Diamond in the Forest Episode 33 & 34

Episode 33 
(Semi Final)
Story by Amah

Remi and her Squad arrive the kingdom, some of the guards has already gone ahead of them to inform everyone of Remi’s arrival with the prince son who is believed to be the diamond child. 
People came out of their houses as the news began to go round that the pregnant maiden who was innocently banished returned with a son she had for Omooba. A Diamond child and a seed of crown.
News travelled so far as every one came out to watch and rejoice, the men came to welcome them with gangan and dundun (talking drum) they played fine music and the happy women dance, some other people came to hug Remi, others came to see the diamond child which was foretold.
They came with different harvest from their farm yard. They gave different gifts, like goats, fowl and so many other gift to Remi and her Squad.
The small crowd gradually turn into a big crowd as different people came to join to welcome Remi and the strangers with her.
Mikai exclaim happily as she saw lots of people gathering up around them as they gently walk down, they greeted them warmly in their dialect, some wanted to touch Ademide, the Diamond child. Who was securely tired on Remi’s back. Some threw their wrapper on the floor in honour to the diamond child.

“Wow, so many people…Pah can you see…I feel like I’m a celebrity…like a princess in the means of all this people…oh my God…I have never seen so many people like this…they are giving Remi the honour of a Queen…this is awesome...see all her people they are huge… Pah, I like it here…I like to be in the means of all this people…they are singing and dancing and is all unique… Pah can we live here…maybe for sometime…please don’t go anywhere….Remi’s people are all warm and inviting…I want to be among them…

“hahaha…this is like a triumphant entry…I never expected it…I like it here too, if you like it here then we all can stay, Mikai, we will stay here together if God wills it, I feel God is giving us another home among this great people…I feel so glad that God Remembered Remi and Emmanuel. We will pitch our tent and bring light to those in darkness…God is giving us another home…taking us away from the forest into this Kingdom…

Remi and the squad went down to her grandma’s place while the remaining guards return to the palace. The prince who was standing with the princess and wondering what was happening outside the palace. The singing the multiple gangan sound.

“My heart want to boast out…maybe Remi has returned…oh the gods be praise if it happens to be true…do you think she will ever forgive me….how do I even approach her now…after all we put her through…oh Remi…I feel so happy yet so scared that she may not forgive me…or allow me to hold my son…well I deserve every of her judgment…I wronged her…the land owe her greatly…I wish I can take her away from those crowd and draw her into a warm embrace…I really miss her…i…I do…I just hope I’m right and I am not ridding ahead of myself…what if she refuse to come back…what if she swear never to set her feet here again what are we going to do…what I’m I going to do without her, I could have gone into that forest and plead with her myself but I can’t leave the throne, is not right. Father and the cabinet men are all done, mother too…I have wanted to go, but it was not a wise decision, that was why I stayed back, everyday that passes without any news of her return gives me heart ache …oh I just hope she is the one…

The princess looked up at his brother and started laughing as he placed his hand on his chest with a confused face

“I’m certain that Remi has return…there is no other way the kingdom will be this lively and happy, she took the colour of this place when she left now everything is coming back, there has being cry of sadness and one bad news or the other ever since she left, now there are shout of joy on her return…I wish I can run out there right now…I am so happy my heart want to boast…Remi is back with your son…relax…she will forgive you…she maybe angry for some time but she will forgive you…le…

The guards who were with Remi came into the palace and the Prince breathed deeply as they came to him with Remi’s return. 
The prince screamed excitedly and also the princess, Ope ran out as the news got to her. She came to the princess

“I was hearing music and singing…I thought is coming from my head because is being a very long time we rejoice over anything in this kingdom…oh the gods be praise…

The princess was happy as she and Ope talked, the prince was rejoicing as he ask the guards

“Do you see my son…how is he…did Remi return with a stranger…tell me more

“The diamond child as people call him has your look, my prince he look so much like you. And Remi came back with some stranger not just one, a very young girl and a tall, huge man, his name is Sipah. He has a monkey on his shoulder, Remi seem to be so fond of him…he is a man with a deep scar on his forehead but strong arms and good looks too.

