My 馃懟 Ghost Admirer Episode 13 || 14 || 15




Episode 13
I turned back to leave, then I saw
Debbie coming. I quickly put on a
smile to hide the expression on
my face. “Morning”she greeted. “Good morning. I
expected you to meet
with me yesterday but
you didn’t show up”I said
looking at her. “Yes. I had an
emergency meeting yesterday.
Sorry for disappointing you.”she said not looking
good. “Really. I have
missed you. It has been
long we last talk properly ever
since I left to the state. I want
things back in place huh”I said
looking at her. She nodded her head in response.
“OK I understand you.
You know am
kind of too busy these days.”she
replied. “OK. Can you make it
tonight?”I asked. “I’ll call you
when I check my schedule for today. It’s like am
free tonight”she
“Alright. I’ll be expecting your
call”I said and she left. I left the
scene heading to my office.
: Stella’s POV I entered the practice room
saw the girls already hanging
around. The choreographer is
not yet there. Since I don’t know
anybody I could talk to, I sat alone beside the
speaker. Some were
doing free style some
were laughing and chatting. I
spotted three girls at a corner
looking at me and gossiping
about something. When I saw the killer look on
their face, I also stared back
at them badly. “I
know you guys are the one
giving the poor Jenny hard time.
They’re not even as pretty as
her”I thought to myself. They started coming
towards me. When they
got to me, they
stopped and a weird looking girl
stepped forward. She was
putting on a loose long sleeve off
shoulder top which was above her abdomen and a
black bum short
matching with her black
and white Jordan sneakers. Her
make up made her look like an
evil ghost. On seeing her weird
looking face, I couldn’t help it but giggle covering
my mouth with my hand. I
think that made her
more annoyed. “Benny or
whatever your name is called.
You better work with your brain
today. You’re giving others hard time OK?”she said
folding her arms.
“Yes that’s true. Her moves were
so annoying and bad. If you find
this hard, why don’t you quit
already? No one is forcing you
here”another girl said. “That’s it. It’s not
compulsory you must be
a dancer. Stop suffocating us
horrible moves”another one said.
“Oh my God! Is this what Jenny
go through everyday? How could
she take all this insult from these mean girls.? Well
you guys are
always like this. You don’t want
anyone better than you”I
thought to myself. I stood up and
faced them. “You, you and you”I
said pointing to them one after the other. The
remaining girls
around us, stopped all they were
doing and faced me. By now all
attentions were on me. But why?
They didn’t do this when the girls
were insulting me but when I spoke, they all were
staring at
me. I ignored them and
continued. “You”I said pointing
to the weird looking girl. “Did
you forget to check your mirror
before coming to practice? You have to take care of
your horrible
looking face before complaining
about others mistakes”I said
staring at her. “You guys should
find something better to discuss.
Stop wasting your time gossiping about innocent
people. And mind
you, it’s Jenny not Benny ok”i
added looking at the remaining
girls. They all were surprised by
“Has she lost her mind? What has gotten over her?
Are you sure
she’s Jenny?”I heard some girls
murmuring. “Wow. You became
so bold overnight. I can’t believe
people could change easily. We’ll
see the horrible person here after the upcoming
said smiling. Just then, a lady
came in. She wore a pink
leggings and a black top which
looks like a tube. Covering only
the chest showing her flat tummy. “I’ve seen her
before. Oh
she’s the pretty model. Mr
handsome crush”I thought to
myself staring at her.
“Girls! Let’s start”she said moving
to the front. The three girls gave me a bad
look before leaving. We all
formed a three row and four
column. Making twelve In
“Let’s see what you were taught yesterday”she said.
“What should
I do? I don’t know what they
were taught yesterday. How
should I go about it?”I thought
to myself feeling unease.
She played the music and they started. I was just
following what
they were doing but it was not
matching. The lady walks to me
smiling. “Are you sure you
practiced with them?”she asked
looking at me. I nodded my head in respond and
continue. The
weird looking girl smiled and
purposely pushed me with her
shoulder. I twisted my ankle and
fell. “Ouch!” I screamed out
holding my ankle. As I fell to the ground, everyone
stopped the
dance and were staring at me.
The lady bent down beside me
holding my hand”are you OK?
You should have be more
careful”she said looking worried. When she said
that, a memory
flashed to my head again.
We were in practice room
dancing to a song, suddenly I
twisted my ankle and fell to the ground. The girl I
was sitting with
the other day, quickly bent down
beside me holding my
hand”stella are you OK? You
should have be more careful”she
said having the same look as this present lady only
the hair style
was different. “Stella! Debbie! Are
you guys OK?”a guy’s voice said
from behind.
“Am OK. I think I overdid it”I said
smiling at her. “Are you sure it’s fine?”She said and
helped me up
also smiling.
As she finished the statement, her
face was clear to me as she was
staring at me with those same look as then. I was
so shocked
by the memory I just
remembered. I was staring at her
confusingly. “Debbie?”that was
all I could pronounce out.
