphire say and Crystal laughed softly.
“No open the door.”, I said, curious as to why they didn't want me in
I tried my luck but the door was locked.
“Great they've locked me out, however, I could always break it
down.”, I thought.
I knew I wouldn't do that though, I wouldn't invade her privacy. Even
though I was dying to find out what the two of them were doing,
and why they had the door locked.
“Fine, I won't come in but be down soon, guests will be here
shortly.”, I said in defeat.
I waited downstairs for the girls, but they still hadn't come down.
Already the guests were starting to arrive, so I started leading them
in through the house to the ballroom.
I realized that the few people who had showed up so far I didn't
know, so they must be friends of Sapphire.
“Please help yourself to the food and drinks, and the sound system
is in the corner.”, I said pointing to the left corner of the room.
“Thank you.”, they all said.
I went back to the stairs but instead of seeing the girls, I saw a
whole bunch of people at the door.
“Please just follow this hallway, and you'll find the ballroom to your
right. Help yourself to the food and drinks in there.”, I told them.
I turned to go up the stairs to see what was taking them so long.
When I turned I looked up and froze...there at the top landing was
the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.