The prince breathed deeply, he robbed his too sweating palms as he wonder about Remi and the stranger that the guards said she was fond of, Leja has lied to him that Remi was his love and he believed him but not again, he will plead with everything possible even to the stranger to let Remi go, he doesn’t want to take chances again and loose her and he doesn’t care if Remi and the stranger lives as husband and wife in the forest all that matters is that he will fight for the woman he has never stop loving and for his son. 
He asked few guard to follow him so that he can go over to Remi’s grandma place, where Remi and her squad were lodging.
The princess and Ope followed happily but the prince chased them back. He asked them to wait when he return they can go and see her. All of them can not leave the palace at once
Oba and the Queen mother may need one of them.

Leja looked out from the breeze block where they were kept, he wonder why there was so much noise. Nike sat on the ground, eating the left over food that a maiden served them earlier. 
She also hard the noise and wonder what they were celebrating, she and Leja has not being talking to each other, Leja almost slapped her the other day as she provoked him, and ever since then she has being keeping to herself. anytime she want to ease herself she inform the guard station on their door and he will unlock the cell for her to go and ease up and return back, four guards were stationed around the cell, where she and Leja was.

Leja called one of the guards to ask him what the noise was all about

“Remi has returned with her diamond child…a son for the prince...everyone is celebrating her return…

Leja was stunned, he stood puzzled, Nike left the food that she was eating, she quickly lost her appetite, she turned to Leja

“Remi is dead…she was banished and she died in the forest…how come…how possible is it for her to survive the forest with wild animals and return back to the kingdom with a son for omooba…I doubt it…that guard is high on cheap wine…he is lying…

Leja ignored her as he began to think of his life whatever that awaits them, what will be his fate, he had great fear of the unknown, Nike wasn’t his problem and he hates her so much for making him to be in such a mess. He silently prayed to the gods to help him as Nike kept talking to herself….

Remi was seated with her happy grandma and excited Dami, Sipah and Mikai.
Dami collected Ademide from her back, Remi knelt before her grandma as the older woman filled with smile opened her arm in an embrace and Remi went and remained there as her grandma held her like a child, she released her and there were tears of joy pouring from Remi’s eyes. The older woman wipe the tear from Remi face and pat her cheek gently before asking Dami to bring the little boy.

As grandma carried the boy on her laps, she smile and gave a sigh of relief, Remi introduce Sipah and Mikai to her, and Ore the monkey was sitting beside Sipah.
Grandma asked them to come closer and when they did, she showered prayer of blessing on their head in Yoruba dialect, Sipah and Mikai did not understand but they joined everyone to say “Amin” after they stood up, Mikai felt Dami looking at her, she look in his direction but he quickly looked away shyly. 
Mikai smile, as she focused on the moment. She noticed Remi’s brother was so homely and so happy, he wasn’t so tall but he was good looking and very shy unlike Remi who is so bold.
Whenever she found him looking at her, Dami will look else where and dodge.

“I thank the gods for their mercy, welcome home Remi and my great grandchild, the seed of crown, birthed in the forest and brought home to his great kingdom where he will mount the throne of the great men in years to come and judge wisely and fairly. He will be the people’s best king….I’m also glad to have you home with us Sipah and your daughter Mikai….feel at home, thank you once again for all your kindness, you are indeed a good man and you are already blessed... This will be your home from now on because you are the answer for the future generation of this land…and our monkey frined…hahahaha, even the animals took likening to you and guide you home…what a monkey with human intelligence...

Ore waves it tail and made a funny noise as if he was saying “thank you” which made everyone to laugh. 
Men playing the ganagan increased the volume and singing voices went high as they saw the prince coming with his guards.

When Remi saw the prince and every one prostrating, she did not move from where she sat in between Sipah and Mikai.
Remi looked at the Prince and know that Ademide took after him so much, she noticed that the prince has slimed down, and he was counting his every steps as he move closer to where she was, she was having the wrapper she took from him on her laps, she looked away from him as he was looking at her.