“If she’s really the Debbie in my memory, she might
know the
reason behind my death. Since
she was my best friend then. She
was staring at me confusingly


Episode 14
John’s POV
I was working on some files in
my office. Someone knocked on
the door and I responded the person should come
in. I lifted my head
to see the person, to my
surprise it was Cassandra. The
outfit she put on was so hot on
her. A mini gown which fitted her
body revealing those sexy curves. The chest was
half covered. Her
boobs were
revealing at the top. Immediately
she got in, my eyes were glued
on her body as she walks
towards my desk. I promise myself not to be a
player anymore but
seeing her in this
tempting situation can’t let me
stop. I must have her too. Even if
it’ll last two days, I have to date
her. She got to my desk and placed the files
on it. “Good morning sir.
How was your night?”she
greeted as she dropped it. “Oh. It
was fine and yours?”I replied
smiling. “You never ask of what I have to tell
you.”she said looking at me.
“Sorry dear. I’ll like to
know”I replied smiling. She
moved closer to where I was
sitting and placed her hand on
my shoulder smiling seductively. : Stella’s POV
As I called her name, everyone
were silent looking at me. “Are
you OK?”she asked trying to help
me up. I manage to stand up
myself. “You can take 5minutes break for now
OK”she said
looking at me. “OK. Thanks”I
said. I left the queue and sat
somewhere looking at them from
where I sat. I was staring at
Debbie as she spoke to them. When they were
about starting,
she looked back at me with an
unknown expression then
concentrated back to the girls.
After practice, she came to where
I was sitting and sat beside me. “Is your leg
OK?”she asked
looking at me. “Yes. Thanks for
your concern”I replied smiling.
She sighed and was quiet for a
“Well, that happens ones in a while.”she said. “Dont
hurt those
pretty legs again. You need to be
careful OK.”she said smiling. “Oh.
Really? Am sorry for being rude
back there. I mean the way I
called you”I said. “That’s nothing. You don’t need
to. But the way
you called me reminds me of
someone”she said smiling. I
looked at her face and nodded
my head. “Is that it? Saying it with
this look on your face, I could tell that friend is far
away from you
or you guys lost contact”I said
looking at her. She was silent for
some seconds before replying
me. “She’s dead”she said not
looking at me. She has this painful expression on
her face.
“Am sorry”I said feeling bad. “It’s
OK.”she said smiling. “She was
my best friend when she was
alive. Although I never believed
she’s dead. But all evidence said she’s dead. It
was so sad and
painful”she said looking sad. I
was so confused by her words.
She said she can’t believe she’s
dead, but why did she say
that?””I thought to myself staring at her. “Why did
you say that?
Why don’t you believe she’s
dead?”I asked looking curious.
She faced me with this pitiful look
on her face. “Because her body
was not found”she said looking at me. :
John’s POV
Cassandra was beside me. She
asked of my phone and I started
searching for it. It was then I
remembered I left it in my car. “Am sorry. I need to
get it from
my car”I said. “Why don’t you
give me yours instead. I’ll save it
to my phone later”I said bringing
out a pen. I stretched it out to her but she
pushed my hand down gentle. “I want to type it on
phone. Go and get it”she said
“Ok. If you wish to. Let me get it I
won’t be late”I said and stood up from
the seat. “I’ll be right back”I said and
walked towards the door.
Few minutes later, I got my
phone and was going back to
office. I was smiling to myself as I walked
towards my office. When I got to the door, I looked
through the window And I
noticed Cassandra was searching
through my drawer. She
searched the desk and some files on it.
The look on her face showed she was looking for
something. When I saw this, my
expression changed. I wonder
what she’s up to. Why’s she
fumbling through my stuffs?””I thought to
myself looking annoyed. I opened the door and
she quickly went back to her
standing position acting as if
nothing just happened. “You’re
here”she said smiling. I walked to my
desk and arranged those files to how I kept them.
She tried
to touch me but I stopped her.
“Were you able to find what you
were looking for?”I asked
staring at her. She was shocked to hear
that from me. Her expression changed. “What do
you mean?”she asked having
this innocent look. “Who sent
you?”I asked looking straight
into her eyes. :
Stephen’s POV When Cassandra told me
everything on how john caught
her, I landed a heavy slap on her
face which made her staggered back
holding the desk behind
her. “How can you be so careless? Didn’t I warned
you to
be careful”I said looking at her
angrily. “I won’t forgive you this
time. Be prepared to see the worst”I said
looking at her. She
looked up at me begging me seriously for
forgiveness. “Please
spare me. I promise to do
whatever you want. Please just
give me one more chance. It won’t…..”
I raised my hand to slap her
again but I hanged it in the air looking at her. I
brought it down
gently still boiling in anger. “One
more chance. One more chance. Am tired
of that statement. Until
when will I give you those
chances?”I asked looking more angry. She went
down on her
kneel with tears on her face. “If I
fail this time around. You can kill me. I
will bet with my life this
time.”she said looking at me. I
smiled nodding my head. “Good. If you fail to gain
his trust back
and fulfill your mission, I will rip
out your heart and throw your dead body
in the cold river for
fishes to feast on”I said looking
at her in anger.. .

Episode 15
Stella’s POV
When she said that, I was so
confused. “Do you mean her
body was not found till now. So if that’s it, why did
you guys concluded
she’s dead and not
missing?”I asked her looking
more confused.
She looked at me smiling.”why
are you so interested in this. So you mean you
never read the news about
Suzy Mick
death?”she asked looking at me.
“Am sorry for asking too much.
But I just wish to know that one
reason you guys don’t believe she’s dead”I said.
“Only her bag and
belongings could be seen by
the sea shore. Her jacket was
found with blood over it. But her
own body was not found. They
searched the sea and everywhere but she was not
found. So
they concluded the
fishes ate up her body already.
But I never believed any of it.
She’s my close friend, she never
told me she’s going to the place they found all
those stuffs. She told me
she’s meeting with
someone. But I just hope he isn’t
the one behind it. I must find out
about everything. I must see her
body with my eyes before I can believe she’s truly
dead. I won’t forgive
him if he really did that to
my friend.”she said looking hurt
and sad. “So sorry for that. But
you were saying “him” sorry to
ask but Do you suspect someone?”I asked her. She
looked at me
with a smile”are
you interrogating me right now?
Maybe you should be a
prosecutor instead of a
dancer”she said looking at me. “Sorry for that. I just
felt bad about the
incident. I wish to
know more of it”I replied. “We’ll
talk about that later. I need to go
for now. Someone is waiting for
me.”she said standing up from my side. I also
stood up looking at
her”OK. Thanks for today.”I
said smiling. “You have to threat
that leg OK”she said smiling. “Yes
ma’am”I replied.
: John’s POV I sat in my office thinking
the thing Cassandra did. “What’s
she looking for? Why is she
messing up with my stuffs?”I
asked myself. I hated it when someone touch my
stuffs without my
knowledge. I think she has
something she’s trying to get
from my office. But what’s that?.
The sound of the door made me
snapped out of my thoughts. I looked at the door
and saw Stella. She
came to my desk and
sat on the seat opposite to me.
“Mr handsome I have something
to say”she said looking at me. I
sighed placing my hand on my forehead. “Will you
please stop calling
me that name. My name is
john not Mr handsome”I
corrrcted looking at her. “OK. Mr
john. I just heard about
something. It’s about my death”she said. “Really?
What’s it about?
Who did you hear that
from?”I asked looking at her.
“Debbie. Debbie told me about
everything”she replied.
“Debbie?”I asked looking surprised. I wonder how
Debbie know
about her death. “Yes. I
had a memory of how she and I
were close. Debbie was my
closest friend. I just find that out
today. She knows everything about me. She told me
things I never
know about my death
today. She said my body was not
found so there’s possibility am
not dead but that’s so confusing
to me. I mean am a ghost already”she said. “Your
body was not
found?”I asked again.
“Yes. And she said something
about Suzy Mick. Do you know
the person named Suzy
Mick?”she asked looking at me. I wonder why she
brought that up. “Yes I
know about that late
celebrity. she died three years
ago.”I replied looking at her.
I meet with her once that was
when I came to the company to meet my mum. I
bumped into her that
day. Even though I was at
fault then, she apologized to me
instead. I was so surprised by
that. I also apologized to her
immediately. It was then I developed interest in her.
When I found
out she died, it was so
painful to me. Many of her fans
were really heartbroken. “She’s a
good and nice person. Her death
was so hurtful to me”I said to her. Then I actually
had feelings for
her the first time I bumped into
her. That was love at first sight.
When we apologized to each
other and she left, I saw a gold
wrist chain on the floor. I think that dropped from
her. I picked it
up and tried to look for her but
she was gone. On my way to
office, I saw a poster placed on
the wall it was her picture. She
dressed like a pop star she looks so pretty while
she smiles in the
poster. A name was written at the
right top corner. ‘Suzy mick’ I
repeated the name smiling to
myself. When I got back home, I
went through the internet and started browsing
through her
biography and all details about
her. It was then I know she’s a
popular celebrity. I kept the wrist
chain in a box and put it In my
drawer wishing I could meet her again someday and
return that to
her. I visited my dad’s company
times without numbers just
hoping we could meet again.
After three months, I heard the
popular celebrity is dead. The news said she went
to beach but
was missing for two days. They
found her belonging by the
seashore and her body was
eaten up by the sea animals. It
was so painful to me. The second day was when
my mum’s body
was found by the same seashore.
I had two painful feeling about
my mum’s death and about her
When Stella mentioned her name now, it reminds
my of that painful
memory. “Why did you ask about
her?”I asked looking at her. She
was not saying anything for a
while. “Why are you silent?”I
asked her. “Suzy Mick was Debbie’s best friend. If I
those memories am having now
about Debbie and I, that means
am the Suzy Mick”she said staring
at me. That gave me a great
shock. I remembered the day I first saw her as a
ghost. She looks
so familiar to me but I couldn’t
recall her face then. But now that
she just said this, her image
formed in my head.”You’re are
Suzy Mick!”I said looking at her. I couldn’t believe
this is
happening. She’s really the girl I
met back then. What a
coincident”i thought to myself.
She was staring at me wondering
why am acting that way. .