The prince went to grandma and greeted, he looked sty the boy who look so much as him in his younger days. He breathed deeply and smile. He wanted to touch him but decided to make peace with Remi first.
He greeted the man sitting beside Remi and he responded warmly, the tall strong man with a warm smile introduced himself as Sipah and his daughter as Mikai.
The prince welcomed them, he looked at Remi who has refuse to look at him, he breathed again and looked back at the grandma who smiled and urged him to go ahead
He looked at Sipah as if he was trying to take permission and Sipah nodded him forward, the prince greeted Remi and thanked her for Returning home to them, he pleaded for her forgiveness, for the injustice done to her but Remi was sitting acting unconcerned 
The older woman spoke

“no wasting time, Omooba you have all the time to beg my grand daughter but right now let’s start with the most necessary, as you can see they just returned from a faraway journey, give her time to rest and think but most importantly first thing tomorrow, the diamond child will be taken to the palace, Remi carry him to Oba’s chamber and allow the Oba to hold the child’s hand, do the same for the Queen. Oba is the ruler of this kingdom and once the ruler is well again then every other sick person will get their healing, the cabinet men inclusive.

The prince stayed behind until the evening was turning into night, he spoke with Sipah on the forest life, Remi did not allow him to touch her son but he was a very patient man, he knows his sin against Remi was heavy and he will try to make it all right. The prince found out that Sipah does not have anything to do with Remi in terms of relationship, it was a great relief for him as he plan on what to do to gain Remis’ forgiveness and to win her back to himself.
Mikai joined Dami in the kitchen, but Dami was shy and started blushing

“I came to help you make the evening food, hope you don’t mind…please tell me what to do…

“aaa…ok…ay…there is nothing much left to do…thank you…may be you could tell me about the forest life…

Mikai was happy as she started telling Dami what her old environment was like and how to make an arrow and bow.

The prince asked Sipah and Mikai to join him in the palace and they obeyed... 

๐Ÿ’ŽDiamond In the Forest๐ŸŒณ
( EPISODE 34 ) The Concluding Episode
Before they left Mikai whispered to Remi’s ear “your brother is too shy but he is so cool…
“hahahaha…Dami is only shy because of you…he is never like this, maybe you have effect on him…don’t worry with time he will adjust to your presence, I will see you tomorrow at the palace. You will get to meet the kind princess, my good friend Ope and so many others there, I’m glad you and Pah has adapted to the environment already, Ore will stay here with us.
“please forgive the prince and marry him, he likes you and he is so handsome…Ade has his features…he will make a great father and a fine husband too…
“shhh…what do you know…I have told you before that you act like an over grown adult…oya..je ka lo…be going…
Mikai laughed out before leaving with Sipah and others to the palace that evening to spend the night there.
The following day Remi was at the palace with Ademide her son and did exactly what her grandma instructed, the Oba got up on his own as his health was restored back, so also is the Queen. The land was totally healed as the Oba mount his throne again.
Few days later Leja and Nike was brought out as their judgement began
After the Oba, the Queen mother and the cabinet men has pleaded for Remi forgiveness of which she forgave everyone of them as Sipah encouraged her to do.
Leja and Nike was brought out and Nike was telling Leja as they were escorted towards the Oba’s throne hall.
“Remi will forgive me, she is my sister after all, blood is thicker than water, she will not let them cast me off…because we are family and I am carrying your child too…Remi is not so heartless to allow them to pass a harsh judgement on me…she will consider my condition…I know I wrong her but she will let it go…what are sisters for…she has always have a soft spot for me…and forgives me anytime I offends her…she is not wicked…she will soften up when she sees me…is only you Leja that will go and suffer…if I had my way on time I would have terminated this pregnancy but it was too late after the plan with the prince did not work out…well I’m at Remi’s mercy and I know she will plead on my favour because we are family…
“you are very crazy…you think with your anus, look at the kind of trouble you brought me into, I curse the day I agree to join hands with you to do harm…I curse you and everything about you…whatever trouble awaits me yours will be double because it was a grave sin you committed, the land curse you for so many evil you and your mother has done…who knows if the land has strike her dead already for all the evil she did….so because Remi was soft you kept taking advantage of her…you will suffer Nike…the gods indeed has vindicated her and she will marry the Prince and become the next queen, I couldn’t even stop what the gods of the land has instituted…the forest couldn’t stop her…she is a destiny child and I was digging my own grave when I started messing up around her…had I know I will never have involve in such evil…you should be regretting all your evil now…not looking for a way of escape and think Remi will consider you because you are related or being pregnant as if you consider that when you planted so much evil against her…you are so evil and I hate you so much…I just plead to the gods to forgive me…I wish I will be giving another chance to right my wrongs….and make it right….i just wish…
The guards hush them to keep quiet as they approach the throne hall.
Guards were sent to go and fetch Iya Nike to join her daughter and get her own judgement but as the guards got to Iya Nike’s place she was dead and swollen in her room, they found out she drank poison
Iya Nike couldn’t bear the pain of her sickness, she has tried different herbs but keep getting worst, the pain increased everyday, her leg started swelling up and began to decay which made her unable to work, when she hard that Nike and Leja have being locked up after they were found guilty of a crime against Remi and the Oba, Iya Nike knew that her end was near and decided to kill herself before anybody would.
Her sin was heavy and she knew the gods were punishing her for them, she did not only kill her husband but also Iya Remi and planned with her daughter to kill the Oba and destroy Remis’s family.
She was tired of life and ended it with her own hands with the remaining poison she used for Iya Remi.
She died and was there for days without anybody noticing, Nike was in cell and did not even know that her mother was dead.
The guards took message back to the palace and they have to take her out and bury her immediately and burn down her house because it was a taboo in the land the way she died.
Nike was weak from wailing, she cried out her eyes when she hard her mother was dead, she pleaded to Remi to have mercy and forgive her but Remi told her that she has forgiven her and Leja but their other crime was with the Oba and the entire land and not with her anymore.
Judgement was pass on Nike, and Leja. They were to be banished into the evil forest, same place they sent Remi, Nike gave a heavy cry pleading.
Remi begged the Oba to reduce her punishment and that of Leja and the Oba gave them five years to live in the forest, they can return after that if they survive the forest
Sipah aske Remi to give Leja the direction to their forest home so they can live there. Remi did. She described the place for them. Leja thanked her and left with Nike to the forest, Remi asked Ore, the monkey to go with them so that he can guide them to the forest house
Ore understood the sign and jumped on Leja’s shoulder as they head to the forest.
Sipah picked interest in Ope and the Oba approved of their union, they got married.
Everything Leja had was giving to Sipah includes the land the Oba gave him. He built a house and live with Ope as his wife.
The princess got married to Tunde.
It took time for Remi to love the prince again as the prince did everything possible for it to happen and he won her back. She fell in love with the prince after Sipah got married to her good friend Ope
Remi married the prince in a grand ceremony that lasted for days.
Mikai was living in the palace with Remi
Years later, Sipah sometimes visit the forest and spend days with Leja and Nike who was pregnant again for Leja after she gave birth to his daughter, Sipah taught them the word and how to forgive their selves of their pass wrong, he was always going to visit them in the forest.
Leja and Nike later return back after their five years was over, Nike changed greatly and wish she has never allow her mother’s hate towards Iya Remi to influence her, she regret all her evil deed and Leja was happy to see a new Nike as they returned back to the kingdom and the live in the outskirt of the kingdom.
Leja became a good friend to Sipah and from there the entire family let go of the past as Sipah preached to them non stop
Many came to know the truth and embraced the light. Sipah became the first man of God in the kingdom and Leja was following his every step, Nike and Ope found friendship again as their children grow up together, Ore was not left out as he was always found with Sipah.
Grandma later kissed the earth goodbye and she was greatly celebrated with the good years she helped the kingdom.
Dami and Mikai feell in love and got married years later.
after the Oba and the Queen joined their ancestor the Prince became the next Oba and Remi was the new Queen and all the people loved her.
They had two daughters after Ademide.
And years to come we all know that Ademide , the diamond child, who is the seed of crown will take over the throne as he was born to do
Until then, let’s enjoy the kingship of the new oba with his Queen, Remi who is filled with wisdom as she rule along side her husband, in love and fair judgement to all.
......THE END......
Story 100% Owned By Amah,
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